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Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post

and omg, I try to never get involved when there are debates on MDC, but where else do we vent about this stuff? my dh was outraged as well, but he can only take so much of the lactivism talk so, this is where we go. if anybody knows where else we might go to vent about the anti-bf culture, lmk.
I always thought that (as long as we follow the UA) this is a great place to vent about anti-bf culture - especially because at the same time there are often suggestions from folks about how we can address similar situations in the future, or address the thing we're venting about, itself.

I don't think I (or anyone else) should have to justify why we're venting about this, or posting in this thread - but I'm assuming all of us (and many lurkers) have already written or are planning on writing letters to ABC about this episode. I already wrote one based simply on the preview, before the show even aired. We don't watch SN, I forgot it was on last night, so I didn't see it - we were watching the Sportscenter March Madness shows. Nary an anti-bf comment to be found.

....But I digress. A main reason I (and I assume others) am following this thread, is for ideas about specific issues/comments to cite; about counter-sources to suggest that they read, and about the tone/approach which I will take in my next letter to ABC. I would never have thought to contact my local ABC station and suggest that they do a counter-story covering breastfeeding beyond a year if someone hadn't suggested it here. I don't know if I WILL do that, given that we don't watch ABC for news and I'm not sure who I'd refer them to interview (other than myself ) .... but it's a good idea for many moms who post here, I'd bet.

I think our discussions back and forth about validity of X, Y, or Z as we discuss the show, will definitely help inform how our letters are written. And while I'm all about form letters sometimes (I did ProMOM's form letter to Nanny Jo's publisher) - I think that it's even more persuasive when there is a deluge of INDIVIDUAL and obviously NOT form letters, as well. I think we're on target to accomplish that via these discussions.
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(I did ProMOM's form letter to Nanny Jo's publisher
Do you have a link for that?
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Originally Posted by UrbanPlanter View Post
here's one little thing we can do, from Promom 3min activist, about how the supernanny's book has bad bfing advice...
Here 'tis!

I know that at least one list of all the sponsors for the show was posted earlier in this thread, I don't think there were addresses for any of them at that point but the poster was intending to contact each advertiser and let them know how displeased she was.

I don't have time to do a search for addresses but if someone else gets those that is something I KNOW I will do as I think that sort of pressure on ABC makes more impact.
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Originally Posted by 2crazykids View Post
I know, I know...just wanted someone to pop up with the addresses...I am way too lazy to go searching...but i will if you insist!

I thought for sure someone was going to make a list of the sponsors too! I think they all need a hearty letter to sink their teeth into...hmmm? Yes?
Someone posted a list in one of the other SN threads..let me see if I can find it.
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Here it is...

Originally Posted by BeckC View Post
I'm a huge lurker as I have no kids yet, but I love to learn about all of this stuff.

This whole Supernanny thing has me SO MAD! I will be writing letters all week.

Someone mentioned writing to the advertisers of the program, so I made a list of the commercials (that aired in my area anyway). Here you go:

Columbia/Revolution "Are We Done Yet?" (movie)
OceanSpray Cranberry Juice
Nintendi Wii
Excedrin - Tension Headache
The Nanny Diaries (movie)
Home Depot
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (movie)
Pier 1
Pursuit of Happyness (on DVD)
Newline Cinema/Time Warner - The Last Mimzy (movie)
The Goodlife Recipe (dogfood)
Dominoes Pizza
Lionsgate - Pride (movie)
Barbie - Magic of the Rainbow (movie)
Publix (grocery store chain)
Chase Freedom Visa
Rembrandt Toothpaste
Sunsilk Color Boost
Mrs Pauls Fish Sticks (I think it's owned by Swanson?)
Promotional Consideration: The Weinstein Company
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Originally Posted by Aka mommy View Post
No worries! :
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Originally Posted by elanorh View Post

But what about the mom who doesn't have support IRL, and has been following her instincts (AP? What's AP?) - and is still bf past one year. This show has dealt mothers like that a real blow. Because it's given license to all the people in their lives to attack for sure now.

And it's all directly contradicted by medical and scientific research and recommendations.

Now, if a mom wants to wean before it's recommended, then there are ways to do so. But it should be noted that she is doing so before the timeline recommended, that she may be placing her child at risk, and that there are other options out there.

I'm happy when moms make it to 3 months, let alone six months or a year. But that doesn't mean that I can't (or won't) fight for accurate information to be given to the American public.

I don't think this is a "just walk the MDC walk and don't worry about other moms and what they think" issue. This is an issue of a respected "authority" giving out inaccurate and WRONG information. And the we've already seen people receive that bad information from their support systems IRL. I just don't see the virtue in ignoring inaccurate and harmful information being pushed onto the general public as legitimate when it's directly contradicted by all the major medical authorities.

you have a way with words mind if you're quoted?
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I am temporarily closing the thread due to reports. I will leave it up for reading, but please do not start another Supernanny thread in Lactivism until I can review this one, edit if needed, and open it back up.

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