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february 2003 mamas?

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I thought I'd start a thread for us. Leela was born on Feb. 20, although her original due date was March 18. (she was just under 4 weeks early). We had a beautiful home waterbirth. Leela weighed 5lb.11oz. at birth and has totally chunked out to a chubby 13 pounds or so at 3 months. She's had two mild colds--good for building the immune system, and a couple of annoying cases of thrush, but is otherwise totally healthy. She had quite a few fussy evenings, but that seems to be tapering off now. She smiles a lot, can roll over from tummy to back, and is awake quite a bit of the day now. Her 3 year old brother is adjusting surprisingly well to having a little sister.

How are the other feb. babes doing?
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Hi, my Reilly was born Feb 5th. She is doing great. I have no idea how much she weight, around 13 I guess, she's not had a well visit since 1 month and I'm not bringing her anytime soon either (we're not vaxxing yet). She is really getting involved in her world. She is a great baby. I think she might be teething tho. My first was high needs, so she is a breeze compared to him. She is happy to sit around and watch the world. She rarely cries. She is nursing every 1 1/2 to 3 hours in the day, and the night before last she slept 11 3/4 hours STRAIGHT my ds NEVER has done that ever and he is almost 3. Last night she did 8 straight which is more realistic. Ds woke every 1-2 hous until he ws 15 months old. The weird thing about her is she takes like 5 naps a day still. She cannot physically stay awake for more than 3 hours it seems. But she sleeps so well at night I don't care what she is doing - fine with me LOL She is just so HAPPY. Smiles at everybody and everything (walls, dogs, cars, you name it, she likes it). I'm starting to crawl out of the postpartum hole, it has been a big adjustment for ME. Not for the family, for me. I've had low patience for my ds, and been hormonal. But things are brightening up a bit. Thank goodness. Can't wait to hear from the other mommies.
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Hi Mamas!

Lukas and Jasper were born February 18th (two weeks early), so they're now 14 weeks and 2 days old. Is it not ridiculous that I still know their exact age? Yikes! They are getting really big. They wear all 6-12 months sized clothes, and probably weigh 14 and 16 pounds, if not more. They both can roll over from belly to back, but don't do it that often. They really like to be naked. I get them naked several times a day just for the instant calm. I just started putting Luke (bigger babe) in my kelty kids backpack. I know they're not supposed to go in there until they can sit unassisted, but I was going NUTS! They both hate strollers, and I was getting quite house-bound. Luke does great in the backpack, though. He has very good head/neck control, and can sit unassisted when propped just fine. So now I wear Jasper in the front pack, and Luke in the backpack, and we are once again mobile (they used to like being double-slung, but not anymore b/c they have to be in the lying down position when I wear both slings at once)!

They each had a cold around six weeks. We, too, have been battling thrush pretty much since birth. Boobykinmama: How did you get rid of your thrush? I am getting desperate. Otherwise, babes are healthy and happy. We're not vaxing yet either.

Hope the other Feb babies are doing well too!

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Emma was born Feb 19 9lbs 4oz so she was a big girl. Weighing around 15-16 lbs now. She also loves naked time. We are trying EC so she's naked a lot. She is my 3rd baby and it was the first drug free birth with a midwife. I LOVED it. I felt good enough to shower right away.
Our nursing got off to a rocky start and still isn't going well, but we're hanging in there. She's a very calm baby unless I leave her for more than 20 minutes or so. She even goes crazy with dad and grandma. Everyone comments on how attached she is, and I just think, Yup, everything I do is working as planned.
My only issue is I am horribly paranoid about SIDS. I have twice thought she wasn't breathing at night and had my heart practically stop. She is a deep sleeper and it scared me when I couldn't wake her up for about 30 seconds. I was never like this with my other 2. Other than that everything is great, Corrie
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Hey Hey!

Nice to have a Feb Mamas thread. We're doing well here, with the occasional bump in the road of parenting.

Gracie was born 2/21/03 and will be 14 weeks tomorrow! She learned to roll from her front to her back on Sunday but hasn't done it since, because she hates to be put on her tummy. She hasn't figured out that all she has to do to fix the situation is roll over. She'll learn soon enough, though.

We had an all-out freakout the other night after her bath. She hadn't napped much all day and was just overtired and overstimulated. She screamed for 15-20 minutes, then calmed down enough to take her pacifier, provided I was still standing and moving around. Eventually, she let me lie down and nurse her. A few minutes of that, and she was out cold. I was able to avoid another one of those tonight - I learned that if I sing to her, she calms down. She went from screaming to a big grin in four songs! I'm impressed. Sound asleep now.

I love being a mom, but it's so much harder and so much more work than I expected. She's generally content to amuse herself in the morning, so I actually get to eat breakfast sometimes. When it comes to naps, though, she usually has a hard time letting go and falling asleep. She has to have her pacifier (she gave up on nursing to sleep at around 8-10 weeks, for the most part), and often she has to be moving. So she sleeps in her carseat fairly often, and also in the sling if there's nothing interesting to look at. Oh, and DH is the master of getting her to sleep - 10 minutes in his arms and she's out. I wish I could do that!

When she finally goes to sleep, she sleeps for about 2-3 hours two or three times a day. She does wake up several times a night to nurse, but I don't know how many. I'd guess 4-5 times between 10 PM and 9 AM. Not bad.

