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I am soooooooooo excited

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ok the natural bith community in DM Iowa SUCKS, no two ways about it. there are NOT a lot of options. only a cupld of CNM, one one "office" of them -- part of an OB office, on BCBS -- only 2 others in town anyway that are not part of that office (as far as I know tehre are only 2 hb mw too).......

wellllllllll there is this one male OB who is locally called "a male mid-wife" he is totally into natural birth, he is supposed to be great. i have never heard anything too neg about him, and everyone wants him......

he used to back up the CNM I used for T -- but cut back his practe and stopped doing so. he is in his own pratice and catches like 90+% of his own babies. he keeps his pratice smaller than some CNMs

He has a 6 month waiting list to get on as a new GYN patient with regard to fertlity.....and doesn't take new patients otherwise (I think -- i knwo the waiting is is true, we were on it and the nurse told me it would be that long or longer).............

well I contacted him last summer, and got told to call again when i had a due date.......i called in Jan about fertlity and the nurse put me on the list (she was very nice)......well I sent him a note tell him about our 11/6/07 due date and his office called today -- he is accepting me as a new patient !!

I am sooooooooooooooo excited. soooooooooo excited.

Now I have the safety of a OB, but i can relax and jsut be cuz i knwo THIS OB is not gonna push every intervention on me......

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy and soooooooooooooooo jazzed.

I had to share.

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Yeah!!! That is so great Aimee!!

Hurray for natural birth advocating OBs!
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Aimee - that's awesome!!! Congratulations!
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How wonderful!!! It's such a relief when you find someone that's on the same page as you are.
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Awesome!!! What a relief.
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Thats great!!
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Awesome! There is nothing like having a supportive HCP!
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I am so happy for you! I hope he is everything you want in an ob!
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we are really excited.

he has a small pratice, and is not easy to get in with.

He is very well respected as supporting natrual birth

We need an OB -- last birth turned medical at teh delievery -- and it sucked to meet the OB at that point, 1 am -- after 33 hours of hard labor..... yadda yadda yada........

Neither of us are at ease with another CNM or out of hoptial siutation.

butttttttttttttttttttt I am still a STRONG supporter of natural birth, and fully have that as a goal for this time soooooooooo it is nice to get the best of both worlds -- and OB who supports NCB

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