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LoA March 11-17

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Happy Manifesting Everyone!

This week I'm manifesting....
- an easy flow to write my paper quickly and intelligently
- a fun time enjoying the sun and warm weather with my kids
- a healthy, strong & fit body
- availability of the time and day I write my exam
- the cleaning fairy visiting my house (actually, enjoying the process of cleaning and organizing our home!!!)
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Oh, I love starting the thread with intentions!!

This week, I intend to...
- enjoy my children!
- enjoy my husband!
- remain in a state of appreciation, and be mindful of any signs that I am slipping from that space.
- thank my site hosts for finally resolving all of our load issues by finishing the installation of our second server.
- thank my designer for completing the template for the new site.
- find wonderful content for the new site.
- complete the installation and configuration for the new site.
- learn something new!
- have many interesting and thought provoking conversations.
- laugh a lot!

Happy manifesting, everyone!!
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I need some affirmation suggestions. Then I'll post again with my intentions for the week.

If you're having issues with your weight and wanting to lose it, you might not want to read the spoiler.

Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!
I am losing too much weight, too quickly. I'm eating almost nonstop, too. I'm not looking any more toned than I did before, in fact the opposite. But on the other hand, I'm looking VERY thin. You can see bones in ways that I'm not really liking.

And the thing is, it isn't like I'm not eating enough. I eat and eat and eat.

I've gone from 145 pounds (where I was happy, it was mostly muscle) down to 119 pounds!! In fact, I've gone from my post-pregnancy 152 pounds to 119 pounds in 4 months. Yeah. That's 33 pounds, for those counting.

I thought I had stopped at 122, but obviously not.

I don't need to be any thinner. Before I got pg. I was body building. I am not particularly interested in looking like mini me. *sigh*

Affirmation recommendations? Thank you!

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Hi LoA'ers!

I feel like I know you all already! I spent the last week reading every page, every post, of Tracy's 'The Secret...anybody seen it' thread (hope I got the name of it right). And loving it all!!!

I was first introduced to the secret when Oprah's first show on it aired. I ordered the dvd while Oprah was still on, in fact. A lot of stuff had been happening in our lives, dh had just been laid off from his job, and I felt like I was reaching for something. Some new way to be shown to us. I even told him, "I feel like there's something we're missing, we're not seeing right now. Like an answer that is there that I'm not yet aware of." But because of him being out of work, we were able to watch Oprah together. And wow.

I now get it, I totally and completely understand why he lost his job. I see how we both brought that to us. I think I felt we did not 'deserve' to have that much money (the job gave him the potential to earn more than he ever had, quite a bit more). He wasn't liking the job, and was convinced he could not succeed there.

Then in December things turned around. Actually, what happened was dh found an awesome paraliminal CD that helped him become incredibly good at his job overnight. Everything turned around. I was reluctant to hope, I admit it. We had a lovely, peaceful Christmas and everything was really, really looking up. I felt relieved, DH was again confident in his work instead of gloomy and miserable all the time.

Then Jan 10 he lost his job. Well, it's certainly no surprise, right?
And he started a new job last month, making the same kind of money he was making ten years ago. I felt, and even said, when he lost that other job, that I felt we were never going to make 'good money,' that we just weren't the kind of people who got to have enough, that all we would get was that little taste of it we were just beginning to experience.

But no more! Now I have seen the light!
DH is also totally on board with the LoA, and we are focusing on being happy and feeling good.
I think I always thought that if I didn't prepare for the worst mentally, then I wouldn't be prepared when it showed up. I had no idea how I was perpetuating 'worst' in my life! I am so grateful to know there is another way, that I do have power over my own life!

I am reading Ask and it is Given, and Excuse Me...., and of course reading here. I have never ever in my years of (mostly lurking) here at MDC felt so much joy and happiness from a thread!
Thank you all you wonderful wise women! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Off to change my siggy now!
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Welcome annalily.

Great to have you with us and I'm so happy that you and your husband are really feeling positive and using the law of attraction together!!!
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I would guess this has to do with the amount of milk you're producing/the nursing and the fact that you are on such a restrictive diet for your little one's allergies.

It seems to me this is an indicator light on your personal dashboard telling you that you aren't getting the proper nourishment for your body and you need to give it some attention. If your aren't nourished, your little one won't be either.

I believe there is a way to balance both your little one's allergy needs and your body's nourishment needs. I'm thinking that some homeopathics, NAET, or some other natural method of allergy elimination (body talk, cranio-sacral therapy), etc. would be good for the both of you and help both of you be a bit more balanced.

"I am guided to the practitioners that can help us the most."
"My body is in balance."
"My body is healthy and strong."
"I receive adequate nourishment from the foods I eat."
"The foods I eat are sustaining me and my child."

I'd also talk to your little one's spirit and get her involved in the healing process. When my oldest ds was very sick as a baby...I talked to his spirit and it helped guide me to our healing. They know.
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Oh, goody, AnnaLilly is here.
I am just shocked it took Oprah to get you to The Secret.. I would have thought you would have been here months ago!!!

sorry about the job but you know we all pretty much know that the next job will be bigger and better and probably ultimately bring more abundance which is not limited to just money. if you know what i mean.

which you do!
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I had a fun day yesterday. My daughter and I had a shift selling girl scout cookies. Mind you, everyone is freaked out because our troop has sold fewer cookies than we could have at this point, and that we have an abundance of certain kinds of cookies. So, as we were packing for and driving to the sale, I talked with my daughter about how we were going to sell amazing amounts of All Abouts, Do-si-dos, and Trefoils.

The first hour we were there, we sold ONLY those cookies! It was a great reminder for me that LOA isn't about getting rich and skinny, but about manifesting everything that we need on a daily basis.

