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shopping with babies

One way to go shopping is with baby in sling or snuggli, I do snuggli, and the other in the cart(strapped in ) This way you have room to put your groceries. And then if they are good, get them a cookie half way through the store, and at the end let them get a balloon, and ride the rides. Our grocery has one cent rides.
We do have a double stroller. I love it, bc my back doesn't hurt so bad at the end of the day sometimes, bc I am pushing the babies, instead of carrying all the time. UGG!
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I do the Snugli for shopping if DS is awake when I get to the store. If he's asleep, I'll just leave him in the carrier and put him in the seat part of the cart. DD goes in the main part of the cart since she won't stay in the seat part anyway (this has been going on for a while, she'll just stand up even if buckled in and either stay standing or climb to the main part). Our store has free cookies, usually at least a couple of other samples, then a free balloon and claw-game (you get a "buddy buck" to play it, you get to keep trying until the claw grabs a sticker). So, it's good entertainment.

Just this weekend (when a car trip that was supposed to take us 3 1/2 hours took 6 1/2, we forgot about all the college kids that would cause traffic coming home for spring break), DD started slipping out of her seatbelt on the carseat (she'll slide the slider thing down then wiggle out) and standing up. We had to go get a new carseat yesterday. It's always something! Our friend was just saying "just find a way to punish her so she stops standing up", yeah, like what we need is more conflict around here. I'll gladly pay the $70 for the new carseat to just fix the problem.

Okay, vent over.
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hugs Avena...man you've got me scared now! Laia will be 26mo when the babe arrives...

Big hugs and thanks for starting this thread...I can tell I'm going to need it!
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I haven't read all the posts but I had to check in! I have a three year old and a 8 week old. It's been OK, DD has been a dream up until the last few days. DS sleeps 6 to 8 hours at night : so at least I am sleeping. DD has actually been harder at night that DS, which is no surprise. I think she has only actually slept through the night a handful of times in her whole life It took her YEARS to get to the point DS was born at! DS is a calm baby but loves to be held. He will sleep through any noise, but only in arms. I sling him most of the day but I am beginnning to look forward to when he will nap in a bed/bouncy/swing. He actually did yesterday, for an hour!! I laid down with him while DD played baby in the crib (we have both a twin and a crib in DS's room-- although we co-sleep). DD played quietly and he fell asleep, I snuck out and he slept. I forgot about that trick!

DD's new thing is that she wants to be a baby ALL DAY LONG. She is using diapers, drinking out of bottles (baby is EBF, I don't think she has ever seen a baby get a bottle, this must be a mass media thing) and screaming when she drops a toy, etc. It's extrememly irritating. I've been ignoring/complying with the bottle and diapers (she had been potty trained for about 6 months, but I expected the back slide) but the fake crying is too much to handle. I have cut way back on the TV it was making her behavior worse. So she now watches one movie or two TV shows from 2 to 3. I spend the whole time sitting down. I use to try to clean, but I have given up. And shopping, forget it! : You should have seen me with DD in a "TV cart" and DS (sleeping) in the bucket. Yep, I am a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, AP parent! Reminded me not to judge a book by it's cover. Good luck to you all!
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Is it too late for me to join in?
DS1 is 28 months, DS2 is 6 weeks. The first week was definitely the worst - DS didn't want anything to do with me when I was holding the baby (which was a lot of the time!) so I was wondering how I'd ever play with him again! He did get used to me holding baby, but has developed some new mischief to get my attention while I am nursing, burping, etc. He used to be such a "good" kid, I kept wondering when he'd turn the typical "2"... well, he's turning now.

I have no idea how I would put both kids to bed by myself - DH does DS1's bedtime now, they just go to sleep together, very cute. At the very beginning I attempted to keep doing DS1's bedtime, snuggled up in bed and sang his favorite song the way we used to... but baby woke up and cried and I had to trade with DH and told DS1 that DH would come in and finish bedtime with him. He lost it, cried, upset, wanting Mommy. After I left the room I just cried. Guilt for abandoning DS, grief for having to lose our special time at night, regret for not savoring and enjoying bedtimes while I was pregnant and impatient with him. We have all settled into our new bedtime schedule, but as I write this I feel the sadness again.

The only way I stay sane is that DH does the bedtime, and my parents live close by and have been playing with or taking DS1 almost every day for an hour or two. And too much TV. And the wrap for when DS2 is asleep. And that the baby is a relatively easy one! Oh - And I got groceries delivered for the first time! (It was just $6 for the delivery charge!) At about one month I started to feel a bit more in control of the whole situation, even have gone out of the house with both kids a few times... but days are still long.... DS1 doesn't nap anymore, so I get no nap.

Thanks for starting this thread.
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Wow! So mamny mamas, Yipee! I'm not going crazy alone ..Ahh some days are better and some worse! Still trying to find our groove, and just when I think I do Blam!

