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Are Strollers Ever OK w/ AP Philosophy?

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I consider myself a parent that does the AP-style of parenting, including co-sleeping, BF'ing, holding him as much as possible (including babywearing - although to be honest I hadn't heard that term until a couple years ago), and so on. It was something that seemed very natural, and we didn't really read books about it and such.

But I didn't realize until recently how controversial strollers were! The thing is that I would wear and hold Baby pretty much all the time, yet when we would walk downtown or long distances, he would ride in a stroller. We typically would bring the sling and certainly picked him up if he fussed, but that's the funny thing....he didn't really fuss and has always loved his walks in the buggy!

I was in a pretty serious accident a few years ago, and found it difficult to wear him for long stretches as it really hurt my back (DH would wear him more than I did).

Anyway, I've seen on here some things that surprised me about strollers, so just wanted to get some thoughts. Thanks!
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my dd preferd the stoller over the sling. Whatever made everyone the happiest (I prefered the stroller of the sling also when we were shoping our really going for a walk but I mean she would just see us walking toward the thing and start giggeling) was what I did. that makses more sense to me than forcing something just because it gets the AP stamp of approval. Attatchment isn't about following a list.
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Strollers are NOT anti-AP. My kids love the stroller.
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Absolutely not! I think of strollers (and playpens, swings, saucers, etc.) the same as I think of a lot of things in the modern world (TV, modern medicine, cars, etc.): they're great tools (and in the case of modern medicine, lifesavers) when used judiciously. They get a bad rap from overuse, but it's only the overuse that's not good.

To be a good parent, love is the only factor that is more important than flexibility and balance.
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Why not?

I wore/carried my babies but I still used a stroller for long walks. They loved it.

i think the non-ap idea may be the idea of leaving baby in the portable carseat all the time and never picking him/her up. Or letting a baby cry in their stroller and not picking them up if they wanted to be held.
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My kids have always loved the stroller. My 2 year old sits in the front and says she's "driving" . My 5 month old is happier when he's not being held and squirm around and kick and chew on his blanket so I just take him out of his carseat and put him in the back seat of my tandem since the seat lays flat and I can secure the other end. If a child hates the stroller then I think the parents should look into other options for sure, but my kids love it.
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I don't have a problem with it! I personally don't like seeing itty bitty babies in those carseat/stroller contraptions, but for older babies/toddlers, I have no problem with it!

And it hot climates, it's impractical to think a child will never be in a stroller - slings can get HOT!!

I keep my umbrella stroller in my trunk at all times for my 2 yo. (And we use it, too!)
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Originally Posted by lilyka View Post
Attatchment isn't about following a list.
: I have a hernia and haven't been able to sling my now 19 mos dd since she was about 4-5 mos old. She loves riding in her stroller and I think nothing about it. AP to me is about meeting my kid's needs and being respectful, slings are nice but really they are not the be all and end all. If you are responding to your child's needs I see no problem with using a stroller.

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I don't use a stroller . . . but I don't think they are in any way incompatible with AP!!!

I think AP would just encourage parents to hold their children whenever they can. Strollers are fun! And very useful! And the use of a stroller doesn't in any way preclude being close to your child.

I think mostly some AP-ers squirm when they see a newborn baby just go right from car seat to buggy and back to car seat and right to high chair and right to crib, rinse and repeat. Some parents seem to feel like they SHOULDN'T hold their babies, and just stick them in the stroller and don't interact with them. I've seen in some stores mothers just pushing their kid to a spot then shopping, going as far as they can from their baby while baby just sits and waits. And then go back and push again. And if they fuss, they just stick a paci in (another thing that CAN be abused but is NOT anti-AP).

I've also seen mamas who push their kids in strollers and talk to them and point out stuff and pick them up out of their strollers to soothe them when they fuss.

Strollers are nifty! I just don't use one cause I've not yet really needed one, and they seem inconvenient to me to lug around. But that's just how me and DH and DD are - a different baby, and I might be MARRIED to a stroller.
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They are okay with MY philosophy, and when you have serious back and neck issues, not to mention two very young children that it is NOT physically possible for me to carry both of them, strollers are necessary. "Oh well maybe you shouldn't have had kids if you cant AP them perfectly and carry them all the time" :Puke
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Originally Posted by Mama Poot View Post
They are okay with MY philosophy
Amen to that.
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I sure hope so ....

We are taking ours, along with a sling, a mei tai, and the bjorn (which is the only one DH will wear) to Disneyland.

If the kid LIVES in the stroller, that would concern me, but normal use .
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I agree with PP that nothing's wrong with strollers, just their overuse. I'm looking at jogging strollers right now.
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I use whichever is more convenient at the time: carrier or stroller. And with a ds who was 20 lbs at 6 months, my back could only take so much! So, I switch back and forth.

I do think there is something wrong with our society, though, when the stroller is the DEFAULT position for babies, especially newborns.
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Do what?!

Of course, when my back hurt or when they preferred the stroller. Mine were pouch guys when little, but anybody giving me a stroller stinkeye would get laughed at. I'm too old to play oneupsmanship games.
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Using a stroller is perfectly fine if it works for you and your baby.
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i think it's also important to remember that "AP" parents live in all different kinds of environments. I don't have a car. We walk everywhere. I think it's easy to judge someone who uses a stroller when you're putting your kid in and out of a car seat when you go shopping - when I'm in the suburbs I see how easy it is to use a car seat, carry the child in the store, push my groceries in the cart, and load up my car, put the child back in the car seat, and drive home.

Living in the city, i don't have a car, no car seat, no way to push the cart to load up the car... the stroller is the only way to shop - if for no other reason than to use the basket to carry the groceries.

I think there's a lot of judgement about what is or isn't AP, when in reality i think the main goal, really, is just for each of us to listen to our children while we try to make it through every day.
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Oh my ... I certainly use a stroller. There is no way I am carrying around my 33 pound toddler when she is too tired to walk, or when its too much walking for her. Even babies get heavy. I refuse to be a slave to a list of "Must-do's".. thats just silly.
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Originally Posted by shayinme View Post
: I have a hernia and haven't been able to sling my now 19 mos dd since she was about 4-5 mos old. She loves riding in her stroller and I think nothing about it. AP to me is about meeting my kid's needs and being respectful, slings are nice but really they are not the be all and end all. If you are responding to your child's needs I see no problem with using a stroller.

Exactly! I have a severe back problem, and am in the same boat!
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Yes, you can be AP and use a stroller.

To say that they have no place, is like saying that we should ban spoonsfor everyone because some people have used them to spoon pablum into BF babies' mouths.

It is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. A hammer can be used to build a house and it can be used to brain someone. It's the wielder and their intent that determines that.
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