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anyone else tandem nursing?!

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I absolutly Love tandeem nursing my babies! DS (2) was freaked out in the delivery room when he say sophie nursing initally but quickly changed his mind when he was able to nurse with her! He holds her hand, rubs her forehead, ect. He will even limit the amount of time he nurses "cuz sophie can't have eggs, or popcorn, or carrots, or apples" I have found limiting his nursing prior to delivery has helped as he doesn't expect to be able to nurse 10 times per day. I have also found that if he askes to nurse it is usually best to let him do so a soon as possible to the inital request to avoid a meltdown, and surprisingly he will ask far less often when I let his do so right off the bat. He has even turned down nursy recently

Anyway I was just wondering how others are doing... please share!!
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I'm tandem nursing with my 15 month old and the new one. He's not terribly verbal so he really doesn't get it when it's baby sister's turn to nurse, and naptime is the hardest when they both want to nurse at the same time and neither will go to sleep until the other is quiet. I have not mastered the art of nursing them both at the same time.
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I am nursing my two and a half year old and our newborn. It has been a bit hard on the older one. We have been teaching about taking turns, and he is good at taking turns nursing. I also have not quite gotten nursing both at the same time down yet. I have only done it a few times. LLL has a great book called "Adventures in Tandem Nursing". it is such a great resource for me!
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We're tandeming here... DS got kind of possessive of his "ees" there for a while... and to make it harder, I had to put limits on how long he could nurse because he sucks SO HARD and it really hurts after a while... he was NOT happy about that but I had to explain that "ees" are part of my body and if it hurts me, I won't want to do it. Then I'd give him a lot of cuddles even through his protests. It seems like it's gotten better, he is starting to accept my limits and doesn't freak out when the baby is nursing! (He is in a "NO MINE!!!!" stage right now anyway!)

I nursed both at the same time for maybe about a minute once, but he is so wiggly that I am afraid he will kick DD in the head or something like that... ugh

I did notice that DS's skin has gotten nice and buttery soft again since DD was born!
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dd wants to nurse all the time

i've found that nursing ds about an hour before naptime (around 1ish) for as long as he wants, then putting him in the sling and wearing him for the next 40 min while we make/eat lunch puts him into such a good sleep that i can put him down on my bed and then nurse dd for her nap at 1 w/o him waking. sometimes i even get a few minutes alone once she's sleeping.

it works for us about 4-5 days a week so far... keeping my fingers crossed that it keeps up!
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Liz, I've noticed DS's skin getting really soft and newborn-ish too. It's lovely.
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I guess I'm tandem nursing. My older nursling only nurses once every other day or so. When I first had the baby, my older DD wanted to nurse very often so I had to enforce some limits and I guess she decided to really limit. It works well this way.
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I'm tandeming. DD1 only nurses down for naps and nighttime. She has been very willing to share her milk. Lisa, I'm glad you have a routine that works for you most of the time. My dh has returned to work this week, so I'm going to need a new routine for getting dd1 down for nap. I don't want to take away her milk or snuggles so hopefully dd2 will cooperate.

Congrats, to all of us who nursed through pregnancy. I know for me it was much tougher than I expected but the rewards made it worth every painful moment.
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I'm tandeming again. Hayden is almost 21 months old. He is also a bit wiggly while nursing, but we work through it. He doesn't like to wait til Hanna is done and sometimes she just likes to hang out on the boob. I've found having him sit up next to me works out best.
I love nursing them and hope that they create a bond, just like him and his brother did when they were nursing together.
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