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Bleeding again already!

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Argh! Kaelynn is 7 weeks today, and I started my first post partum period on Monday! Despite our extensive nursing, co-sleeping and suckling throughout the night! I guess I was just born to breed :P.
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Oh my, poor thing!! Jonny is 10 1/2 months now, and I still haven't been visited. And I was on the mini-pill from 6weeks pp to mid December, and those didn't give me AF either.
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You might luck out. I got 2 periods when ds was 2 and 3 mos old, then nothing until he was 10 mos old. I do think I got those 2 early ones b/c we were having problems, so not the same situation. Congrats on the new little one, though.
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Are you sure? My postpartum bleeding would stop and come back again when I got too active. Its more likely to be that than your period
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Ewwww. I hope it's just a day of rogue spotting.
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I wouldnt assume it's AF returning yet. It could be a return of postpartum flow expecially if you have been overdoing it. Happened to my with my birth and my loss.
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I get mine back quick like that too! I exclusively bf and cosleep (did the first 3-4 months...don't now) too. With my 2nd dd (can't remember how soon I got af back w/ 1st) it came back at 7wks pp. With my 3rd, it was 6wks pp. And it's been regular ever since.

It stinks!!!
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The same thing happened to me...I got (what I assuemd) were light periods at 7 and 9 weeks post-partum. However, since then, no sign of AF, and Aaron's now 4 months. I actually got so paranoid I did a p/g test last week, since I thought once it started back it would be regular. Evidently, the b/f does all kinds of weird things and regularity isn't to be expected.

On the other hand, you do have to assume you're fertile now!

Mama to Aaron, 1/26/03
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Oh Jennifer! What a bummer...

I quit bleeding at 2w6d pp, and haven't bled since but I'm worried af is going to show up earlier this time (with dd I got six months off). I had a horrible migraine last night complete with vomiting and rarely have them while pregnant or nursing. I'm hoping was something environmental (I have food and perfume sensitivites) and not hormonal.
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