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Monkey, Sugar Bear, Poot, Sunshine

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That are things that my ds is called by different people, including myself. I was just wondering what your baby is called, other than their name of course.
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Buddy, Fuddy Duddy, Fuddy Duddy Buddy, Young Blood, D Stone, Monkeyboy, Manlet, Manatee, Stuck Pig, Fudge-ums, Il Fudgarino, Fudge-o-matic, Poopy Pants, etc.
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Actual Name=Devin

We and others call her=Devster, Slevin, Doll Baby, Bing Bong, Doo Dah, Tinkerbell, Baby Cakes
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Bunky, Bunny, Babycakes, Monkey, and Cutie McPretty. (real name = Amelia)
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bunnaroo, bunna-bunna, Bum Princess, little poot, muncharoo, choopalah, the pook, Lhasa-bear (when in a bad mood), Lhasa-bird (when in a good mood), Tie Domi ... it's a wonder she knows her own name.
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katharine/katie wen: ms. monkey, bibble, kate wen, cat-wen, kit-wen, kitty cat, bubble butt, k bibble, waan, padwan, the one, fuss-budget, bunny monkey...
milo ryan: mr. moe, moe, mealmoe, mealish, delish, delicious moe-licious, milee-moe, mr. man, little dude, bubs, boober, teradactyl boy...
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Ruby, Roobs, Roobmeiser, Roobsicle, Mama, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Christmas (don't ask me where I got that one), Ruby Red, Sweetie Muffin, Asha Roobs, Monkeyface!

I doubt she has any idea what her real name is!
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Usually, she gets called Monkey or Tiny Monkey. We hardly ever remember to call her Ingrid when speaking to her.
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Monkey, Monkey-butt, Monkey-face, Bug, Baby, Dude, Duder, Honas, Boober, Friend, Monster Child...
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We spent the first few weeks of Nathan's life watching the Sopranos on DVD. As a result, we started calling him by many of those names:
Soprano, Cusamano, Bevalaqua, Aprile, Feetch, Svetlana... whoever was in the episode we just watched.

I also call him Poopy Pants and Baby Boy. DH calls him Little Friend and Buddy.
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August gets called: Auggie, Auggie moo, moose. caboose, caboose burger (this one is the silliest I think lol) moo-bear, moosie, moose-goose, mamas, mee-maw, mee-mee, fussbucket, fussamuss, and, though I'm ashamed to admit it, I call her stinky girl (with all the love in my heart )

I swear she'll never know her name!! :
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my son name is mahmoud

but i call him moody,hamoody,moodo,burgers,chunky butt

my hubby calls him baba, and abu jakeep

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There was a similar thread a few months ago and I know I gave different answers then. I should look it up and see what we were calling her! Now, it's monkey, bobo, poopy pants, bonzo (bedtime for bonzo! Just like my dad used to say to me), pumpkintini, stinkpot (when she's being difficult)
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what a fun thread this is!
Gabriella is monkey-butt, bunny, silly girl, princess, stinker, bug, gabby, gabby girl, punkin, sweat pea, miss rotteness (daddy's favorite) LOL, and my favorite, june bug (even though she was due in August, that was our pet name for her before birth)
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Ooh! We love nicknames! Hannah is otherwise known as : Pumpkin, Pumpkin-butt, Hannah-girl, dumpling, snugabug, alpha dog (DH came up with that one), drill sergeant (another of DH's), sugarbeet, tootsie butt, tootsie girl, cabbage baby, cabbage butt, sweet little girl, little one, little podger, spit-up monkey (another DH - his are not always so complimentary, but always said in love ), drool baby, lovey-tuv

Ecoteat - my mom always used to say "bedtime for bonzo" too! Although, she would pluralize bonzo since she was talking to both my sister and I. Is that from a book or something?
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Lexi poo and Emmi bean
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Juliet Diane:

Julie, Juju, Jujube, Candy, Boo, Booger, Bean. Bean is the big one--she introduces herself: "I'm not Juliet, I'm Bean." from Bean comes Beanie and Beaner.

Simon Robert:

Usually just Simon. We also call him Strong Simon, Si, Simon the Warrior, and Si-man.

Noel Addison:

Just Noel.
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beck, liddle guy, dare-o
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Originally Posted by mommytomahmoud View Post
my son name is mahmoud

but i call him moody,hamoody,moodo,burgers,chunky butt

my hubby calls him baba, and abu jakeep

so funny, mine calls my son baba too sometimes (salam alaykum btw). I call him tutu or gorgy mostly
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Real Name: Trinity

Called: Sweet Pea, trinnie, snugabug, monkey toes {also was my nickname}, and a host of others I can't recall atm.
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