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I thought maybe we could all work together to compile a list of media contacts, so when there are events going on or studies released we can at least do our part to let the media know in a collective way; of course, whether they chose to report the information is another thing entirely.

Let's include online, print (newspapers, magazines-news/parenting related), TV (news related), radio, etc. International, National, Local. Snail mail, email, phone numbers, etc.

For the local stuff, we can all focus on our own areas. Just clearly list the state/city in your reply. If this thread gets a good response, I can go through it later, organize the info, and add it to the OP or create a brand new thread as a resource.

Also, if you have a personal media contact, and don't want to disclose the person's name/position or your relationship to them publically you can just provide some basic info and offer yourself as a intermediary contact.