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What does an "allergic" diaper rash look like?

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Does a "teething" rash look any different from an "allergic" rash or does it depend on the kid/offending food/particular tooth, etc.?
DS has a funny amoeba shaped rashy red spot on the fatty pad of skin above his penis that comes and goes. It first emerged with teething, I believed, and he still appears to be teething on and off. The only other possibility is a reaction to goats milk yogart and cheese which he eats daily or every other day... how can you tell what's what?
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A rash or bullseye around anus is a food reaction and/or gut flora imbalance. Our first rash was a blistering reaction to rice cereal as first food.

Not exactly sure what you are describing, it might be staph?
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yes, sounds like staph diaper rash to me as well. Ds1 used to get that from infected eczema in his diaper area.
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Staph, huh? How to treat?
Diaper cream works only temporarily.
Thanks mamas.
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I would use some sort of antibiotic ointment. Like Neoporin, only I wouldn't use Neosporin. WHen ds got so bad he had staph, he usually had weepy eczema, staph, and yeast all at the same time! Good times, believe me. His doc sent us to the compounding pharmacy next door that made us up a cream that had moisturizer, steroid (hydrocortisone), antibiotic, and antifungal all in one. I only used it when I was afraid it was gettin ginfected again. I really tried to avoid the steroids. Doesn't sound like your little one has eczema as well, so I would think the antibiotic ointment would take care of it.

I had another thought, it may not be staph. If you use cloth diapers, you may need to strip them.
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