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Ack gag me! There is a reason I can't watch that show (and haven't in a year or so) I get to stomping ticked off. Even the midwives in the birthing center shows piss me off. even the HOMEBIRTH midwives piss me off. They act like knowitall pushovers IMNSHO. (ok, that's references from ones I saw over 1+ years ago :LOL, ok this is what happens when a UC'er watches these shows lol)

I remember one where the mom had an incompetent cervix (yuck I hate that term) and soon after her cutrilage (sp) was taken out she goes into labor....they ran to the hosptial at the first contraction and hops into bed...labor stalls...so she gets pitocin....she's in paaaaiiin...so she gets an epidural, and is soon hooked up to everything under the sun...hours later her baby is dragged out with forceps (major episiotomy I'm sure) and she nearly dies from hemorraging. Hello People. It was crappy enough to watch this woman get nearly murdered, but then at the end of the show they have happy new parents were relating the tale with great awe and thanks to the wonderful Dr's that saved their lives.

With that crappy "feel good" music playing in the background.
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I would certainly consider a male midwife or doula! I would make the decision the same as I do anyway... Do I feel comfortable, do I feel as if I can make a "connection"?

If those answers are yes, I would hire him!

I quit watching A baby story when we got our cable turned off a year ago... I haven't missed it one bit.
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Ummm...I am sooooooo happy I don't have a television.


(edited to add: said in a really tiny voice with a big smile.....)
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Wasn't that the episode where the mother said something like "A csection would be cut and dry"...while trying to decide wether to continue being induced or not?


It's my rule not to watch TLC anymore, in particular The Baby Story. I knew of someone on another board that was having TBS film her and it really opened my eyes to the fakeness of that show. It's staged mostly and isn't 100% truthful. I'm honestly surprised that hospitals and doctors allow that kind of filming. You'd think they'd be concerned about educated clients coming in their doors and calling them on the stupid things they recommend (induction, EFM, csections, weight estimations based on sonograms) : and being caught on camera. I remember one doofus OB who sectioned his patient because he just KNEW that the estimated 10 pound baby wouldn't fit through her pelvis. Imagine everyone shock when that baby weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces. Duh.

I gotta stop typing, that show makes my BP rise. Not good for me.
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DH doesn't allow me to watch those shows when he's home! LOL

He can't take my yelling at the t.v.
"Of course you're not progressing - get out of bed!!"
"You did not do everything possible to have her deliver vaginally - you didn't even let her push in a different position!"
"She might not NEED an episiotomy if you'd get her off her back!"
"That doctor did NOT save your life!"

And if I happen to catch a show where they show an interview with a smug OB who is laughing about the women who are trying for a drug free birth, or who dare to challenge the doctor's opinion - WATCH OUT! I will rant for a week!

So... um... yeah. We don't watch those shows around here! LOL
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Cathi--What's TBS? (Baby Story??) And what do you mean that it's mostly fake and staged?? I'm interested.

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Another inquiring mind that wants to know how it's staged.
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Originally posted by JesseMomme
You'd think that film would become valuable material for a lawsuit should such a thing occur right?
ITA It is my understanding that doctors do not allow taping anymore since these "home movies" are sometimes used in malpractice suits as evidence.

Originally posted by JesseMomme
I'm glad they feature homebirths, but having a homebirth for privacy to begin with sort of defeats the whole purpose with Boom Mike Bob looking at your yoni.
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And I also don't think I could have lights camera action during my births. It was bad enough I had a whole party of staff in and out the door with Kieran the whole time, and I hated the little privacy I had with both of my older boys. I'm glad they feature homebirths, but having a homebirth for privacy to begin with sort of defeats the whole purpose with Boom Mike Bob looking at your yoni.
Maybe that's why some of these women end up with "failure to progress" c-secs. I don't know how anyone can relax enought o have a baby with a camera crew attending.
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Well, one of the moms I saw was a network anchorperson, so she was used to cameras. Her hair and makeup were perfect throughout the birth.

Steve Irwin (croc hunter) had his crew film his wife Terry birthing. She was mad at him, but went with it.