.....How do you all get you DC's to listen? DD will not listen to me 90% of the time! Her new thing, climbing on the kitchen table..I telll her calmly and nice to get down, she smiles and stands there! I can tell her 100 times a day and she keeps climbing up there! I take her down and she climbes back up, I have to move the chairs so she stops! Now don't tell me she is doing it for attention, she still gets just mama time while babe #2 sleeps so what the heck do I do?

: she does these little things all day long, I'm soo tired of telling her a million times not to do this, I'm done!:

Now just when I get Dd to nap again the new babe is up nursing the whole time DD is sleeping, AHHHHHHHH! How do I get anything done? By the time the babe is done nursing then DD is up and it goes on!!!!!!!! Please tell me this won't last forever! : : : :
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Yeah, I am not sure exactly how to punish a toddler...I do "the glare", you know the mother glare, that usually stopped us in our tracks, when we were little. The one you do while they are in motion of doing what it is they aren't suppose to do.
Otherwise, I just repeat telling them, or working with them, until they get it, it is exhausting, but it is less work in the end.
But I don't blame you, I totally would have just bought another car seat in that instance. You pick your battles FOR SURE!
: )
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Avena Mama

I feel you. Some days are just in tune...some days are awful. Monday, I took Wolfsion and Shamus to a music class for the first time...it wasn't raining when we left, but when we got there, it was pouring buckets...I got soaked completely. Wolfsion is two, so I thought ok, he can walk, and I'll hold his hand, while I carry Shamus in his car seat. It seemed more simple in the rain, than lugging out strollers.
Nothing was simple that day.
Wolfsion wanted to catch rain on his face and pick up rocks. Why not? Car seats are heavy and I hate carrying them. They are so bulky. But, in a situation like that you don't want the baby to get wet, or take the time to unbuckle them. Anyway, when we get in the building, the lady tells us the space was double booked and we have to load up again and go down the road. UGGGG! I don't mind the rain, I like it actually, but I don't like to be soaked all the way thru, carrying babies.
I just had to shake it off, and take lots of deep breaths. Thank goodness, I have lots of breathing practice from having the babies.
Does anyone else have these stories? I am sure...when we aren't having these days...there's hopefully double the amount of the good days.
Avena I never even addressed your questions...can you get them down at the same time yet? When you try to do that it takes upwards of a week to re-adjust what a current natural schedule is. SOmetimes a few days.
I noticed you wrote your note at 12 am in the morning. Either, you are a night owl, or you can't sleep, or that is the only time you have online, get some sleep sister!
We have had to completely re-adjust the house everytime Wolfsion hits a new stage. Like with the chairs, he has some kiddy ones and we had to take them away and put them on top of the fridge, bc he was standing on them to reach up and get stuff off the counters, usually dangerous stuff.. I am sick of yelling too...when he's in the bathroom with us, and then we are leaving the bathroom, he quickly runs over and flushes the toilet a second time. I try to explain to him that it is a waste of water, but he doesn't understand that, only that he shouldn't do it. I could go on and on, let me try another time to address the situation when I am not going on a tangent so many times.
peace and happy Vernal Equinox
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OMG I am so happy to have found this. We have a 28 month old and our twins are coming on Monday! YIKES! Our toddler won't go to sleep on her but really tries to be helpful around the house. I haven't read all the posts, but I will catch up soon. I am really nervous about having all 3 by myself but I have at least 4 weeks of help.

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Originally Posted by AEMOMMY View Post
Does anyone else feel like it is impossible to go to the store with both kids by themselves. Ds is 8 mos and dd is 2.5 shouldn't it be easier by now?:
ive forgotten how much crap you need for a newborn. plus lucien has started potty learning but going out is still always hit or miss. i feel like im bringing every single article of clothing we own.
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I feel like I'm going to seriously lose it, or something....

My kids are 24 months apart....now 3 1/2 and 18 months AND I have another one coming in just a couple weeks. WHAT WAS I THINKING??????

I need a drink....just a little bit longer......
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Originally Posted by Avena View Post

We just had our new one last week and it's been: with a toddler for me! I'd love to hear from other mamas how you cope
By bed tIme, I feel like I'm gonna die! esp.that EVERYNIGHT is SUCH AN ORDEAL TO GET DD WHO IS 23 MONTHS, to SLEEP! HELP!!!!!!!

Hello fellow April 05 mama... Congrats on the little babe!!!!!

(check out my sig, I'm on my way too)
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Today some neighbors and I started a walking group. We don't go out until 8pm but for us it seems to work out. Of course I'm the only one with an infant and a toddler. They want to do it everyday but dh works nights on tues and thurs. and KIDS AREN'T WELCOME! (and thats a good thing). We take about a mile walk or so and get out all our frustrations. It was really good for me, especially since today was a bad one.

