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Nakedness and other stuff...

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Dd is 23 months, and this summer I was planning to let her go naked as she wants to as part of my very laissez faire toileting approach.

I have two questions, I can't decide if I'm being fussy and prudish, so I thought I'd ask.

First, being naked prompts her to touch her vagina, which is fine, I'm wondering if being outside and playing in sand etc., and then touching will lead to infections, or something like that.

Second, has anyone else found the nakedness helpful for toileting?

Ok, three. While I'm fine with exploring bodies, if I leave her to it outside or around other kids, will this embarass her?


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I used the naked approach with potty training too. Worked well. I don't think she will have any embarassment issues as long as no one teases her. We didn't have any infection type problems so no help there.
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Hi, my mother potty trained all 4 of us during the summer months so that we could be naked during it. She says it made it much easier. Kids love to be naked. I dont know about the infections, though, I guess anytime one touches something and then herself there is apossibility of picking something up. you might just want to make sure she washes her hands more now, and also teach her to wipe front to back.
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She could wear a dress or long t-shirt, she doesn't have to be completely naked. It would protect her from the sun, too. My son is 100% toilet trained as long as he's bare bummed so it really works for us. He has lots of accidents in underwear though so there is a second step. I'm thinking I will try him in loose shorts with no undies when it gets warmer.
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Penelope Leach addresses this in her book, specifically the sand part (she seems pro-nudity.) She says, cotton underpants for sitting in the sand to prevent friction burns. I remember reading that.
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Nakedness is very helpful with toilet training in my experience, but I'd hesitate to leave a little girl bare-bottomed in the sand. At the very least, she could wind up with an irritation, and possibly an infection as well.

I second the long t-shirt idea for better sun protection. I don't think a 23-month old would be embarrassed (but I would expect other children, older ones, to get silly and giggly if she is naked in front of them).
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My dd's are 5 and 7 and they still spend a lot of time naked outside when the weather is warm enough. They've never had infections or related issues. Mostly I worry about them getting sunburned. They love being naked and I'm so glad that either their friends like being naked as well or don't mind if mine are.
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I think naked is fine for inside. I'd personally be worried about perverts seeing her outside. So unless I had a high fence that no one could see through I wouldn't let my child run "au naturale"
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well captain, I love Penelope, so if she says it's a go....on with the bare bum! We are all kinda pro-nudity here...

I will put her in some undies in the sand though. But if I put undies and a long t-shirt on her, I think we are no longer naked!

We live on a secluded street and have a very private backyard, so I'm not worried about perverts...well, I wasn't anyway.

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Another vote for nakedness!
DS is 3.5 and when he found out his beloved 8 year old neighbor does not wear underwear, he said that sounded good to him!
So, no nappies, no underwear and, I swear, within two weeks he had the potty down. Still wears a nappy at night, still has some accidents when he does wear undies (a Waldorf teacher friend said some kids have a sensory/tactile sensation going on; they can't tell the difference between diapers and underwear, I don't know, but the no underwear method worked).
And just yesteday he sat in the sandbox bare bummed.....he said it felt good, but even I'm a little nervous about sandy bum cracks! (new rule~underwear or shorts in the sandbox!)
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