This week, I will-
*joyfully complete the writing for my new certification.
*receive phone calls with answers to the questions I asked last week
*meet my new clients due in April
*eat healthy foods when my body is hungry
*finish and launch my new website
*enjoy organizing and decluttering my children's rooms.
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No time for reading or posting, so just subbing for now...
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hi all. my intentions for this week are...

...to get my driver's license
...to start my spanish lessons from audible
...to meditate everyday this week
...to officially register our new business
...to submit my writing project
...to write some more
...to be inspired
...to laugh, and have fun with my partner
...to come up with a really great question to ask Abraham and Esther Hicks when i attend their seminar this saturday!
...to get a really great haircut

that's it for now!
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Wow, I got in on this one on the first page! WOO HOO!

First of, Amris ... I know you are eating all raw. Are you open to adding raw dairy/raw egg yolks, and some coconut oil (or other high quality fat liike what is found in whole, raw dairy)? If you are open to it (and have a source for good raw dairy), you could make a raw smoothie with the milk, egg yolk, fruit, raw honey, and coconut oil which should help satiate you and help you get some weight back. Just a thought I had while reading your posts ... take it for what it's worth.

My intentions:
-Enjoy life!
-Jump back into hs'ing (we are only doing K so it's nothing huge but more of rhythm, circle time/sensory integration activities, focus for the week)
-Finalize clearing out our house and organizing.
-Purchase freezer chest for our side of beef we are picking up in a couple weeks.
-Enjoy our 85-90 degree weather by spending time outside every day with my boys.
-Start walking in the evenings when dh gets home from work - YAY for daylight savings time as I can go out alone and it will still be sunny!
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Happy to be here!

This week I am practicing the living meditation of THANKING everything that comes my way.

I notice that - when I am OPEN to each and every thing that happens in my and my children's lives - I can then find how it SERVES me. . how it serves my wishes.

An attitude of gratitude is my magic power. Saying thank you (even aloud, sometimes) to each person/behavior/experience is the practice.
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We are on our way home from our house hunting trip and I'm signing in from an internet hot spot in an airport! I feel so hip and cool! DH's new company put us up in a the cutest little seaside hotel. Our room was right over a marina with fishing boats coming and going, but alas, no internet in our room!

We made arrangements to rent a townhouse month to month. It is brand new and in a nice little development with a pool, but has been sitting empty for a while so the owners are happy to have us and are being VERY nice about our pets.

We are manifesting the perfect house to buy and after looking around this weekend we have a better idea what we are wanting.

This was the first time I saw the little town where we are moving and I really liked it. It is big enough that we won't have to drive into the city all the time, but still a small town. The girls LOVE the beach and are super excited about the move!

This week I am manifesting:
  • movers who can act quickly (we are hoping to move in about 10 days the universe really does like SPEED!)
  • ease in making arrangements for utilities, change of address, etc.
  • clarity and speed as I continue to declutter and organize
  • excellant property management company for our house in Missouri. (we plan to rent it out, not sell it)
  • to easily finish our taxes for last year
  • calmness and taking care of myself by doing yoga and mediatating a priority, even though I have so many other things to do!
  • peace with my children. We are all excited about the transition, and I am manifesting peaceful speech and actions, and a feeling of excitment and awe as we take the actions we need to this next week.
  • to have wonderful visits with my friend Angela, my mom, and a great playdate with my friend Chrissy and her kids (who are my kids best friends).


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just checking in, up too late taking on the phone with BFF so I slept in.
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Congrats Captain Crunchy on all the great things happening in your life right now! We need to plan a night together to celebrate!

My intentions for the week are:
-to remain calm and relaxed everyday
-to spend lots of time laughing and giggling with my family
-to get my taxes done quickly and easily with a big return
-to find a book to read that captures my mind in a fun and entertaining way

Happy day to everyone,
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My intentions for the week are:
To have a calm, peaceful, joyful day every day.
To have a successful presentation/seminar tomorrow.
To get my website completed and up!
To have my logo done quickly and inexpensively.
To enjoy my mother's visit and remain calm and non-reactive.

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My intentions for this week are:
-To feel good every day.
-To take time out every day to meditate.
-To get my kitchen and bathroom decluttered.
-To remain calm around my dd.
-To send in my deferrment form for my student loans (I MUST do this. I keep putting it off.)
-To be thankful for all of the good things in my life.
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Originally Posted by Taradactyl3 View Post
Happy day to everyone,
Tara - I missed it in the other thead - CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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I had a moment of panic when I saw that the old thread was locked. I forgot that this was starting over weekly now

My intentions for this week are:

To do my candle meditation every day

Practice yoga every other day

Eat only what my body wants/needs and not things that will hurt my body

Continue to LOVE studying homeopathy and manifesting wonderful clients

Start to learn to love my body as it is right now

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mamas! I've missed you. The last couple of weeks have been : and I've been spending much less time on MDC.

My DH lost his job this week ( annalily...we've been through this a few times too). But the BEST thing is how positive he is about it. He keeps making little side comments about how he's being positive "like I tell him to" (as if it's not his idea or natural to him) but he's doing it!

Today at church he lit a candle of joy and concern...joy that he will be starting a new job...and slight concern as he doesn't yet know what that job is or when it will be starting.

I was beaming in the back of the church. SO cool to see him putting out positive energy!

The night he told me he lost his job we had a special dinner, bottle of wine and toasted to new beginings. It all feels VERY different -- and so much nicer -- than other times we've been through unemployment and got caught up in : thinking.

I'll be back with intentions in a bit. Time to go take a walk with the family...it's SO beautiful out today!
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