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Our little girl is here!

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i posted this in the PAL thread as well

Our little girl is here!!!

Luca Grazia born March 10 at 2:45pm 7lbs 1oz 21 inches

The labor and delivery were both beautiful, I couldnt ask for more. I had the same nurse who was there for me almost a year ago when I delivered our angel baby. It was a beautiful thing for her, and my doctor as well, as we all have waited for this day for so, so long. I only pushed for 9 minutes too!!

We are home now and I cannot believe she is in my arms. I am so emotional and just overcome with her beauty and the feeling that she has brought into our lives. Everything is magical.

Every moment was worth it. Every pain, every worry,every extra doctor visit, every sleepless night...all of it. I cannot wait until all of you are holding your beautiful sweet babies...Its just an amazing feeling and I cannot describe it!




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Congrats again mama! I am so happy for you and so grateful we got to share our experiences together. You are truely an amazing friend.

Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congratulations Mama Wow!! You and baby look amazing! I'm so glad you had such a beautiful birthing.
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OMGoodness! She is beautiful Crying : for you.
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You look absolutely wonderful. I called my dh over so he could see probably the best after birth picture I have ever seen of a mamma and baby. Your older dd is beautiful too.
Congratulations! Enjoy your sweet littles and your baby moon!
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Congratulations! What a beautiful story. I am looking forward to hearing the whole thing. The pictures are Amazing. Way to go mama!
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Wow!!! What beautiful pics!!! I am so happy for you - and I LOVE her name!!! (That's on my "top" list but dh doesn't like it b/c I once dated a guy named Luke and "it's too close!" Silly men!!)

She's beautiful!!!
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OMG, how beautiful and wonderful. Congratulations mama, dada, & big sis!
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I have never seen anyone look so beautiful after birthing their baby. Your kids are beautiful too. Congrats and enjoy your babymoon.
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Holy smokes, too much gorgeousness for one family!

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Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!
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Congratulations Mama!!!!

She is gorgeous!

Happy babymoon!
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Congratulations! She is lovely. I am so happy for you!
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Congratulations!!! What happy news!!!!
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Congratulations!! You all are gorgeous! And the look of utter contentment and joy on your face is priceless! I'm so happy for you!
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Congratulations!!!! What beautiful pics..you are absolutely stunning in them w/ that baby glow!!! I am so happy for you.
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Gorgeous - Congratulations!!!

I must ask - how did you manage to insert pics into your post?

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Congratulations. What a wonderful, healing story, and what beautiful family photos. Best wishes for a wonderful babymoon!
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now that is the best news I heard all week!! what a lovely photo!! You are the picture of joy. happy babymoon!!
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Beautiful family
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