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Hey ladies. What's everyone up to? How's everyone feeling?
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Doing good. And yourself? I just had the first person who didn't know that I am pregnant notice that I am looking pregnant, not just fat. That's kind of cool.
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Right now, I'm just fat. :-(
Looking forward to being recognizably pregnant, not just marginally bulgier than usual. :-)))
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Originally Posted by go4it View Post
Right now, I'm just fat. :-(
Looking forward to being recognizably pregnant, not just marginally bulgier than usual. :-)))
me, too!!

I'm getting bursts of energy. Mmmmmmmmm, love me some energy!
WHEN I have it, still fighting gravity 75% of the time.
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Great thead!

I am finally feeling a bit better!! This time last week I still had very bad m/s.

I had my 3rd appointment today! Hurray! We heard the heart beat and scheduled our u/s for April 19 (we are finding out the gender).

I am starting to show a bit as well!!
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I am feeling kind of surreal right now...like is there really a babe in there??? My energy level is coming back up...and MS has almost totally gone, but wasn't that bad to start with...luckily. I am still having to go to the bathroom about 3-4 times in the middle of the night.

Something new is the ravenous hunger...I am a first time mom-to-be so this is all new to me. When the hunger strikes...I have about 5-10 minutes before I start to feel light-headed.

Other then that thing are great...how is everyone else?
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I'm doing good. Really looking forward to the 2nd M/W appointment on Friday. Starting to freak out a bit about maternity leave...
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I am starting to feel a little better, but I am still pretty tired and slightly naseous. I am glad that the scary Nuchal fold test is over. That was a big milestone mark for me since they didn't have that test when my daughter was born.
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Hi everyone!

I'm surprised that I'm not feeling better. When I was pg with dd the nausea really started getting better around 10 wks, and by 12 wks it was gone. This time around it hit even worse around 11 wks and I'm still feeling yuck. Can't wait for the 2nd tri to work it's magic!
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I'm feeling pretty good. I'm 13 weeks today. Energy is somewhat back. I haven't felt nauseous in a week or so. When hunger strikes I need to eat pretty quickly too. I'm also still going to the bathroom ALL night long. Nipples are sore too. I feel pretty good so I can't complain!
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I'm at 13 weeks. I feel pretty good, especially since we've been having gorgeous spring weather and I have been going on lots of walks. Yesterday we took 2 long walks and I was so tired last night - but in a good way. The kids went to bed early too.
The nausea is pretty much gone, as long as I avoid milk and eat as soon as I get hungry. I am also peeing a lot, and have sore breasts.
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I'm finally feeling some m/s relief and hit the 14 week mark today. I've had a horrible head cold and sinus infection that has put my asthma into high gear so I ended up being put on a week of prednisone and antibiotics. I HATE normal Western medicine but during pregnancy my asthma takes on a life of it's own and the sinuses got to the point where I could no longer chew because my teeth were in pain. Sorry for whining. I'm going to buy my MegaFlora today. I am just so wanting to feel healthy and energetic... and enjoy food.
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11w5d here. Feeling MUCH better (well, except for my wisdom teeth, but that's another story ) The m/s is long gone, the energy is back, and now I'm entering the point in pregnancy where I freak out for the next month or so until I feel the baby move regurarly

My next mw appointment is a week from Saturday... I'm excited, as long as we hear the heartbeat that day (which I fully expect to, we heard it at 9w2d!) we are announcing the news to our families later that day at DS's first birthday party!
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I am 12W2D and due on Sept. 25. Right now, I am just dying to look pregnant and not fat. Maternity is WAY too big for me, but my clothes all make me look fat. My husband is considerably taller, so it's not like I can steal his button-downs and not look like a clown (but his sweaters are fair game). I just want SOMETHING to fit properly.
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I will be 14 weeks tomorrow. I think I am finally starting to feel better. I am not nauseous 24/7 only occasionally. I haven't thrown up in 3 or 4 days so that is great. I am absolutely exhausted but I haven't been sleeping well at night so it's understandable. I don't quite look pregnant yet but I think that will happen very soon. I love feeling the baby move and I got my first baby item and that was fun, a tummy tub. I don't need much of anything which isn't helping my shopping desire. I am so glad it is nice and sunny here, it has made things so much better.
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I feel pretty good right now this moment, but the last week was crazy! Right around week 11 it started hardcore with the on-schedule puking. (I'm at twelve weeks, one or two days right now.) Every morning, and at least once every afternoon. Yesterday I puked in a graveyard under gathering storm clouds; that was kind of fun.

It's spring break and instead of catching up on grading and school work, Dh and I have been having one long weekend. We get up at 9 or 10 or even later. Sometimes we watch anime in the morning (our "cartoons"). We don't get around to showering until late afternoon. I went jogging twice this week (!). It's been nice, but I dread next week! I can no longer laze around, and plus I'll have soooo much work to catch up on. Really hoping the nausea eases off at least a bit by then. I have to get my dissertation proposal passed soon. Wish me luck! I have not wanted to look at it for two weeks.

On a side note, it's our second wedding anniversary today. Two years ago during spring break, we eloped to Vegas
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Originally Posted by ~minnow~ View Post
On a side note, it's our second wedding anniversary today. Two years ago during spring break, we eloped to Vegas
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I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow too! I think I am feeling a bit better finally now too- well at least it's not 24/7 nausea anymore! Now it just comes and goes. We had a sneak of warm weather the other day (70 degrees!) It was so great!! I even went for a nice walk with my hubby and dog! Great progress considering my norm has been coming home from work and lying in bed.

Oh-- and my birthday is this weekend! I signed us up for a couples pregnancy massage class.
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throwabouy! we have the same due date! woohoo!

As for me, I'm feeling pretty good...but I never really had morning sickness (i'm sorry, please don't throw things!) However, my super smelling pregnancy super power has shown itself again(same as first pregnancy)...and the smell of coffee is the WORST!...which is a little ironic...my dh and I run a coffee shop:
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I'm 16 weeks now, and am anxiously awaiting the obvious baby movement. You'd think that being a student midwife I'd be more confident that everything is fine -- no dice. I lie awake begging babe to kick me HARD. Of course, in a couple of months I'll be complaining that I'm tired of being kicked so hard!
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