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I went through that w dh exgf!! OH GOD!!!

They were together for 2 years and broke up then got back together(he did to be close to the kid she had with another man) and she got pregnant...there were questions of it was his! Then at 5 months she decided to end it(there was a chance baby was sick and she blamed dh since she had had a healthy son already)(poor dh went off the deep end!! Wasnt something he was ok with(still isn't))
They broke up shortly after. About a year later we got together and I guess she heard through mutual friends(we got together on a set up) and started calling at all times saying that she'd never date again it was to hard on her son and that he'd never be happy without her!

This kept on happining all through our relationship until our son was born and I forbid her to be around(shed show up to his gigs claiming to be there to hang out with there mutual friends)

Im so glad she's out of our lives! It was such a sore spot!! He always felt bad if anyone wanted to talk about me being preggers around her! And she use to say our child was going to be sick and such. I think we would be through if she was still in the picture.

Im so sorry you have to go through this! I wouldnt wish it on anyone!! It's stressful and hurts and makes you want to pull your hair out!!

Good Luck and your really brave!!
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Wow... I thought that it was just me... Before DH and I got together, he and his ex were together for 3 years... apparently they broke up, bc she cheated on him, then told him about it (which he says he appreciated, but it was still awful feeling). He and I met about a year or so later... She began showing up at his job (he owned a shoe store) when she found out that he and I were dating. First she showed up with her new boyfriend, then she started showing up alone. DH used to hire teens to work there, and all of the teens would tell me about her being there, fortunately after DH was telling me. Interestingly, since our relationship was really new, I was annoyed, but not toooo angry. In the end, the contact got more intense... he confronted her and cut the contact off. We left the state about 2 years later, and she called me trying to reach him... my cell phone was in his name, and she looked it up (I don't know where). The interesting thing is that I tried to be nice about asking her to stop calling, but she was awfully rude... so finally, I cursed her out something serious , then told her that I would pray for her safety if she kept calling ... okay, so yes, it was an idol threat, and NO, it didnt work...

DH and I called her father, and she finally stopped calling, claiming she was humiliated. I hope that she never calls again, it was crazy... Now, DH is no longer my boyfriend, so if she called now, I might just be a little angrier, but I wont make any threats, I am just going to call the police and say that she is harrassing us or something... I hope that she never calls again... I heard that her new boyfriend looks just like DH : . Creepy.


PS: I am sorry that that is happening... it is horribloe
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