Anyone else do anything like this?
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Well, we have a bit of a better schedule now, unfortunately they're totally opposite each other in napping so a) I don't get to take a nap and b) we can't ever leave the house, apparently because someone is always sleeping or about to sleep. At least it means I'm only dealing with one at a time! and I guess within 6 months or so E will be down to one nap too.

and Avena I am still going to order some tea! busy around here as you can imagine!

what is it with pooping in a freshly changed diaper??? They BOTH do that. I have an extra 4 diaper changes a day I swear from the "poop 15 minutes after I was changed" diapers. does it feel better to let loose in a dry dipe???
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Originally Posted by AEMOMMY View Post
Today some neighbors and I started a walking group. We don't go out until 8pm but for us it seems to work out. Of course I'm the only one with an infant and a toddler. They want to do it everyday but dh works nights on tues and thurs. and KIDS AREN'T WELCOME! (and thats a good thing). We take about a mile walk or so and get out all our frustrations. It was really good for me, especially since today was a bad one.

Anyone else do anything like this?
I don't do it, but I'm on another mom's message board where A LOT of the moms were saying exercising alone helps SO much, so I'm sure it's a great help!
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yeah more mamas!OMG, if I could take a walk by myself or with sleeping dd in her wrap it would be Ssssoooo wonderful. I've gotten to do it once. The weather up her in the great northwest is so rainy right now. Yesterday dh and I took the kids to the park and although it was sunny the wind chill kept us from staying out more than an hour.
Grocery shopping: what a joke. I ended up going on my own with just dd (10 wks) last week in the wrap which she loves... normally. SHe was not having it. I haven't got nursing down with the wrap and she was soo mad. The florist let me use her office cause it was a private place to sit. Helpful yes- I get so frustrated when one of my kids is upset in a public place and every other stranger has a little extra comment (rarely helpful) to add to my already fragile mama ego : after she settled down and I said thank to the nice florist she was like, "why do you think she gets that way?" I said I wasn't sure but she needed something she wasn't getting at the time but she's happy now : then the florist told me that when her kids were little and cried like that and she couldn't take it anymore, she stuck em in their carseat, let em cry and went outside. ummm "I'll keep that in mind thanks (NOT)....but dd doesn't really like the carseat and I find that she responds better to me holding her." She was very nice but we were not on the same wave length ykwim.
iloveavery- My ds (2) is doing the fake cry too!!!! The first time he did it, I thought, What the heck is that about? He doesn't do it very often, but when I he does I try and give him a little extra affection and that seems to keep it at bay for a while. He still takes a bottle I breastfed till he was 16 months but he was also supplemented with goats milk (which is what he still drinks now) since he was 3 weeks old. I want to end the whole bottle thing but He love it so much and with this whole regression to babyhood thing- I can see that not going so well. I only give him one when he asks for it and that keeps it down to 2 or 3 a day. He drinks water from a cup but won't touch the goats milk unless its in a bottle. Any helpful suggestions on how to move this a long would really be appreciated. I feel bad for letting him have it this long but I don't want to just take it away "cold turkey" since we are all in such a fragile state of mind. I'd like to keep it gentle

OK done with chapter 3 of my novel-sorry I just get going and can't stop- hang in there ladies-
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Okay, I know there are a TON of negatives about amazon.com but... One of my friends recently signed up for the amazon "free shipping" service (I think shipping is always free if you order more than 75 dollars of stuff in a year?) after she learned that you can buy groceries through amazon. The prices for the stuff she buys seem to be about the same as the local stores so since it's free shipping she has more or less sworn off supermarkets for anything non-emergency (she gets her fresh veg/fruit from the corner market, everything else from amazon).

Some regions/supermarket chains will also do your shopping for you so you just arrive at the store and pick up the already bagged and paid for items (one store here will bring the bags to your car if you call the service desk to let them know you've arrived).

And some farms and co-op markets will deliver regular (weekly or monthly) boxes of produce to your home as well.

So there are some options out there if getting to a store is just out of the question!
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Soo thankful to hear I'm not the only mama having to move chairs, lock the office door so DD won't destroy & climb!

yesterday DD climbed on the table and broke a dish! luckily it didn't get her! oooh those wonderous toddler days!!!!!! I keep thinking I can't wait until she's older and I don't have to watch her every move!!!: She'll throw things in the toilet if you leave the door open, climb on anything she can, WHEW!!!!!!

I'm not sure life is getting any easier after adjusting to 2 kids!

But I'm thankful to hear from you all!
Thank my stars this new babe is so mellow or I'd really go mad!
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I'm right here with ya, mama! I have a 22.5 month old and a 2 month old! It's insane around here! I'm finally starting to feel like we have a "family" thing going on and not just a Mommy.Poopy Diaper A (aka DD).Poopy Diaper B(aka DS).Daddy.

I have been having no problems with DD going to bed at night - we've tried to keep her normal routine up... like with your kids, my oldest one is the more dramatic and BUSY ONE! My DS has been soooo laid back and sleeps practically all day long (and keeping me up nursing all night. LOL)

Thank goodness for DD having her own room and me cosleeping with the baby in my bed!
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A pregnant friend asked me yesterday if things were getting easier and sadly, now that E is crawling and pulling up, and still not sleeping I had to say NO. I hate being negative but I don't want to lie either. My friend whose kids are older than mine but the same distance apart in age said it only gets more difficult the more mobile #2 gets. :
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