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First- Congratulations!!! It's hard at first but they are soooo amazing wonderful I can't imagine life with out them!

I think a breast pump is important because then other people can help with the feeding (and let you get some much needed sleep) Especially in the beginning. I had to feed every three hours because my DS' where tiny. I would pump and my mom would do the early morning feeding so I could at least get 6 hours of consecutive sleep. It saved my sanity!
I got mine through WIC it was a really nice one and it was free. If you don't qualify for WIC then some insurance companies cover them. The social worker at the hospital help me so much in finding assistance. Including getting car seats free. There are lots of programs out there, you should look into it.
Other stuff I have found useful-
Swings- I have one travel and one big one
Baby gates
Changing table- save your back and knees (I just put a changing pad that has sides on it on top of a desk and secured it)
A recliner (that was nice during pregnancy too!)
Lots of receiving blanket ( look for big ones they are better to swaddle with)
A jumper and a play pen ( they weren't useful till about 7 months so don't rush out and buy them)
And my very favorite a double stroller! This is a must! I like the tandem ones, they are much easier in public and you can go more places then a side by side.
Don't forget about yourself! Give yourself at least a couple of hours a week to get away by yourself! You will feel totally refreshed and much more able!
Good luck!
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Originally Posted by 1Plus2 View Post
Wait! Another thing...those little outfits that have the elastic at the bottom so you just pull them up and down. No snaps, etc. I call them "baby in a bag".

I have about a dozen of those bag things. I also love the Gerber zip-up sleep-n-plays. They are about $10 for a set of three and make middle-of-the-night diaper changes so easy. Snaps are such a pain!
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These were my must haves:
  • EZ2 Nurse Pillow
  • snap 'n go double stroller (I don't think I could have lifted a larger double stroller after my c-section)
  • a variety of slings (used mostly for first 6 months)
  • a lightweight baby backpack (used inside and outside after 6 months)
  • two bouncy seats (I had winter babies and we have an old drafty house with wood floors and it kept them off the cold hard floor)
  • Mountain Buggy Urban Double stroller - my favorite all time item I have gotten
  • at least one exersaucer
  • two feeding seats (First Years maybe) - instead of high chairs
  • Stokke high chairs (for when they got to be about 18 months). My kids love them. We got ours as gifts, but you can find similar ones for cheaper.
I could have done without a swing (only ds liked it). And while I think the Medela pump in style is awesome, I didn't really use mine much (only to relieve engorgement), since my babes would never take a bottle and I rarely had enough milk or time to pump extra. And I never used a diaper bag, just a regular Jansport backpack.

Mine would never sleep in the playpen, Arms' Reach Cosleeper or crib. So all those items were a total waste of money. I wish I had known. Grrr.
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I keep seeing the EZ2 Nurse pillow recommended over and over. A friend offered to let me borrow/buy hers. I'm wondering if it's worth it for me. I'm very short wasted and all nursing pillows were useless for my daughter (tried the Bobby and My Breast Friend). It was eaier to grab couch pillows and use them. Just wondering if it's worth the investment.
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Thank You

Thank you all so much for all your suggestions! So far I've ordered a few sling pouches, ez 2 nurse pillow, a double stroller (car seats fit into), and a few other small items. I'm on bed rest so I've been doing a lot of online browsing. This pregnancy has been an emotional roller coaster for me and I can't wait to hold my girls in my arms! We actually lost a set of twins last year to TTTS and for some BIZARRE reason we got pregnant with monochorionic twins again! It's been scary but we've come so much farther (going on 30 weeks). It's hard for me to buy things because of the doubts and worries I have but I know I need to be prepared too. Anyway, thanks again for all your help.


DD born May 04
expecting identical twin girls May 07
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We had two bouncy seats. And a swing. Never used a bassinette or crib until they were ready to be in their own beds (ummmm...I think 14 months for one, 18 months for the other). My doula gave me a strip of fabric to use as a rebozo (she'd cut it to the right length and the right kind of stretchyness/firmness for the fabric), but I never really ended up slinging the boys much because they didn't like it. A La-Z-Boy recliner. Diaper changing stations (a plastic bin with supplies and a pad to put on the floor and a wet-bag for the cloth) in every room the kids were going to be in. And we got a triple stroller for outings since I had a 17 month old at the time who wasn't ready to walk everywhere.

I had a crapload of Avent bottles from my doula and friends, but never ended up using them, none of my kids would take a bottle or paci though.
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