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Postpartum pads

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What is everyone using for post partum pads? I think I'm going to try out mama cloth for postpartum. I did buy some overnight disposable pads for the first day or so but then I'll switch. I'm going to soak the disposable pads in some pp bath herbs and then freeze them to use for the first day. I remember loving the ice packs the nurses gave me after DS's birth, so herbal ice pads would be really nice.

I ordered some mama cloth yesterday. I've ordered a few luna pads, a few glad rags, a few lotus pads, and I'm hoping to get my hands on a few homemademama pads when she restocks her hyena cart. I ordered mostly overnight and heavy pads and I also have some preemie prefolds that I'll try out.

Have you ever tried mama cloth postpartum? Right from the beginning? How many pads will I need? Will cloth work pp or will I be changing it every 45 mins?
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I'm trying to remember exactly what I did. I think I used disposable pads for the first week, when the flow was heaviest, then switched to cloth after that. The cloth worked great for me, and I basically just changed the pad whenever I went to the bathroom. I used the Mother of Eden (Fuzzi Bunz brand) mama pads and found them to be fine. I just washed them with the diapers and it worked nicely - no extra work.
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If I remember correctly, I used huge Poise pads with DS. I haven't really put much thought into it yet, to be honest. I know my birth kit comes with a few but I should put this on the list of things to ask my midwife. I plan to get some of the mesh panties again because those worked out well.

I've also read here about soaking pads in witch hazel/herbs and freezing them. I had a few of the frozen pads with DS but I honestly wasn't that sore so only used them the first day.

I do plan to use disposable pads, at least for the heavy flow.With DS I had a nasty uterine infection and I don't plan to relive that in any way, shape or form, and it seems like disposable pads might pose a little less risk?
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I agree with a pp that my flow was too heavy the first week or so to use cloth. But once the flow was more like a mellow menstrual flow, then they worked fine. But you do have to change cloth pads more often (kind of like cloth diapers!), like every time or every other time you go to the bathroom.
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I didn't use cloth the first week or so during the really heavy flow...I used the super thin overnights with the extended length AND wings. I forget the brand but they were comfy and since I was changing my pad about every two hours there's no way I could have kept up with cloth!

After things slowed down I went back to my cloth pads...I have some yummy flannel pads (luna pads) that are now close to 10 years old and still working great (I've changed out the inner soaker bit over the years but the covers just keep getting softer). I change them about as often as I would during a regular period, but then...I use the disposables till my flow is about the same as it would be in a regular moon-time so I don't know how they'd handle "major post partum messiness".
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Ditto those who used disposable for the first, heaviest days, then switched to cloth for the next couple of weeks. I didn't want ANY extra laundry, and I used disposable diapers on DS for the first week for that reason (plus sticky meconium in washing machine fears.)

I like the LONGEST pads possible, especially those that flare out on the ends instead of tapering on the ends. Glad Rags long/heavy pads are my favorites. I think Luna Pads just came out with a flared end long/heavy pad, too, and I like their products generally, except that the mini triple snaps are harder for me to fasten than one big snap.

I just bought a new type from diaperware.com (forgot the brand!) that uses snap-on liners on top of the wrap-around portion, which is breathable wool. I won't use it until I'm sure I won't bleed through it, but, if like last time, that'll be okay by the end of the first week. It is a good length.

I find that I get MORE infections with disposables than with cloth. This is due to my sensitivity to bleaches/chemicals. My skin gets red and raw if I use them continuously, and nothing invites germs inside better than wounds. Blech. Using cloth mama pads is WAY more convenient when one is cloth diapering, too, IMHO, because there is enough laundry to wash them really effectively.

I always change pads every trip to the bathroom, so this may be a factor in cloth working so well, especially since I drink A LOT of water and pee all the time.

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Anyone sewed PP mama cloth? I make my regular mama pads and I'm hoping to make some heavier duty PP pads in the next few months but I'm having a hard time deciding about materials and amounts of layers... so if you've made them, share share!
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I didn't make mine, but they would be super easy to copy! Just a waterproof shell (two layers of PUL with the shiny sides facing one another) with wings (the wings snapped around the crotch of the panties) and a lay-in or snap/velcro-in liner of 2-3 layers of microterry topped with microfleece. The fleece didn't stain at all, and I never actually used peroxide on them. They dried really quickly, too.
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I honestly have not thought about this yet!:

However, I think that I will use disposable with the heavy flow then switch to cloth pads!
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kotex was my best friend!
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