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Did someone say Poot? That's ds1's nickname, well one of many. Poot, Pooticus, Paddy Poot, Super Poot, Paddy Frog, they get worse ds2's nicknames include Ree, Henbo, Ree-bo, Bone, Ree-Ree, Fuss-Ree, You Pooped! ( oh wait thats not a nickname...heck it could be given how much we say it! ) We love nicknames around here!

My stepmom's nickname is Bunky...bwahahahaa she hates that we know that!
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Pie ... MFB (milk face boy) ... Itty-bitty ... goonie goonster ... wakey baby ... little face ...

but mostly Pie.
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Originally Posted by wasswifey View Post
so funny, mine calls my son baba too sometimes (salam alaykum btw). I call him tutu or gorgy mostly
alaykum salam lol that is cute they call them baba

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Yaz, Yazzy, Nugget, Little Nugget, Pumpkin Pie, Boo, Sweetheart, Sweetie, Little one, Little love, Peanut, Pookly poo, Snuggle bunny
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Bubba, Bub, Bud, Little Man, Starvin' Marvin' (he's been hungry a lot lately, lol), chunk-a-monk,

Dh calls him Bud and Bubba BlueEyes
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Boobah, Boob-a-loo, Boob Monkey, Monkey, Monkey-butt, Princess Poopy Pants, Senorita Soggy Shorts, Doodlebug, Doodles, Bug/Little Bug, Bean/Little Bean, Peanut

Then there are her Latvian nicknames:

Sirsnina (little heart)
Mazputnins (little bird)
Mazpukite (little flower)
Zemenite (little strawberry)
Milulite (little beloved)
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Benbo, Benjamonkey, Monkey Boy, Milky Monkey, Mister Sister (I have no idea what that means!)....I know there's more....hmmm...
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Real name: Gabriel

We and others call him: angel, Poohbear, sweet boy, sweet cheeks, sweetie pie, honey bunny, little monkey, little cowboy and sometimes Gabe.
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Real name: Cora. Nicknames: Munchkin, squeakers, squeekums, punkin, punkin-doodle, Miss Cora May Punkin-doodle, honey buns, hunny bunny, squirmy worm, drooley, baby girl.

The list keeps changing constantly.
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I forgot DH's favorites: Buttermilk biscuit, baby boo-nanna (after ds had had bananas for the first time), and ... :

Little Lord F*ckpants.
Yes, you read that right.
It's from the Sopranos. But it makes us all laugh really, really hard.
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Monkey used here too! (Funny how it's common)...

His name is Rumi... we also call him the Rumster, Ruminator, Rumi-magoo, little magoo and this morning... fart-a-saurus-rex.
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mr zipper, bubba, zacky, zman,,big brudder

mcscreamy,porkchop,xman,brudder (brother), zavybaby
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DD's main nickname is Munchie. I probably call her this more than her real name. Other include: miss munch, peanut, beanhead and on occasion, crabby-pants.

Her dad calls her sweetie, sweet-thing, and sweetie-pie
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DS1=Buddy; DS2= Squeaker
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Her real name is Anna.

I call her Loubie Lou a lot. And Louboo and Lubes and Scooby Doo, other variations like that.
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Real name: Simon

Nicknames: Si, Si Guy, pumpkin, chubby cheeks, chunky butt, baldly, stink pot, Whiner Butt, Love
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real name : kailani

Beanie ! Thats her nick name. Or Super Beanie - or beanie baby, or beaniebutt... lol .... she received the nick name when she was still inside
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Boopy, Boopy Scoopy, Boopy Scoopy Doo, Boopy Scree, Scree, Boopy Boy, and TC (for Tax Credit) from DH.
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Leila= Angel Baby(after the dean martin song), GEE!(thats one of her words and my mom decided that what she thought her name should be), Goog (another one of her words), and poopsy baby (for a dirty dipe)
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oh and when i was preggers I called her Phil the Fetus and then after I found she was a girl she was Phyllis the Fetus even after we had picked out her name and i woul have to explain that Phyllis was her fetal name and when she was born she would get the name Leila
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