I watched Baby Story 3 times this week. I saw 2 different births in the same CA birthing center pink tub with the same midwife (older red dyed hair Hispanic lady?). I also saw what looked like an epidural birth. This mom was shown bfing later! I hit the jackpot! I was so surprised.
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Like some other moms have said, I used to LOVE watching ABS when my 3 1/2 yo was new. I hate to watch it now. Also those Labor & Delivery and Maternity Ward shows are nothing but woman on there backs screaming in pain wonder why the h*ll their not progressing!

One episode 3 years ago was this gal that everything was progressing fine and she had been pushing for awhile (not sure how long maybe a couple of hours, probably less) and she "couldn't push anymore" because she "was too tired". The doctor was telling her she was almost done and the baby was coming but she refused push anymore, would just cry and scream through the contractions. She was BEGGING for a c-section and the doctor finally gave in...

I'm so happy to hear they do c-sections these days out of "convenience"...but all of you have already mentioned and witnessed this...grrr.
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When I see the ladies in labor with the epidurals I get so pissed. when I see them push and act like their having so much pain while doing it.
Well as a woman who was in labor for 18 hours and pushing for 4 of it and had an epidural... I can tell you my yelling wasn't fake.. My epidural wore off during that 4 hours of pushing.. And after pushing 4 hours i was ready for a repeat c-sec as opposed to a vbac.. I hadn't had anything to eat since 7 am, and by midnight i was starving and exhausted...

I told the OB i couldn't push anymore because after 4 hours of trying and the baby not moving... I really couldn't push anymore.. I told the OB it hurt, and i could tell the babe wasn't moving, and i did not have the energy to push anymore..

We discussed it, and decided to try to deliver with a fairly high forcepts delivery, and if that didn't work we would do a c/sec.. The forcepts did work, but babe came out with a broken collar bone...

I'm not saying it isn't an annoying show, i'm just saying that just because someone has had an epidural doesn't mean they pain ins't real during delivery.. They can and do wear off.. And pushing for expended periods of time when you haven't have anything to eat or drink for hours can make you a mite tired, and a c/sec (even when you've had one, and it was an awful recovery) can sound like a godsend to relieve what seem like hell..

Just my .02 from having been there, and done that...

Warm Squishy Feelings...

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Okay, I know this thread has kind of died, but did anyone see the one yesterday with the freakin OB's having a baby? I mean, I know that it really isn't that surprising, but I could not believe that this OB willingly asked for all these interventions. It was unbelievable to me. The husband and wife were both OB/GYNS and they were having their second baby. That woman was screaming for her epidural at 3 cm. She did not do ANYTHING to try to get through her contractions. NOTHING. You would think she would've at least tried to wait a while so she didn't end up slowing her labor down. I don't know, I was just shaking my head at the whole thing and I'm definitely not a doctor. It's a little disheartening to see the medical professionals act that way. I haven't had to deal with this yet, b/c I am childless thus far. But if ever I were in doubt to seek out a MW I am definitely not now.

ps I realize that not ALL OB's are like this, but it did confirm a lot of what I had been seeing from the research I've been compiling. I can't wait for my homebirths!
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I didn't see the show you mention but...

My OB has had 3 kids now, her last two she was pregnant the same time I was with my last two, and I'd LOVE to know how she delivered!!

Just makes me shake my head and be proud of my first and my last drug free births. (my middle one was emergency c-section, but successful VBAC...yay! )
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I wonder if the reason why they have mostly highly-intervened hospital births on that show is because people who plan a natural birth, usually at home or at a birthing center, know that laboring and birthing is too private of an occassion to have cameras there (not to mention be televised on national tv). Or maybe I've just been reading too much Birthing From Within.
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There actually is one episode of either A Baby Story or Birth Day (can't remember which, both are equally crap) where a woman in Seattle was having a home birth. The cameras didn't actually film the birth, as they said she was finding it too distracting with the film crew in the bedroom.

I've got to say that while there is no way I'd have let some strange film crew see me while giving birth, had anyone else been there, I'd have likely not even known.

I almost threw something (again) at the tv the other day watching one of those. Some moron wasn't progressing well already (laying down on her back, of course), they gave her an epidural at 2cm, seemed surprised that it continued to not progress, the midwife they talk to says it's a "50/50 chance of a c section", they give her pitocin, and SURPRISE, she ends up with a c section because "the baby couldn't come out". :
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