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Can you help me with my chart?

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I was wondering if any expert chart readers can help me figure out when I o'd? I *think* I'm either 16 or 14 dpo, but since I forgot to check my cervical signs, I'm unsure. We've had bms just about every month around ovulation for almost 2 years now, so I'm sure af is just around the corner but I just keep getting crampy on and off with nothing yet to show for it. Usually when the cramps start, they just stick around and get stronger til af arrives. Thanks. I lurk here a lot and hope to officially join this bb a little later this year -- unless of course there's a little miracle between now and then

**thanks, erin. i checked the link after i posted and it worked for me lol . let's try this one.

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mama2m&m ~

I'm definitely not an expert chart reader but I love tryin' to solve chart mysteries but first....

You have to fix your link - this goes to your login page!

I'm trying to remember how I set mine up (Adina helped me!! )...I think once you're logged in to FF you click on Home Page. There you can set up your own page and the post a link to that. (Right? Anyone?)

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Yep, that's right Erin!!

mama2m&m -

It looks like you o'ed when your charts say you did....with one fallback temp - which would put you at 16 dpo. HOw long is your usual LP? If this is longer, I would check it out - as in test!!!
Even if you did O and you are only 14 dpo - you could still test.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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I would assume you O'd on day 23 - that way you are less likely to be disappointed if you test and get the wrong answer. FF is more likely to give you the O too early than too late in my experience.
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Thanks, Adina. What's really interesting is that my LP has actually been shorter than 14 days, many cycles, like 12 or 13. I was beginning to think that FF was wrong a lot or my cycle is still mixed up since I'm still b/f. I really just wanted to know when to expect AF but perhaps ... This is when it really starts to mess with my head LOL. I think I'll wait til Sunday and test then, just to give it a couple extra days. With infertilty the joke is that testing actually brings on AF LOL! Next time I'm sure I won't forget to check cervical position, because that's my surest sign (aside from temps which tend to be wacky). OK, so we'll see what happens between now and Sunday!! Thanks again for your reply -- you too Erin!!!
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Hmm, I'd guess day 19.....
Good luck!
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Denise ~

Good Luck!!!!!!!!

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I'd say day 23

It's hard to say with some temps missing, but since you had EWCM up to day 23 and the way your temps from day 24 onward on definitely higher than any of the earlier ones makes day 23 seem more likely to me. Since you mentioned shorter luteal phases, it seems even more realistic to go with day 23. Hope you get a positive soon!
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amyrobynne, unfortunately, i think you win the big prize.

need I say more, except I am glad I waited and didn't waste the money or emotional upheaveal on an hpt lol.

Thanks everyone for your help, I really appreciate it. I think I'm going to remain lurking until we officially throw our hat in the ring later this year and set up an appt with the RE. I'm starting to worry that I'll have to decide on weaning vs. ttc. DD is over 2 so anything can happen but she is really attached and I'm more than happy to be her source of comfort. But I'm not getting any younger either. We'll just play it by ear. Thanks again everyone!!! And best of luck to each of you

edited to add that it's supposed to be the af icon before the word need. it's not showing up on my screen right now. :
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