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Cheyenne Wyoming Sicknesses

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I am one paranoid chicka but Dh is coming home this weekend and has been working in CW and is sick he sounds snotty,sore thrught,and cough,it must have been bad enough for him not to go to work,I told him to take SA but he thinks I am a lonny when it comes to that stuff...I dont want him bring it home to the baby........
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Have the recipe ready and give him a shot glass half full every hour. He will like it and it really works.

Even if you have only let it set for a few days, it works.

The recipe is at the very bottom.

After the weekend he'll brag about his wife taking care of him and getting him well.

And don't forget YOU should take the SA and cod liver oil when you are nursing. You can give wee bits to the baby, too.
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Ah, Cheyenne. My hometown!!

And, a part of the Rocky Mountain Strep Belt!!! I got sick so much as a child while we were stationed there.

Hope your dh feels better soon.
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