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My yoga instructor is Pro-Ezzo!!

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I go to a Mommy & Me Yoga class every week. After the last class, I was talking to the instructor about some parenting issues (CIO)

She told the class that she believes in the Babywise method of scheduled feedings to get babies to sleep through the night. She said that you feed them every three hours and if they are hungry before it is time to eat, take them outside and look at the trees to distract them. Another option was to gradually dilute the evening bottles with water so the baby decides it isn't worth it to wake up.

This is a woman with 2 kids who teaches 4 different yoga classes at our community center. I'm afraid that someone will think that her experience as a yoga instructor means that they should follow her advise.

Should I write a letter to the community center?
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UGH! I wouldn't think a letter would work as her job isn't parenting classes but yoga.

Maybe discretely leave some articles on the dangers on scheduled feedings.
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If she is teaching "mommy and me" type classes she *is* an influence.

Ezzo is downright dangerous. Perhaps you could discuss your concerns with *her* at first (arming yourself with a lot of info about how some babies have been hurt by this man's teachings) and if she's stubborn (likely) then go to the people who sponser her classes.

Prominant people like this have a lot of influence over other people (most especially weak minded parents) First she is assuming you are bottle feeding (breastfeeding is best and breastfed babies need to have free acces to the breast and bf babies need to nurse more often than bottle fed babies) Secondly she is recommending diluting formula, a nono.

She is giving advice contrary to what we know about good parenting.

If you have the energy and will to address this I think you would be doing good.

Debra Baker
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I would talk to her directly.

As a formula feeder, I would NEVER dilute formula with water. That's just terrible.

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I would never imagine it!! And yes, this instructor is an influence - at least in my experience. I started prenatal yoga when I was pg with ds and continued with Baby and mom yoga after his birth. (Same instructor for both.) She was the one who opened my eyes to some of the "natural" rememdies and she was so great at promoting bfing and all. I can't imagine what I would have become if she was an Ezzo follower. I really look up to her and value her opinion on all baby and mom care subjects.
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And how could I not post??!! ?

Talk about "out of sync"!

I'd quietly get the other mums onto MDC one by one.

But never let anything pass if a comment is made as "part of the yoga instruction".

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Our local hospital puts out an Anti-Ezzo brochure in all their childbirth classes. It is very informative and states unequivically that Ezzo (and Ferber) are not good for babies. It's kind of cool because the front says something like "Intrigued by Babywise?" and "Thinking of Sheduling your baby's feedings?" Then slams them on the inside.

I'll be happy to send you a couple of copies.
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2boys1girlsmom, those brochures sound great! I'd love to see them! The titles sound like they would catch every mom's eye, so I'm sure they have made quite a difference.
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Wouldn't it be cool to put those brochures in copies of Babywise at thr bookstore? I'd love to see one....
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What a strange combination!! You would think that a trained Yoga instructor would be in tune with the natural body, and would recognize the dangers of Ezzo's methods.
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I would find another yoga instructor just as soon as I could. The principles of Babywise go against everything yoga is about. How can somebody teach classes that are meant to get you more in tune with your body's needs and then recommend a type of parenting that goes against every human instinct??: I would also contact other yoga instructors in your area to use as references if/when you go to the director of the community center with your concerns.
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2boys1girlsmom: If I send you some stamps, can you send me some of those brochures? I'd love to have my paws on them!
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I am a yoga instructor who teaches mom and baby yoga as well as prenatal.

I feel (my feeling only) is that a yoga instructor should be gentle, spiritual, and somewhat alternative. If I were looking for an instructor that is what I would look for. And yes, there is influence involed with the job. I remember taking my first mom and baby class.... our teacher did not have children but was very open and gentle. Some of the women in the class however had some Ezzo issues. Now that I am teaching it I find that there are so many styles of parenting in my class that I have to watch myself. I would never tell a mom to look into any form of CIO and would NEVER recomend Ezzo. It just does not fit the mold. Not that I ever fit into any mold lol.

Can you take her class anymore without feeling a little twinge of anger?
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2boys1girlsmom, your pm box is full.
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Its so disturbing! I spoke to an acquaintance from my hometown who was telling me about the great book Babywise that her doctor recommended to her! She was genuinely concerned when I told her what I know about it. Luckily, she says she only had time to read the one chapter on getting the baby to sleep through the night. Not that CIO is great but its probably the least harmful of the other dangerous crap that's in there.
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I would not be comfortable going to that instructor any longer. I would unenroll ask for my money back and explain why. I would make sure my voice was heard by the appropriate people. The written word is far more powerful than the spoken word. I think she has the potential of harming some babes and moms.
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