Look at me writing a book here. I think I'd better stop.

Looking forward to hearing how the other February mommas are doing!
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I just noticed that on the posts on this thread so far we have babies born Feb. 18, 19, 20, 21--thought that was kinda cool. lexbeach--actually, Leela has thrush again now--arrrg! I've gotten rid of it in the past with grapefruit seed extract the first time and gentian violet the second time. I'm not sure what to try next. We don't have a pediatrician yet--we're not vaxing, so no well baby visits, but I've been thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea to at least make contact with one, or a family practitioner, in case we ever need one. I think I might call a naturopath in town whom I've heard good things about from my mama friends. If I do, I'll let you know how it goes.

Corrie, Leela LOVES being nekkid too--sometimes stripping her down totally stops a crying jag. I just started showering with her. I have fabric to make a mesh shower sling but haven't gotten around to it yet, so I'm using my Maya Wrap (I don't use it otherwise, never could get comfy with it). She loves the shower--loves having water run all over her face. Yesterday she fell fast asleep in there--it was so cute!

Corrie---what has your EC experience been like so far? I'm really intrigued by the idea, but just can't get myself to implement it. DD only poops once a day now, or every other day, but when she is naked, her peeing just seems to random and without warning. I guess once you get started you start to get more in tough with subtle signals. I'm getting close to the end of the optimum window of opportunity, so I guess I'd better start if I'm gonna do it at all.

Great to hear from the other Februrary mamas!
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Hi All!

Kaeleb was born impatiently on Feb 8th (both my aunt and her grandson were born on this day). He was due on March 3 and began trying to come into this world the weekend before Thanksgiving! I was 25 weeks and sitting on the side of the road (next to our broken down car) in a state that we didn't live in (Alabamba) the first time I went into labor (I went into labor a total of 5 times)! I got a three day stay in beautiful Mobile, AL, but couldn't see it because Mag Sulfate messes with your vision!! Kaeleb had one small cold at about a week old. He is formula fed, trying to relactate so that we can breastfeed. He is probably over 13 lbs now. He has a big sister, Justice who will be 8 in June. This boy loves bathtime. I put him in the big tub and he splashes and kicks and laughs the entire time! Being nekkid is a pasttime! He loves the sling if we are not on our daily walk (away baby weight, away) . If we are on our walk, he wants to be in the stroller. I guess it's ok, it adds more of a workout for me! Kaeleb is a wonderful sleeper! He goes down about 10-11 everynight and sleeps (usually) until 7 when he wakes for nursing (about ten min on average) and a bottle then he goes back to sleep until noon. He spends about half the night in our bed! Nap times are done nekkid (but for a diaper and my shorts) with me (supposed to be conductive to breastfeeding). Today our nap was a whoppin 4 1/2 hours long!


Jess, our girl name was originally Grace Elizabeth after mine and dh's grandmothers, then we fell in love with Sophia Grace Elizabeth...this is what we will name our daughter should we be blessed with one
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
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Christopher was born February 15. He's had thrush twice, this second time we're still battling it with nystatin, although it seems to be upsetting his tummy. Still haven't decided if he has a problem with dairy, but I have been trying to avoid it. Am planning on calling a friend's mom who is a homeopathist, to help deal with the thrush as well as general fussiness.

Gotta go -- he's crying now!
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we started EC when Emma was 3 weeks. She poops on the potty almost every time but I have missed a few here and there. Her signs are farting and grunting and smelling like she has already pooped. I miss a lot of pees. Most of them actually. I just put her on the potty every so often and she'll go if she has to. I think if your baby is naked alot anyway it would be easy to try it out. Just hold her in the position after she has been dry for awhile and see what happens. Gotta go now, she'snapping and that doesn't happen much so I want to read the messages.
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Gracie laughed for me for the first time today - I am so thrilled! She was on her blanket on the floor, playing with a baby gym someone gave us (it lets me eat my breakfast - I'm all for that!). She started acting like she wanted my attention, so I went over and started playing with her - kisses and raspberries on her tummy, then kisses on her cheeks and neck. That got a good long series of giggles. Until then, I'd never understood what a swoon was until she did that.

I am soooo in love with my baby!
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Kaeleb laughed yesterday, really laughed, for the first time. He cackled in the tub, when I would run the washcloth over his chubby little neck!!
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Maddie was born 2 weeks early, on February 26. She's delightful (of course I would think so!)--charming and easygoing. Knock on wood, no bugs or problems so far--she's slept 6 hours a night practically since birth. After going to bed at around 11, she wakes at around 5-6 for a snack, and then about every hour until we get up together. Kind of like a snooze alarm. She loves baths too--more the water than the nakedness, though. And she dozed from Indiana to Seattle about 1 1/2 weeks ago for 5 days in the car (with a brief plane trip from Iowa to Pennsylvania and back for a funeral in the middle of the x-c trip). We're going to go from Seattle to the East Coast by car when she's about 5 months--I suspect that might be more of a challenge! But for now she's just smiling, chatting, cooing, and pretty much having a grand old time with her moms...

She's doing a lot of drooling these days, though, and has a white spot on her upper gum--don't know whether it's a tooth, thrush?, or just a random and unexplained white spot--any ideas?

This is fun--I love reading about all of the babies the same age!!
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