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Wow, that pillow looks fantastic! But huge! That thing would take up my whole side of the bed, and I flop around at night and think I'd just end up kicking it onto the floor. Who knows, when I get bigger we'll see if I start getting really uncomfortable sleeping! I might want one after all.
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Originally Posted by Sabo View Post

But as a nice contrast to the insomnia, I have been thinking that I felt movement on and off for the last two weeks. I was sitting at my desk about an hour ago and my uterus was cramping. Right then, I felt a slight thump near the cramped area and then about a second later another thump about an inch over. It definitely felt like something other than gas, so cool.:
woohoo!!! I can't wait to feel my little! I think it is the single coolest feeling in the world.
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BeeMama- I totally feel ya on the diconnect but then I have moments where I get excited too. I think when we can really start to feel the baby..(aww, remember hiccups? ) it will be better.

As for all of you have pillow envy right now...don't hate me b/c I'll soon be sleeping so wonderfully! J/K. The pillow is huge, but we have a huge bed (king). And I like my dh to sleep as far away as possible. This should help don't you think? Hehe. However I do have a little one sleeping practically on top of me every night and quite honestly I'm not sure how that is going to work with the pillow I just sort of decided I would make it work. Maybe I'm having a little buyers remorse right now....NAH!!

Anyways, enuf about pillows already geez. I'll let you know when I get it! Lol.
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takebirthback...do you plan on co-sleeping with both babes when this one is born?
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I'm feeling way better. Thank goodness. And I heard the heartbeat for the second time today. My midwife is a darling and it's sunny and I couldn't be happier... unless I didn't have to work, that is

I missed all the pillowtalk but will be watching for updates. We have a double bed and I don't think that pillow would fit. But I like that attitude of just deciding to make it work!
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Originally Posted by Daisie125 View Post
Feeling MUCH better (well, except for my wisdom teeth, but that's another story )
So there's a wisdom teeth story?
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Hi all. I am not feeling so good today. First of all my dad was supposed to come visit from the US, but his passport didn't arrive in time. He had to cancel his flight and now might not be able to come until October. Well, at least he will get to see the baby.
i did something to my back and am in a lot of pain, I have a sinus headache, I feel totally pukey again and I am hungry and NOTHING sounds good except a big bowl of cereal with milk, which I can't have.

So, sorry to gripe and compain but I thought if anyone would understand it would be you lovely mamas.

I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow and I hope the rest of you are doing well today!
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Originally Posted by Plaid Leopard View Post
Hi all. I am not feeling so good today. First of all my dad was supposed to come visit from the US, but his passport didn't arrive in time. He had to cancel his flight and now might not be able to come until October. Well, at least he will get to see the baby.
Oh, I'm sorry. I just had to get a new passport b/c my old one had my maiden name. It was insanity and I had to do expedited service due to so many new requests for passports ($$). Its great that your dad will be able to visit in Oct, but its such a letdown to have to wait 6 months. I hope you start feeling better.
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What a bummer about your dad and the passport! I hope you feel better soon! Just curious... why can't you have cereal and milk? Is it the dairy? (Sorry if you've mentioned this before and I missed it.)
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Yes it's the dairy. Even the tiniest amount makes me throw up now. I tried lactose free milk and that was ok for a week or so, then started having the same effect.

I have tried rice milk and almond milk and they just don't taste good to me and are not satisfying on cereal at all.

Sometimes I can drink goat's milk with no problems -but not on cereal. (I tried it, blech!)
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I have been lurking but really need to talk to someone. I am so sick today. Dh was puking this weekend, but only a couple times, and not down at all, but today I have been so sick. I can't stand the smell of anything. Oh, I am so miserable. I wonder if it was a stomach bug for him that I got too? I also have had a headache for 3 days straight. I had a headache with dd that didn't go away for months, and I thought I remembered it being inthe first trimester...I am so hoping that is not what is going on now. I am so close to the end of the first and I thought I was in the clear. Headaches are impossible to deal with when you have a baby and work and are nauseous to boot. Oh, woe is me : .

Plaid Leopard...so sorry to hear about your dad. That stinks!
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What a pathetic group we are. Dh brought something home that had us all so sick. Sick kids, sick parents, just not good. It had been a mostly a cold but nobody will swallow anything and it is bad enough we all want to stay in bed all day. He has to go to work, we have been trying to take it easy.

Plaid Leopard, I am sorry about your dad's travel plans. It akes so much to pull it all together - time, money, documents. I hope October works out for you all.

Forestrymom, my chiro has really helped my headaches but I don't go all that often - at least not as often as I have headaches lately. Spring sinuses and preggo are combining to give me weekly headaches but at least I get a break. Feel better soon!
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I've caught more illnesses this pg than I have in the past 5 years combined, starting out w/norovirus. Now I hope I have a cold because that's better than having seasonal allergies for the first time in spring, I usually get it mid-summer off & on. My head is pounding right now & I've peed my pants twice with all of the sneezing.

