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Boy's name poll. :)

Poll Results: So which name do you like best?

  • 25% (52)
  • 27% (56)
  • 6% (14)
  • 28% (59)
  • 10% (21)
    Cyril (Cy)
  • 2% (5)
    I'd really just prefer something more like "Bob"
207 Total Votes  
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Okay, I know you all are thinking about names. I always swear I don't care what other people think (I like fairly unusual names, although a few of these are getting more popular), but I'd love to get a first take from other pregnant mamas. Just be kind if you respond in words.

Just to be sneaky I included one that I already named my second son. We were so close to using another name, and I'm just curious to see how it does.
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I love what I call "old man" names (a compliment-something from the 1940s- sounding) on sweet little baby boys. It is so endearing. I like Oscar.
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Omigod I do a poll and I can't even spell. It's AUGUST! August for crying out loud, not Augst, or angst. Jeez.

can you edit a poll? And I forgot conrad. oh well.
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Oh yeah, total old man names. I love old-fashioned and (to me) foreign names.
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I love the name Oscar but I have very negative feelings about one old man name Cyril. That said, I think once a baby wears a name it becomes theirs.
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I voted for Karl, I think because I have a wonderful friend named Karl who is just such a great guy (it's hard for me to separate the name from the guy if you kwim).
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Of the choices listed, I liked Roman the best. No specific reason, just sounded better as compared to the others.
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There's a movie out there somewhere that I watched once that had a wife nagging after her husband named Cyril. For the life of me I cannot now remember what that name is, and I'm sorry.

I voted for Roman, because I'm an old-school Days of Our Lives fan.
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Thanks for the input so far.

Yep, I've never picked a name with the intention of naming them after someone (well except for Violet, after my grandmother), yet my name choices are often very influenced by who I knew/know. My oldest son's name I really disliked growing up, but then met a dashing, handsome Swede with the name, and voila. It became cool to me. Same with Cyril.

Oscar I just like. Surprisingly it is now in the top 100 baby names in the U.S. roman is climbing too. Karl sounds so common but really isn't anymore. I just love that social security baby name site.
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I really love August. I never would've thought of it and I'm due that month! Any particular reason for it? I also love not-so-ordinary names.
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Great names! I was really torn. We just named our little guy Augustus, but he's a Gus. And Cyril was on our short list. But my dd kept talking about Cyril Squirrel from Maisy. I voted Roman. But I also love Oscar! I dated people named both Roman and Oscar before marrying dh, otherwise we probably would have picked one of those.
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I changed it to August for you... I'm not sure if members can do it or if it requires super mod powers, but since you wanted it that way... and he could be Auggie or Gus for a nickname.

I like Oscar, but I feel like it's about to become really popular. I've known 3 different people who have had babies within the last 3 months and who considered Oscar, although only one actually did use it (one went with another name, and the other had a girl). I am assuming you don't want a hugely popular name, so...

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i love august, oscar and roman! august is the one i love most, so it got vote
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Thanks for changing it. Yeah people acted puzzled when I mentioned Oscar irl, but I've seen it on all over mommy message boards. I have that fear with Oscar and (sort of) Roman and August that it will get more and more popular. Carl is actually my #2, which was very hard for me to finally settle with b/c it's not unusual sounding, but it kinda grew on me. Reminds me of Max or Sam- sorta old-fashioned.

Sarah I get so jealous whenever I hear anyone named their baby August or Augustus! I thought I was set on Roman, but I'm not. And you liked Cyril too. Great taste.
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If DD2 had been a boy, she would have been August nn Gus.
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Wow I cant' believe how well August is doing! i seem to change on a daily basis as to which I prefer. I also love Caspar, but it sounds too similar to my first child's name. *sigh* This is harder with #3 than it was with #1.
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I like all of them, except maybe Oscar, but I wanted to comment because I think it's an interesting group of names you picked. They all kind of make me think of powerful or influential political figures and writers. They're all kind of make me think "strength" or "power."
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Yeah, I worried a little that if I keep having boys people will think I"m trying to assemble a Roman senate or something with Augustus, Roman. I also love Magnus, which sounds fairly regal to me (but that's the cat, so we sorta ruled it out.) They're just the names that grab me.

I'm so glad I got a lot of votes. It's fun to see.
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i chose Oscar i love that name.
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I was just watching Ghostbusters II and the little baby is named Oscar. It's such a cute name for a little guy and when he grows up it will still be a professional name. To me it sounds like the type of name a good, solid man with a sense of humor would have.

P.S. If you name your baby Oscar no one will think "she named him after the baby in Ghostbusters"!! So don't let that dissuade you.
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