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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea - when?

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Just wondering who's been taking it throughout, when/if you will start? Wondering when is best to start drinking it this time and how much ...

With DD I started at about 38.5 weeks - about 3 cups a days - on a Thrusday and had her on the following Monday. The end of my labor was quite fast. Likely partially from the tea???
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I didn't know about RRL tea when I was pregnant with DD until the very end, so I started with 3 cups/day on her due date. She was born 3 days later, but I don't know if it was the RRL or if I would have gone into labor anyway. This time I have been drinking Pregnancy Tea (with RRL in it) 2-3 times a week since I found out I was pregnant. I am going to step it up to every day in a couple of weeks and then 3 times a day around 38-39 weeks.
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i knew about it but just hated tea, so I never drank it before!

This time I've been having a cup of TM's Pregnancy Tea nearly every day since maybe 10 weeks? I've heard that it GREATLY reduces your afterpains, which is am very curious about--afterpains are by far the most hideous thing ever IMO. I had them so terribly with both my kids that I coudln't nurse w/o 800mg of Advil in my system every 4 hours, and YES my midwife and doctor recommended that for me So we'll see...

I'm curious as to what everyone else has heard/experienced with RRL, how much they've all had and at what points of pregnancy...
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Not in your DDC, but I've been drinking three cups a day since about my 22 week. I just needed something other than water!!

I don't know if it really will help in labor or not...but I sure do like the way it tastes!! (I have to LIMIT myself to three cups. Otherwise, I would drink WAY more than that!)
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I've been drinking it since probably 7 weeks? No regular schedule, but definitely more lately. I heard some people say 1 cup a day in first trimester, 2 cups in second and 3 in third. I make two quarts at a time and put it in the fridge (I'm not a hot tea type of gal) and it's usually gone in 2-3 days, then i don't make it again for a few days because I don't remember, then two more quarts, etc! As I get closer to my due date I'll be making sure to make it right when I run out so I always have it on hand, and I do plan on drinking a STRONG brew in early labor too.
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I drank it, many cups per day, from 36-41 weeks (when I gave birth). No idea if it was the tea, but I literally had ZERO afterpains! I had a nearly 30 hour labor but got right up afterwards, showered, ate a sandwich, and felt great (if not a bit tired). I could walk, go to the bathroom, etc with zero issues and was taking 2-3 mile wlaks and hikes within a week.
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where di you buy it? i would love to get some
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I've been drinking abot 1-2 cups per day since 12wks. And more recently I've been doing 2-4 cups per day. I like it cold. I tend to brew a big batch every few days and keep it in the fridge.
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I buy it in bulk at our health food store. I make more of an infusion (let it steep overnight), one handful of RRL in a one gallon jar, and I add other things too, like oatstraw, nettles, mint, dandelion root...yum! I drink one cup a day.
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I don't like tea, but have been taking RRL capsules - six per day, but I think that's equivalent to 3 cups, if I'm not mistaken. For a while - probably since beginning of 2nd trimester or so.
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Originally Posted by violets View Post
where di you buy it? i would love to get some
I bought mine at Smith's (AKA Krogers or Fred Meyers) in the natural food section. If yours doesn't have one section for natural foods, they have them on every isle, and there should be some with the rest of the teas.

Otherwise you could find it online too...


I drank a cup a day in my 1st Tri, then stopped.. I attempted to start drinking it again last week, but lost my dedication and motivation. I would like to make a bunch in bulk and keep it in my fridge too.. Do you use your coffee pots or what?
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Originally Posted by violets View Post
where di you buy it? i would love to get some
Both Yogi Teas and Traditinal Medicinals make a RRL tea bags, or you can buy it in bulk form (I got some in a Frontier co-op).
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I've been drinking it since probably around 20wks or so, but not with any real regularity, tho I always make a double portion (like, 16oz rather than 8oz.). I'm trying to drink it daily now that I'm almost 31wks, and will likely step it up as I get closer to my due date and such.
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Mountain Rose Herbs (online) has bulk organic RRL for a lot cheaper than the tea bags in the grocery store.

My mw (whose apprentice is a master herbalist) suggested that I drink a quart of RRLT per day for the entire third trimester, and anything less than 3 cups a day is unlikely to be enough to have any substantial effect on the pregnancy. Instructions were to steep 1/2 cup of RRL in 1 quart water, covered (with a few nettle leaves thrown in as well, if I want) overnight and that's my supply for the next day.

Mw said that she would love to see more studies done on its effects, because anecdotally, she can usually tell who drank RRLT immediately after their birth, because the amount of bleeding is very, very low afterward.
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I started a few weeks ago and make a relatively strong infusion. I use my French press and let it steep until I remember to drink it usually it's a least 3 hours which is quite a bit more than the 10-15 minutes the tea bags say. I drink at least three cups a day and like it iced.
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I love the taste and have been drinking it (for fertility reasons also) for the last 5 years. I drank it pretty sporadically until about 25 weeks then I started making infusions by the half gallon. I love drinking it cold in the summer. I drank about 2 liters of an infusion yesterday (TM rrl and TM pg tea mixed) and will continue with that. My midwife recommends 1 quart per day from wk 36-labor. I have had very good experiences with it. I believe it probably has led to zero labor and afterbirth pains and also extremely little bleeding during labor and pp.
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