I have a spirited 3.5 yo that is not going to let me slow down for a minute.
It is hard to handle.

Hugs to those of you w/work, too!

On the upside, I keep thinking I feel the baby move. Hiccups, aw ... can't wait for those!!

I'm getting mild braxton hicks already! That's kind of neat, I forgot what it felt like.
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I am so sorry for all of you feeling ill and under the weather. What a bummer! I like you Beemama have had more illnesses this pregnancy then in years combined. How wierd is that? Sucky too, really!
Today I met another MDC Mommy. one from our birthboard. It was great.
Hope to spend more time with her and her kids.
And Gracious- I do not plan on co sleeping with both. We will soon be trying to get my son into his own bed in his own room. However I have a strong feeling that it will end up my dh and ds in another room, which is fine with me. And in case you are wondering, No I will not leave that enormous fluffy wonderful pillow on my bed with the newborn. But eventually I will get it back on there!
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Jamie! We had a lot of fun today meeting up with you guys! Look forward to doing it again soon! We should try to make it a weekly thing...make rounds at the parks before it gets too hot!
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Oh, I'm sorry so many of us are not feeling so good.

I am actually doing better today. I got a good night's sleep, and my dd and youngest ds have decided that it's a lot of fun to dump half a bottle of lotion on my back and give me a massage. They are pretty good at it, and that's what I was treated to uopn awaking this morning.
Plus today is out grocery delivery day, so I had fresh whole grain bread and organic salami and eggs for breakfast. Soon I 'm going to attack the oranges.

And... I finally felt the fundus and the baby moving last night! It is a bit strange. During the day I can't find the fundus, but in the middle of the night when my bladder is full it pushes the fundus way up and over to the left. I kept my hand on it for a while and felt 2 good thumps.

That's cool that some of you are getting to meet IRL. I have been lucky to meet a few MDC mamas here in Germany (and in Texas and New York) and it has always been a good experience.
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Sorry to keep going on about my, ahem, digestive issues, but I made an exciting discovery yesterday.
It's not the milk that is making me puke (although it does make me bloated and gassy, so I will still limit) but ORANGES/CITRUS.
We keep getting citrus fruits in out delivery boxes, and while I crave them, I have had to force myself to eat them once I peel one. Yesterday I ate a tangerine and not long after, well YUCK. I guess I was drinking a lot og OJ for breakfast the past couple of weeks and I just assumed it was the milk that was the culprit. But to test my theory I had milk yesterday and no vomiting.

Yeah! Cereal here I come!
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Originally Posted by Plaid Leopard View Post
Yeah! Cereal here I come!
Well, too bad about the oranges (which I also love but vomit up about half the time I eat them)... but I'm happy that you can have your cereal again!
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Originally Posted by forestrymom View Post
Headaches are impossible to deal with when you have a baby and work and are nauseous to boot. Oh, woe is me :

Are you feeling any better? I also have a killer headache today. (It's going away slightly or I wouldn't be able to look at the computer.) I had to cancel my office hours. I hate it -- it "feels" like I'm making an excuse, when really I'm trying to respect the fact that I JUST. CAN'T. DO. the work I'm "supposed" to do today without sending my body even further into a tailspin of misery. I feel guilty... but I think of September and how it's going to matter to me that I didn't kill myself with work more than it's going to matter that I flaked yet again and had to cancel something due to being pregnant.

Anyway, I hope you're feeling better than you were; it sounds like you felt REALLY bad and I know how hard that is when you can't just "stop."
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I've been sick a number of times during pregnancy too and I'm normally very healthy.

All right ladies, some opinions . . . As of today, I have had 3 dreams about having my baby. In the first dream, I remembered thinking that I hadn't been feeding or diapering my baby and I didn't even know the baby's sex (and the baby had grown into a toddler by the time I realized this). By the end of the dream, I had my mom change the child's diaper, who looked like a boy, but was really a girl.

Dream 2: I had a newborn baby girl who breastfed unceasingly and I didn't have any diapers for her.

Dream 3: I had a newborn girl again who was home for the second day and I realized that she hadn't eaten at all. She had a wet diaper and that confused me since she hadn't eaten. I tried to bf her and she only nursed for about a minute and then wasn't hungry anymore. Her face was covered in milk.

Why do I keep on dreaming about neglecting my baby or being completely unprepared? Is this normal? In my waking hours, I don't have those kinds of fears. And do you think its significant that it is always a girl in my dreams or do those dreams tend to be wrong? Not that it really matters, just curious about your opinions. Sorry, I just feel a little crazy.
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