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emile is here!

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This is a bit late, but I've had my hands full. Our son Emile was born on feb 11. He was 9 lbs 11 oz ! To make a long story short the birth was amazing. It started at 12 am I got to the hospital at 8am and he was born at 9 am. The midwife arrived at 7 am at my house to tell me I was 7 cm! I was so relieved.

I had such an ideal hospital birth~No intervention what so ever. I didn't even tear the least bit, and this baby was 2 lbs heavier than my first. It's like he just flew out. He did in fact break his collar bone, but no worries it has already healed.

He is such a fat baby, already he has gained 2 lbs. and he is nursed exclusively. They say that is rare for babies to gain weight so quickly, already he is in the 97%. That is just unreal to me, being that we are all tiny people (tall but tiny I'm just so happy!!! I am so blessed to have such a happy healthy baby adn a beautiful 4 year old who loves his baby brother so much.

Congratulations to all of you who have had your babies!!! I've been enjoying your birth stories.
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What a fast birth you had! Hope all is going well so far...
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Congrats and welcome baby Emile!!
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