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Any early June testers out there?

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I feel like I conceived this week AF is due June 12th. I know it sounds crazy but I believe I conceived on Monday and my body is already feeling different. I suppose it could definitely be my mind playing tricks on me, but this same thing happened when I was preg with DS!!

Mixed feelings though. DH is just starting a new business the money factor freaks me out a little I have a $2000 deductible on our insurance to meet then 80% is covered but if in fact I am preg little munchkin wouldn't not be due until '04 so the deductible starts all over 1/1/04 Insurance is so bad and so good all at once.

I'm also not happy with my weight and was hoping to lose some weight b-4 ttc..........but oh well, I will just stick to the diet and exercise changes I have already made and have the added wonderful bonus motivation of being as healthy as possible for the wee one.

I am babbling on like I have already tested positive and I still have another 2 weeks b-4 I can even test

So anyone else out there that is waiting to test in the beginning of June??
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I might be testing next week. My possible O dates are a bit screwy as I have long cycles normally and I've recently stopped Depo and am nursing my DS, so last weekend's BDing could have been good timing or we might have missed entirely.

I'll be fine if I'm not, but if I'm not, I just want AF to get her icky butt over her soon so I can start on the next cycle
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My May 2ww is turning into a 3ww so I'll probably be testing next week.

I'm in my 5th cycle off birth control pills so things are a little wacky. The first four cycles were 27, 31, 32 and 27 days. Today I'm on CD 35 (not sure when I O'd...I think maybe CD 26) and no sign of AF.

I'm holding out some hope, but also knowing that this long cycle is probably just my body trying to regulate itself.

Good luck! Hope everyone gets the result they are hoping for!


My mystery chart
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I'll be testing next week. I O'd on sat or sun, so I hope that the test will be positive.

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Is there any OTC preg test that you can buy and use before the first day of a missed period? This wait might kille me

I think I'm having preg signs; twinges of pain in lower abdomin, more tired and breasts feel heavy, but AF isn't due until 6/12 and I keep wondering if my mind is playing tricks.

My big sign with ds was unbelievably sore tender breasts, so I pulled out my preg journal for ds to see when that started and it was 6 days after conception so that would be Monday.....not that all signs will be the same with every child.........

Oh I am the most impatient person on earth
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Coloradomom, if your AF isn't due for another 13 days, then you are probably just now ovulating. Average luteal phase (the time from ovulation to menstruation) is about 14 days, so, unless you have a really long luteal phase, which I have actually never heard of myself, the symptoms you are feeling are probably ovulation.

Implantation happens about a week after ovulation and HCG levels are usually detectable to an HPT about a week after implantation. It is possible that you ovulated sooner, so you could be pregnant, but if you have 28 day cycles, you're just in the middle of it.

Just to cover yourself, you might want to do some BDing right now
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Well you guys...I'm hangin' in there!

This is my first cycle charting and I'm SO glad I did! I would be going out of my mind on CD 37 (when my cycles have been 27-32 days up to now) with no AF but......I think I had a false start this cylce (I think I started to O around the CD 17, which is "normal" for me but then that was a really stressful week so I think my O was delayed until CD 26).

DH and I were just looking at my chart and saying HOW COOL it would be if I am (well of course it would be awesome to be pregnant whenever and however it happens but...) we went crazy with the BD-ing early in my cycle but then we thought I O'd on CD 17 so we took a break. We were just plain

Right around CD 26 we "BD'd" but I remember saying to DH....well this isn't baby-making sex...too late for that...so we'll have to settle for normal, regular...well just sex.

Now we're looking at my chart and going.....hmmmmm....could we have caught my late eggie....

Ay, ye, ye......the suspense. I'm going to try to wait as long as I can to test -- the just bum me out too much.

Good luck coloradomom, rubelin, pollyanna!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope we have lots of Valentine's babies around here!

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My cycles are 31 days to the minute. I believed I O'd on the 27th We did the bd the 24th, 26th and 27th and on the 28th is when I started having little twinges of pain...........Of course this is probably how ovulation is for me every month but now I'm paying attention to it b/c I'm wondering if I'm pregnant:

Well my parents will be in town for a week so hopefully that will take my mind off of things a little until I can test!!

Good luck to all
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If af doesn't show by June 9th I will officially be late. If still in the running I will probably test around the 13th. Crossing my fingers my lp is long enough...

Good luck testers!
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ovulating this weekend

This is my first cycle TTC, but I've been charting for two years to prevent pregnancy, so I'm pretty knowledgeable about my cycles. My temp has always jumped between days 11 and 15--usually day 12 or 13--and today was day 12. No jump yet, and I've had 4 days of EWCM but it seems to be slowing down now, so I'm guessing my temp will go up tomorrow or Monday at the latest. I also have short luteal phases and rarely hit 14dpo before AF comes, so if AF hasn't arrived by June 13th, I'll probably test then.

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Well I am pretty sure my "conception" last week was a brain pregnancy, and that the signs I was having were ovulation. Absolutley no signs any more and I just don't feel it any more.

I guess you never know though!
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Welcome Amy. Sounds like you got a head start on me! I have been ttc for 6 months now but didn't start charting until this month. Still figuring things out...:

Good luck!
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Thanks naturegirl

My temp behaved itself today and jumped 0.5 degrees, so I'm officially in the 2WW now! Yay! Now I just have to hope it stays high--for a long long time
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