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Other concerns about thimerosal-free Rhogam at 28 weeks?

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I'm Rh negative, and have been advised to have the Rhogam injection at 28 weeks. (I'm 20 weeks now). I've done some research on the subject, and I'm very familiar with the concerns about thimerosal in Rhogam because of the effects the thimerosal can have on my baby's development. (Of course there are risks to me as well, but focusing on the baby for purposes of this question) I asked my doctor which brand/formula of Rhogam she currently uses, and she gave me the package insert so I could read the info included myself. It's HyperRho S/D. The package insert indicates that there are no preservatives in it, and Medscape said the same thing. So I'm feeling reassured as far as my concerns regarding the thimerosal/mercury go. Is anyone aware of any other possible risks/dangers to the baby if I go ahead with the injection at 28 weeks? I haven't been able to find any others, yet.
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There are many other concerns. The US has done very minimal research in this field and has largely relied on pharm companies (go figure) for their information. What they SHOULD be doing is looking at each woman as an individual and discuss her risks. Just being RH- is not a risk in itself.

Is your baby's father RH- or RH+? You'll want to have his blood typed first before getting the shot. If it's RH-, you don't need one. Period.

Sara Wickham wrote a book called Anti-D in Midwifery. Here's more information from Wickham on this topic: http://www.radmid.demon.co.uk/rhesus.htm There are some great references in this discussion.
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Oh! By the way, I am RH- and DH is RH+. I skipped the Rhogam until after the birth of my children when their blood was typed. If they were RH-, I skipped it altogether. My second baby was RH+ and since we weren't sure if we'd have another one, and we left his cord on a longer length of time (considering our incompatibility), then I got the shot before the 72 hours time to protect any future babies we'd have. Our third was our last and even though she was RH+, I skipped the Rhogam because I'm not going to have any other babies.

I never had any injuries during pregnancy or birth, had gentle homebirths, so there was no reason to think we were at risk of future 'blue' babies.

You have 72 hours after potential 'injury' or breach of blood to get the shot.
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Read that thread. Momtezuma Tuatara knows her stuff. I have my reply on the second page #23. I opted NOT to get it in pregnancy, but did get it after, once my baby's blood was typed and I knew for sure she was positive and that I did indeed need it. Keep researching!
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What I gleaned from the insert was that without ANY rhogam, your risks of becoming sensitized are 12-13%. With ONLY the post-labor injection, your risks go down to 1-2%. With both antenatal AND post-labor, your risks are .1-.2%.

That was a big deciding factor for me.
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After alot of research I opted to do the same as these other informed Mama's
No shot during Prgnancy, bloodtyping ( and shot becuse baby was RH+) after the birth. It was not worth risking the unknown afects to my child of this shot to reduce the risk to future babies by less than %1. As someone else mentioned, even if you did have some kind of trauma during pregnancy, car accident, bad fall, you would certianly know it and could get the shot then if you wanted to.
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i'd at least wait until you find out the blood type of the baby...I'm uncertain about the 28 week shot. you have to get the shot within 72 hours of a sensitizing event (birth being potentially one of them) - but at least you KNOW that's happened. the 28 weeks is just a guess. A canadian mom on here says the norm in Canada is to get the shot at 24 weeks - pretty random as they can't really predict when or if a sensitizing event will happen before the birth. there is no mercury in these shots anymore - but it is a blood product. they can only screen for virus they know to look for, kwim? good luck!
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I had the rhogam shot at 28 weeks in my last pregnancy, and then shortly after I gave birth, I had another one. My dd was born with + blood type, and my husband has + blood type, while I'm the negative. Anyways, I was planning on getting the shot in the 28th week again for my current pregnancy, and then again after the birth. I'm still researching things, but I'm thinking since I know that my last child and my husband are the opposite blood type, it would make a little more sense to consider the rhogam shot this time around....?

I'll have to check-out the thread by MT that was posted above....

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joyful one - there is a possibility you could have an rh- child with your dh. you would have to know your DH's full blood typing. since the positive attribute is dominant, he could be either ++ or +-. do you know if one of your dh's parents had a negative blood type?

I'm rh- with a rh+ dh. MY second son was rh- like me.
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Check out the link in my siggie. There's more to consider about Rhogam than just the thimerosol issue. I'd keep researching and read up before you make a decision about it.

BTW, I had both prenatal Winrho (2x) and another shot at delivery and was sensitized anyway. So, it has a failure rate and from all the moms online I've met who were also sensitized, its failure rate seems to be a lot higher than what the manufacturer says.
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grandmother Rh- 4 still births

We grew up knowing about my Grandmother's blood causing her to deliver her breathless babies. Four times she suffered this. And once her doctor was cold and cruel about it. Well, I inherit this Rh factor and found out when I was pregnant. I at the time only knew that this rhogam is the answer. I was unaware of the side affects. Didn't even think to ask. Just give me the shot that will let my future babies live is I all I knew at that time. Well, I went on and had child after child never building antibodies. And didn't get any of the side affects I now know about. My 3rd preganacy had blood in the placenta so I had extra shots during that one. All my children are rh+. And I can still have children with my rh+ husband (or anyone else. just kidding). I would still say that it is a personal choice on getting the shot but even now knowing the risk I would do it again. I even wish my grandmother had it. She will always morn her lost children even now at 85. So until another medical discovery is made or found I will be thankful for at least the options.
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