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yeast infection at 37 weeks

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I have a yeast infection and I'm 37 weeks along - which means I could go into labor anytime (though I probably have three more weeks). But anyway, I want to get rid of this infection fast because I don't want to give the baby thrush if I happend to go into labor soon. I know over-the-counter yeast infection med is okay in the second trimester, but is it also okay now - when I'm 1cm dialated?

I suppose I should just call my midwife, but I hate to bug them over stupid stuff. I figured some knowledgeable mama here probably knows the answer.

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I don't know anything about the otc medications, but if you want to try a homeopathic remedy, sepia should clear it right up. I've had 2 yeast infections this pregnancy, one at the very beginning and one at about 37-38 weeks. Each time the sepia cleared it up within about 2 days. Good luck!
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I really don't think a yeast infection at 37 weeks is a silly thing to call your midwife about! I would call her right away and get this thing taken care of. Thats what she's there for!
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This warrants a call to your midwife stat. Lower genital tract infections in pregnancy are associated with some scary things. Don't need to list those now just saying that any infection, no matter how casually it's treated in adverts, needs to be reported to your midwife for special care. Please, let her know asap.
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Thank you. I called today - she said any OTC remedy is fine and safe.

cornflake girl - What is sepia and how do you use it to get rid of a yeast infection? For now I'm just going to use plain old Monistat b/c I want to get rid of it asap and I know it works - but for future reference I'd be interested to hear a more natural way to get rid of these!
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Just wanted to let you know I'm 39+ weeks pg and just finished battling a UTI, was given antibiotics which caused a yeast infection so I had to use monistat 3 day treatment. Per my midwife, it's perfectly safe and better to treat it now, before birth. Hope yours clears up soon!
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dotcommomma-sepia is the main remedy for yeast infections during pregnancy. If you weren't pregnant you would most likely need a different remedy and sepia would be useless. Remedies are tiny pellets that you dissolve under your tongue that stimulate your body's healing processes. Hope that helps. Good luck.
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