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First I want to say congrats to all the mommies who have laready had their babies.

We are most of the way settled. I still have no internet so I have to come to my MIL's to get updated. I am still very pregnant at 38 weeks and wishing that he would come early. I cut off part of my finger tip while cleaning a piece of glass from my dry bar. So they had to glue it together.

DD is going to FL in April to see my family for a month. This is going to kill me but I don't want them to miss out on her.

I am tired and VERY uncomfotable. Evrery night I start to say how I am half tempted to let them cut this baby out of me again just so I can sleep and not pee all the time. Not to mention breath.

But just wanted to let everyone know that I am still preggers and much happier now that we have our own place.
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Good to hear from you!

I love setting up new spaces, but don't envy you doing it preggers. I am sorry to hear about your finger- that can't be pleasant. I think we have the same due date (March 27th?). Hang in there, it's just a couple more weeks!
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This is the March 27th Due Date Club Thread.

Let's race!

Glad you're doing so well and moved successfully!
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March 30 here!
I'm sooo ready, too!
FL Mama, I also had a knife accident recently, must be one of these "I'm so exhausted" things! I had 10 stitches and spent 6 hours in the ER. I feel for you!!
I'm soo tired too, but no way will I consider a csec unless there is a HUGE emergency. My birthtub is ready!!!
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(GROAN!) I feel your pain mama!!! Now that I finally have everything ready...I am SURE she's not going to come until her due date (27th - yay for us!) and by then I'll have to clean all over again! :

Dh keeps reminding me that "the last bit of energy is so you can rest for labor, not wear yourself out cleaning!"...well I wouldn't have to if "someone else" helped! : That and I don't think I COULD keep myself from it - I can SO see myself vacuuming in btwn contractions if it needed it!
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