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12 weeks but measuring 16!

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Actually, that was last week. I'm 13 weeks now. But it surprised me for my uterus to be that much larger than typical. My midwife quized me a bit to see if my period in December was really a period and not implantation spotting. (I'm pretty certain it was the real thing.)

She chalked it up to 3rd baby stretch and said if I'm still measuring 4 weeks ahead at my 16 week appointment we'll talk about u/s options, etc. We heard a good strong heartbeat (yay!) and she didn't go search for another one, so I guess she doesn't suspect twins, thank goodness!

I'm not really worried, but it does seem weird. Has anyone else had this happen? Did it just resolve itself later? I knew I was having to pull out the maternity clothes way earlier than before!
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With #3 I measured 15 weeks at 11 weeks, and then stayed pretty consistently about 4 cm ahead the whole time. I did have an u/s at 11 weeks to rule out twins (I was with an OB at the time). Just contributed it to the 3rd baby stretch, like you said. And I think I started wearing maternity clothes at about 11 weeks.

Now this time, with #4 I'm measuring even farther ahead and I seem to be growing exponentially instead of staying a constant few centimeters ahead. We are suspecting twins this time, but I haven't had an u/s yet to confirm. At 10w3d I measured 16 or 17. Now at 11w5d my fundus is at or above my belly button already (which should be about 20 weeks). My DH is convinced it's twins (has believed so since before we found out I was pregnant), I don't want to get my hopes up too high, I'm afraid I'll be disappointed. I'm not wearing maternity clothes yet this time, I think I'm trying to minimize how much I'm showing so I don't have to answer questions LOL. But I certainly can't wear my regular pants, I outgrew them a couple of weeks ago. I'm in elastic waist pants 2 sizes too big, and the elastic is getting tight in them.
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with my third i was measuring 8 weeks ahead from the get go. i measured 20 weeks at 12 LOL. i was convinced i was having twins. at 27 weeks found only one, perfectly sized for dates babe . by 33 weeks i had evened out and at 38 weeks when i delivered, i measured 38 weeks.

i went for my first appt today, and i'm 12w 4d and i measured 17 i had an U/S on friday to look at a subserosal fibroid and they measured the babe while they were in there looking around, and it measured 12 w 2 d, so again one baby and it's right on tract.

it is unnerving at first to measure that big, but i think it's pretty common with baby number 3
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Same here with baby #3. My uterus has been above my navel since week 12. I'm now 15 weeks and look like I did at 6 months with my first.
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Thanks for sharing your experiences ladies. I feel more relaxed about it now, knowing that it's happened to other moms (and they didn't have super huge babies! )
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I measured 4 weeks ahead whole pregnancy with DD.

This time I am measuring behind.

Pregnancy can be mysterious sometimes.
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With my second I was measuring 16.5 at 12 weeks. I got so freaked out that I had an ultrasound when I was NOT planning on that. Just one baby.

NOw I'm pg with my 3rd, conceived 356 days after my son was born, so yeah, at 12.5 weeks I'm already into maternity clothes. I have a mw appt tomorrow, can't wait - I bet I'm measuring 18! This time I'm NOT going in for the ultrasound, no matter what!!!

Best wishes,
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