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I went out for the day today! I went and saw my oldest son's father's sister.. are you with me still? Anyway she's 2 and a half weeks behind me in her first pregnancy and let me tell you I felt HUGE compared to her.. I was just like her in my first pregnancy though. I got a couple pics to commemorate our day together and will definitely have to take more as we both grow.. she'll probably be as big as I am now when she is at the end.

Sage kicked her when we were standing belly to belly

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I visited my new favorite fabric jobber this morning for some swimsuit fabric for dd. Apparently she hadn't noticed 2 weeks ago that I'm pregnant, or she forgot, but today she asked me how many months. I said 6 and she said I don't look very big. :
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Tomorrow, someone will probably tell Nic that she is tiny and barb that she is huge. People crack me up when it comes to baby knowledge. Barb- I didn't think you were very big though when I saw you though. Don't know where I am going with this.

I don't want to complain by ANY means, but does anyone else feel like a drum kit yet? Bella has been thump, thump, thumping nonstop at night for 2 days now. I tried to get dh to feel, but he felt nothing. My whole belly was shaking from the kicks, but he barely felt anything. Ha, ha! She has been going crazy in there. At some point last night, I actually fell asleep to the best sleep in days. Maybe all that kicking is good for both of us!

Mil and I also bought all the fabric today for all the stuff in the nursery. We are doing a 30's style butterfly quilt with 30's reproduction fabrics and feedsacks. I think it will be so cute. I am also making a few pillows for just decor, valences, a french memo board, and a crib skirt out of the fabrics. I am so excited!!! She won't use it for a long time, but it will be ready for her when she does.

Also found out that there is a standing diaper store 20 minutes from here. Never knew!!!! A friend and I are going downtown for lunch at the tearoom and then going to the diaper store. I think it is so cool that my non-crunchy friend found this place, told me about it, and is going back with me.
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yesterday we went to a peace rally, and march in downtown PDX. ended up not marching as my hips and Addys lil legs couldnt have held out. so we went to the Saturday Market (yes on SUNDAY!) on the waterfront and got some food. we left our house at 12:30. did the bus, then the lightrail called MAX, then lots of walking, more MAX, more walking more standing, more MAX more bus, more walking then came home and crashed. got home at 6 ish and both Addy and i were SO tired. she walked the whole day. i didnt wear her and we didnt take a stroller. she ended up falling asleep at 7pm last night and didnt wake up.
when DH got home after 10 (he went to a buddies house after work) he moved her into the bed, we went to bed and she woke up at 8:45 today.
lots of good restful sleep for her.
me, not so much. its almost IMPOSSIBLE to get comfy anymore. ugh. i am so sore all the time. especially my hips.
and the sciatic pain that randomly courses from my lower back down my butt cheek and into my thigh. OWWWWW.

the babe must be breech cause i mainly feel movement down by my cervix. it often feels like s/he is trying to kick its way out. silly fetus! tho while resting last night after Addy fell asleep and watching TV it flipped, i felt the flip, it was SO uncomfy! and then started pounding away on my hand up by my belly button for a good hour. that was nice
but yes, i feel like a drum from the inside
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