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I wouldn'y say ruin but they did change them. Before DD I was a C and felt that was too big and getting in the way, after she weaned I was a nice B, They didn't get in the way as much, I could jog without straining myself
They are big again with nursing but I hope they go back to the B when DS weans in a few years.

I haven't yet seen a 40 year old that doesn't have droopy breast (without having work done)
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Originally Posted by mntnmom View Post
I guess whether or not they're "ruined" depends on what you think they should be.
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I've been breastfeeding for almost 16 months. Before ds, I had small (barely Bish), firm, perky breasts with small, bright pink areolas and nipples. Now my breasts are a bit bigger (small C when I'm not engorged), a bit saggier, my areolas are much bigger and darker, my nipples are bigger, and there are remnants of stretch marks all over them.

I LOVE my breasts. I look in the mirror and I admire them. What they look like, what they do, how they mean the world to my dear little boy. I recently saw a picture of my pre-baby boobs (browsing through dh's hidden file, lol) and while my old girls look quite arousing in a "girls gone wild," juvenile, "barely legal" porn kind of way, they look MUCH sexier and more womanly now. And this is not just my opinion, it's dh's as well. He much prefers my functional boobs, I think partly because he appreciates how important they are, too. I wouldn't go back to how they were for the world.
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From my perspective, yes, but who cares? I mean WHAT would I be saving them for if I didn't use them now?

Barney, Ben & Patrick
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Pregnancy and breastfeeding changes your breasts, but doesn't "ruin" them. I prefer to think of my post-BF busom as "normal" and those perky boobs glorified in the media as "immature breasts."
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I don't think they "ruin" but they certainly change. I have to agree with pp who said that pregnancy in itself will change them quite a bit. I started out a relatively perky C cup and 13 weeks into my pregnancy I was a D; by 20 weeks I was a DD and sagging. I'd lay down and my boobs would fall into my armpits. :

I'm 6 months into BFing and my breasts are certainly different, but not ruined. I never got huge dark nipples, but I did get stretch marks and saggy. Find a good bra (and enjoy the cleavage if you've got it). Breastfeeding is sooo worth it.
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This is like asking if feet are ruined by walking, no?
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OK, ya'll, I have a similar question! I am not too worried about breastfeeding ruining the 'look' of my breasts, but...

I them! Maybe because I waited soooo long for them, small though they are, or because I'm pretty comfortable with my body. I can't imagine being happier with them *after*. Anyways, they have always been very, erm, responsive, sexually. Am I going to lose that, during or after nursing my kids? I can't imagine them going through a couple of years' worth of breastfeeding and still being turned on by the DH... or am I compartmentalizing too much?
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This seems sort of like asking if driving ruins your car. Breasts are made to breastfeed. How can using them for their intended purpose "ruin" them?
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Originally Posted by taradt View Post

I haven't yet seen a 40 year old that doesn't have droopy breast (without having work done)
I'm over 40 and they don't droop, and I would never have work done on my breasts....So drooping isn't inevitable at 40 plus here. Mabye when I'm 70 it will be different....In that atlas I mentioned in an earlier post, some very pert looking breasts on those older women. But I think the point that several women have made is that they don't feel "ruined" either.

I guess it's like what my mother always used to tell me, it's what's on the inside that counts.....
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Pregnancy nor breastfeeding does not cause breasts to sag nor shrink.  I breast fed mine.  I am now over 50 years old and still do not have this problem.

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Feet are meant to walk, cars are meant to be driven, breasts are for feeding your offspring. What else should they be saved for? Watching my third nursling un-latch & pass out milk drunk next to me with a smile on her sleeping face and milk dribbling down her chin, I think is the loveliest sight in the world. I get an ego boost from that far greater than from being ogled by men.
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Neither feet nor breasts are single purpose body parts. Feet also stand and breasts also play a large role in sexual arousal for both men and women. God/Mother Nature designed us that way so don't blame or shame women for being aware of that fact or wondering how things will change. There are just as many anecdotes on this thread about breasts changing as they are about them not. So let's just be honest when women ask and say that yes, some women report changes to their breasts. It doesn't have to be a negative connotation, but we should allow women access to that information. What are we afraid of? If we blindly say no, nothing changes, that tells me we don't trust women enough to choose breast feeding anyway, despite the potential for change. I for one would rather treat women with respect and have faith that they are wise enough to make that decision for themselves rather than hide the truth.
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Absolutely. They change. Mostly aging changes them but motherhood perhaps accelerates this a little bit. I've never denied it to my pregnant friends. I regularly lament losing a cup size after weaning compared to before kids! Had to give away my pretty bra collection. :-)
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Admittedly didnt read every post above but I will say for my own experience I nursed my dd for 2.5 years and they looked huge while nursing and after she weaned they went back to being 32dd that I had always had. I still got asked on the daily if they were fake (in the defense of the population I was a bartender so this may have been why there was so much focus on them) I met my husband after I had already had my daughter and he thinks my boobs are the one of my assets. I do not think nursing "ruins/deflates" your breasts. I think time and weight gain during pregnancy probably do more harm than nursing where they can gradually reduce in size. I love my boobs no they aren't where they were when I was 18 but I think even if I hadnt nursed or gotten pregnant 10 years later I would still probably notice a difference anyway. time marches on and all that :)

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tons of change over here, but let's recap...

*started off small, round, perky C

*pregnancy brought them to big, full DD

*milk came in and that bumped them up to giant rock hard G cups

*after 2.5 years of nursing, they are mostly deflated, definitely lower than before, and smaller (maybe B) - nipples/areolas changed, too - stretch marks (obviously! :))


but all in all, it's been a pretty cool journey, my husband doesn't mind, and I'm slowly getting used to it - nothing beats nursing this lil kid :throb

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Change yes, ruin no. And I agree that most of the changes are because of pregnancy, though some are from breastfeeding IME anyway. And it took my breasts about 6 months after weaning my DD1 to get back to their new normal, will be interesting to see what the new normal is after I am done BFing my twins. For me, my breast got a bit softer, but bigger and fuller too. And I too am much more comfortable showing off some cleavage after pregnancy/BFing, I was very modest before. And nothing wrong with either way of being, but my attitudes about breasts/nudity/etc. have changed a lot too.
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I had always heard from the medical community that breastfeeding alone does not "ruin" your breasts--genetic predisposition to saggy breasts is supposedly the real culprit.

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Originally Posted by Backroads View Post

I had always heard from the medical community that breastfeeding alone does not "ruin" your breasts--genetic predisposition to saggy breasts is supposedly the real culprit.

Yes, I've read this too. Totally depends on genes. And age too.


My breasts are actually larger now than they were before having kids. They are more dense and heavy than they were. They were so huge when nursing. I have a hilarious picture of myself holding DS. We were sitting down and my boobs were almost to my neck! Anyway, in my experience, my breasts aren't ruined, just different, larger than before. A lot of my friends' breasts actually shrunk significantly after weaning. I wish that happened to me!

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Mine shrunk.  I hope I don't lose half a cup size per weaning kid, or if I have another baby they will end up A cups!

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