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Originally Posted by mum2be View Post
Don't know if anyone has replied to this yet, but depending on where you live, you can get salvaged flooring from old houses that are being torn down, or barn boards. Check ebay too...you'd be surprised!

Thanks I guess I never thought of that. We easily can get wood but it would have to be milled first which costs mola$$$.
Thanks for the idea.

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Our living room is the play area, but it's very much a work in progress. We're in a Dharma co-op, so at least we'll have playsilks soon

The pictures of the playrooms here are very inspirational however. I'd love to see more
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Very inspirational and all very nice! It's nice seeing how special these playareas are and how much love has been put into them to provide for your children.

Can't wait to see more also
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Beautiful spaces! thanks so much for sharing! We have a tiny tiny house right now so dd playroom is outside!
OP can you tell me where you got your kitchen set, looks so cute and love the pots and pans!

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Does anyone here have boys?!

I swear, every playroom picture I see anywhere is feminine with cute little girls flitting around dolls with pastel colors everywhere. I would love to see more pictures or ideas for boys. I have a five year old who dislikes pastel colors and is into skeletons, magic, pirates, and medieval type of things. I would love one of those canopy things but again, something that is boy friendly and doesn't cost $100. Plus, I see fewer ideas for boys. I know all about baskets with open ended nature things but what about other toys and ways to decorate a boy's room inexpensively who isn't into frilly frou frou things, haha.
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My grandson likes his wooden train set. Blocks. Books. Cars and trucks. He doesn't mind having a few stuffed animals and gnomes around, but he relates to them differently than his big sister. Today I suggested that he read a story to one of his dolls. "Dolls are just stuffed toys." End of discussion. On the other hand, he is really good at pretending to cut the grass with his toy lawnmower.

He also likes puzzles, his marble game (slanted things that marbles run down and down and down) and absolutely anything mechanical. He is almost 4.

As to decor, he shares a room with his sister, so he is used to frou frou, because she is about as frou frou as they come. He currently sleeps under a quilt I made for her, which is entirely made of pink prints. He hasn't caught on yet that pink is for girls

So, for decor, why not just use colors that he likes, have him paint some pictures of stuff he finds interesting to hang on the wall--pirates are fine if he paints them himself rather than buying a media linked poster--and perhaps get a bed covering and curtains that have a theme he likes. You might have to shop around a bit to find something that isn't "licensed" and linked to a movie, TV show, or other product. I hate the system that makes us pay to advertise their junk!
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I have 2 boys but they're only 13 months right now, so our "girlie" playroom (which I attempted to keep fairly gender neutral in color) is fine with them. I guess we'll see how things change as they grow.
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Why don't you just use his toys and mix them with the baskets? Magic, pirates and medieval type of things are great open end play and it is fantastic that he plays with all these type of things! I think as long as it is not media branded, as Deborah mentioned, it is perfect and fits right in with all the Waldorfy playrooms!
My ds is not at that age yet, but I will try to incorporate all that stuff you mentioned as well as marbel runs, wooden trucks and wooden gears etc.

Regarding paint job in his room, I used bright yellow on two walls and light green on the other two with a light blue to frame the windows and doors (not baby blue or green colours just light!), he has light denim style curtains and a large bookselve which holds mostly books and some toys,....oh and a simple art easel (from ikea for 15 dollars). The rest of his toys (which are not many) are in the living space as he spends most of his time with us down there.

You are right in regards that most picks of playrooms you find are for girls! I had a previouse thread regarding similar concerns, especially the playstands,...in the end we got them and we will most likely make them look like a pirate ship when the time comes!
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Glad I'm not alone, haha. Well, unfortunately we already have the pirates of the caribbean themed room. They were all xmas gifts and since he received it so recently I can't exactly get rid of the "Jack Sparrow" stuff yet.

I'm still majorly overhauling the toys though. Several garbage bags full have already gone to the salvation army so I figure if the bedding is the only "commercial" thing I have to deal with I'll be okay.

He loves blocks, cars, marble runs, and things like that...definitely great suggestions...now if only I can find some pictures for inspiration.
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Yeah, I wouldn't be so purist as to throw out perfectly good bedding, either.
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Thanks for posting your photos - I've started This Thread to try and get ideas for our play spaces in our home...
Your photos are helpful!
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Where in Vermont is the Magic Cabin outlet? I wasn't able to find any info on Google. :P Thanks!
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: I would love to know too.
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i dont know where, they didnt tell us when they left it should be open by now i would assume though, look for plow and hearth thats the actual name of the outlet but they own magic cabin so they carry their things in the outlet
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that is gorgeous! i love it!
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I e-mailed Magic Cabin and this is what they replied to me:

"Thank you for your inquiry.

We sincerely apologize for not responding sooner to your e-mail. Unfortunatly we do not have any Stores for Magic Cabin. All the information we have still informs us order can be placed only two ways on line or over the phone.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance."

So I guess there is no outlet after all,...what a shame!
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you have to call PLOW AND HEARTH and ask them about their outlet,its not a magic cabin outlet so they wouldnt know.
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Originally Posted by VaMountainMomma View Post
that is GORGEOUS! Your little ones are very lucky!

Where did you get the flower ABC cards?
I found some here and they are on sale! http://www.magiccabin.com/magiccabin/product.do?section_id=6&bc=1004&pgc=1074&sv=333530 &cmvalue=MCD|6|SALE%20COLLECTIONS|333530|333530-P1
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Originally Posted by JAL View Post
Beautiful spaces! thanks so much for sharing! We have a tiny tiny house right now so dd playroom is outside!
OP can you tell me where you got your kitchen set, looks so cute and love the pots and pans!

I can answer as we have the same kitchen at our house. It is from Target and the kids love it.

Target also sells brown wooden eggs that have the same heft as the brown eggs that we buy and when my husband came home one day and saw them scattered on the floor, he assumed i lost my marbles and let the kids play with the real eggs
I'm all for letting the kids get dirty and play wiht what they want to play with but even I draw the line at real eggs in the living room
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