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Was childbirth the worst pain you've ever experienced? - Page 4

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I have had 4 children and to this day I have trouble even recognizing that I am in labor until transition. When it is painful you know why and that it will end.

My worst pain ever... heartburn. I was diagnosed over the phone with gall bladder issues, went to the er, and they changed it to heartburn. It was after baby #2 but I can't remember if baby #3 was here yet or not. I had no idea what was going on and I seriously thought I was dying and leaving my children for good. Not knowing what was going on made it so much more painful. I am not sure if it is funny or pathetic in retrospect.
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Originally Posted by thesimplelife25 View Post
Not to go OT but....

As you can tell from my siggy, I have not had children yet....

Can someone tell me about these nursing afterpains? I have never heard of them before!

I didn't have any with #1, but with #2 they felt like contractions, they hurt a lot, and I had them while nursing for about 4 or 5 days. Supposedly they get worse with each kid, #3 isn't due untill august, so we'll see.
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It was the worst pain for me, but it wasn't unbearable. I've never had kidney stones or broken an arm or anything. Yeah, it hurt - a lot - but it was only pain. I lived.
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Absolutely not. I would say the pain I have in this moment from a sinus infection is far worse - unrelenting, no escape, and no end in sight. Labour pain for me is highly mitigated by the fact that you know it's going to end and the worse it is, the closer you probably are to that end.
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Originally Posted by sadean View Post
I didn't really have afterpains. I was told they get progressively worse with each birth, but after three, I haven't really experienced this. .
Hey - it's not just me. I was starting to feel like a freak. As far as I can tell, I've never had an afterpain, and from the sounds of it, I'd know!
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My gallstone attacks were far worse, especially since the attacks would last for an hour whereas even the worst contractions only lasted a minute or so.

The worst part of labour, the most intense pain, was the crowning. But the unbelievable feeling of euphoria and relief DD was born more than cancelled that out.
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I'd rather give birth over kidney stones anyday!! Far worse for me!
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And the nursing afterpains, I was lucky not to experience those at all. But, after I nursed her directly after birth, I didn't get to nurse her again for 24 hours as she was in the NICU. Maybe that had something to do with it?
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Nope. Appendicitis was worse, and so was my broken leg.

mom to dd (5 1/2), ds (2 1/2) and #3 due in June
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Childbirth was one of the "best" worst pain i've ever experienced. Kidney Stones was definately the "worst" worst pain i've ever experienced
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Headaches (migraines and the sinus headache I had last weekend from a virus we're fighting in our house) are worse for me.

With labor and birth, you get breaks and I remember the INCREDIBLE natural high between contractions and then after baby came out. That totally rocked. They can't sell stuff that good.

And...I remember some afterpains after my first, but after all this talk, I'm dreading what could happen after this baby is born. I'd forgotten about afterpains! My mom has talked about how bad hers were repeatedly, hope maybe I passed on receiving that gene?
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My labor was terribly painful. However, I had pitocin, that stuff is EVIL. I was fine until that started. I wished I would die during transition. Pushing was pretty easy, I pushed her out in like 2 minutes. That part didn't hurt much. I was not exhausted, even after a 23 hour labor. I felt 100% the minute I pushed her out. I had after pains, but they were NOTHING like compared to labor. They reminded me of severe menstrual cramps only.
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Both of my labors, but especially my second, were incredibly painful. More painful than migraines, broken toes, a prolapsed hemorrhoid (although that was excruciating), food poisoning, etc. The after pains from #2 felt like labor, too, so I'm including that with the labor. Birth itself was quick and painless for me both times, but I never thought I'd survive my second labor. I felt cornered and attacked.
The closest second on the pain spectrum I've felt was the first few weeks of nursing my second kiddo. He had tongue-tie, so I ended up with painful, cracked, bleeding nipples, blocked ducts, and mastitis. My fever went past 104 and I ended up unconscious on my hallway floor before finally going to the ER in incredible pain. My son was 6 weeks old before I could nurse him without crying. After his labor and first weeks, it's amazing we ever bonded!
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I had sciatica during a portion of pregnancy #3 that had me in tears from the pain. Birth NEVER had me in tears.

Oh, and dental work. I HATE dental work!!! I'd rather give birth any day!

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Originally Posted by straighthaircurly View Post
I thought being pregnant was worse than giving birth. I had a lot of problems with my hips while pregnant and it made sleeping a miserable experience. Contractions weren't bad as you get a break like you said. I also felt like contractions were pain with a purpose and I can withstand a lot of pain if there is a purpose behind it. I didn't use any pain medications although I dislocated a rib head during labor and that hurt the most because it was so sharp and so constant.

Hey straightcurly, you should try chiropractic with your next pregnancy as it can give you an enormous amount of pain relief during pregnancy and birth.
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Bad headaches are much worse for me. But, as others have said, it has a lot to do with the fact that I can do things to help labour feel better, but for a headache, not much will help. I also enjoy being in labour.

Oh, and for my second and third babies, the afterpains were definately worse than the labour. But again, when I have them, I'm trapped under a nursing baby, and can't do much for the pain.
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My first birth wasn't too bad, it never got to be more than an 8. I'd say birth #2 was a 9, as I definitely felt that ring of fire. YOW.

However, it all pales in comparison to a gallstone attack (3w pp) and having my gallbladder removed. That pain just never let up! And then I was in pain after the surgery. Ugh.

You all make me very glad I still have my wisdom teeth!
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Yes, it was for me.

Giving birth was also a wondrous and empowering experience. But very, very painful.
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That would be a Yes for me.
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Nope - when my back goes out due to shermans kyphosis, it's far far worse.

The most I ever felt with DD was just back spasms - but then I did crumble and get a shot of pain reliever due to the muscle spasms {Had I not, they just keep getting worse and worse and would have interfered with labor}
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