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At my daughter's house things get very messy when the children are playing, sometimes incredibly messy. But every single item has a place where it goes, so cleaning up can be done fairly quickly and methodically. My grandson actually enjoys tidying, especially with me, because he gets to tell me where things go, and then trot around putting them there. So I think the key is for every type of item to have a particular place.

Some examples: the felt balls all go in a nice basket, which stands on one of the playstands. all the dolls get tucked into the doll beds and covered up with little blankets. the blocks go into boxes and a basket (two different kinds). The bigger wooden trucks have a little garage at the bottom of the stereo stand (where records used to go, back when there were records). the silks are all folded into a nice lined basket. the stuffed animals go into the former baby bassinet, except for the bedtime favorites who live in a bed and gs tiger who lives in a "cave."
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And what about olders? all this great for my 3 and will be for 9mo, but how do you do things for a 6/7 yo girl?
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our dd's nickname is chubzilla, she destroys her room all the time,i let it get messy and then i pick it up 3 times a day :
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Here is our playroom, I do home daycare... I love the playstands. I think I might get on of those.

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wow home daycare!! thats great!!
are you looking into learning more about waldorf playrooms?
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BTW mamas, i have new pics to add! we got rid of that horrible fake wood book case and got this beautiful amish made pine one shaped like a barn we also now havea real nature table in her playroom! pics coming soon!

oh and i listened to wonderful mam on here and moved dd's play kitchen up to our kitchen and she loves to cook while i cook we sold the target ones hthough and bought one from willow toys, its so beautiful!!
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Originally Posted by counterGOPI View Post
our dd's nickname is chubzilla, she destroys her room all the time,i let it get messy and then i pick it up 3 times a day :
That's hilarious! And cute.
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Originally Posted by counterGOPI View Post
wow home daycare!! thats great!!
are you looking into learning more about waldorf playrooms?
I just started learning.... I am getting ready to move and will have a MUCH bigger space, so I'd like to set it up a little better than I have it now. I will also need to buy some more materials.
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ok heres some updated pics:

her new bookcase-

her nature table-

her kitchen in our kitchen-

and i just had to show off her wool felt cookies made by polkadotdragon on hyena cart they are soooo sweet!
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Where did you get that bookshelf? It is gorgeous!
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a local unfinished wood store in VA called good wood. its an amish bookcase so im assuming you can get it elsewhere too

i forgot to add whats inside her playstand now instead of the kitchen:
a barn and her snack table


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These rooms are AMAZING!!!! I feel so inspired. We're saving for a set of playsilks a playstand for Christmas. My dad built a wooden picnic table for our kids but I just need to sand it and paint it or stain it. Which would be more "Waldorfy"? I was thinking a nice sagey green or shabby-chic off-white. We also have a TV stand that is made of oak that we picked up at a yard sale for $10.00 years ago. Money is super tight around here with me going to massage school and my husband still struggling in his profession. So I'm going to sand this oak TV stand down and re-finish it, probably in a shabby-chic manner and let them use it as a stove (has a cuboard below that would be perfect for holding kitchen items in wicker baskets) or a puppet theatre (what they usually use it for).

We have a 3 bd/2.5 bth townhouse/condo (no garage). All the bedrooms are upstairs. The girl's room is light pink with lavender baseboards and lavender curtains. I bought fairy bedding at Target. I'd love to rip out all the carpet in the house and put in wood floors but so far that idea hasn't gone over too well with DH. My little boy's room is a surfer/ocean theme. Since we live in the desert I'm brining the ocean to my house! The walls are painted a lovely blue (the name is "spa") with light green baseboards and curtains. He has the surfer/monkey themed bedding from Target and a white shelf with blue and green canvas baskets to hold his toys and books. It is my favorite room of the house, aside from my Hawaiian themed living room.

In anycase, we do not have a dining table. We have a card table that we sometimes use if we do not want to eat at the counter on the bar stools. So I'm thinking that the playstands would fit nicely into the kitchen.

We're still phasing out the barbies the girls got at Christmas. They've become bath toys for now. My oldest DD LOVES Ariel the Little Mermaid ("She has red hair like me mama!") so she has an Ariel themed bench with canvas baskets that hold her wooden doll furniture, groovy dolls and other cloth dolls and such. Her favorite thing to do is to make her own doll dresses from wash cloths and cloth wipes that she steals from her brother's diaper caddy. Then she takes her hair bows and ties them altogether. It's a riot. I'll have to take pictures and share once my camera gets replaced. (digital broke )

Here are a couple pictures from last year when we first moved in. You can see into the kitchen/dining area where I want to put the playstands:
and this is the kitchen: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c2...e/HPIM0392.jpg
It would be neat to have a kitchen set for my kiddos that matched my kitchen. Don't know if it'll happen, but hey I can dream.

Question though - where do you mamas put your nature tables when you have climbing toddlers under foot? My little boy can climb everything now (part of the reason we do not have a kitchen table at the moment, lol) and his sisters are constantly cleaning up there room because he comes in and dumps everything out all the time. : My kids are highly spirited and active though (more so than usual from what other mamas tell me ). I'd love a place to put all their little sticks, rocks, pine cones and such (no seashells unfortunately since we are 10 hours from the ocean ~ Sigh~).
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that looks like such a wonderful space!! i cant wait to see pics now

as ofr the nature table, mine i right at dd's level and shes a super crazy toddler! in to EVERYTHING! shes the craziest of all my friend's babies but for some odd reason she leave the nature table alone i dont know why or how but she somehow seems ot understand we put things on there but we dont take them off.
you can kinda see here how its at her level (and see her messy face )
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Love Love LOVE this thread! Thank you all for sharing! Its time for me to dive in. I have been waiting and lurking. I have two things left that I want to do in their space. 1. A large rainbow silk for a soft window 'valance'. and 2. a rug in the center to tie it all together.

The room we have created is very calm and warm feeling. I know that I am supposed to just keep a few things out at a time, but I enjoy watching her discover new things on her own. It hasn't been a problem yet. Maybe when ds is older we will rethink things. I recently moved things around so that ds (now 3 months) can start to get a feel for where he wants to go. I wanted to have the room fairly "chocking hazard" proof before he was rolling, so that the room will have a feeling of constance. Not too much change ever, or for a while anyway. We do have a lot of things, and it does create a huge mess, but I clean as she moves on, and at the end of the day we sing a song about a dusty gnome while we finish putting everything in its place. A place for everything, everything in its place. Believe me, that rule does not yet follow me throughout our home, but I hope it gives them a sense of reverence, and security in their own special room.

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where did you get that rocking lamb?!
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Lu Lu is from Baby Style. We Love her!!! I think she runs aprox $80.
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Your playroom changes look great counterGOPI, although it looked really pretty beforehand as well, and that bookshelf ... I am jealous!
Your nature table looks also very nice, ...I think I have to put a bit more effort into our nature table.
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counter, where did you get the push whirlie gig thing, which is in the background of your barn photo? i love this, and had a gal in play group that had one, but she moved....i think that is so awesome to replace the bubble popper of my childhood!
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and where in va is good wood? i'm moving to ferrum, which is near roanoke....
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Absolutely beautiful, and inspiring!
I love the play house, and the new kitchen, and barn.
Keep the ideas coming!
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