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Such a comedienne!

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My dd makes me laugh so much nowadays! Lately when I bounce her to sleep she looks up at me, takes her binky out of her mouth and tries to put it in mine. I'm usually singing... do you think she's trying to get me to stop? Anyway, I pretend to suck on it and then kiss her arm and she goes hysterical giggling. Then she pulls the binky back and puts it back in her mouth for a few seconds until she determines that I need another taste. Back up to my mouth and we go through the whole thing again. So after awhile I figure we are making no progress at "sleep" so I need to quit playing the game. I shut my eyes and bounce and sing and before too long I feel the binky hit my lips. I can not help it... I crack up and look down at her and her little eyes are just sparkling with mischief. I love her!! I love that she falls asleep laughing!!
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Too cute!
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Ooh artgirl, I love it!!!! We bounce to sleep too (on a ball) so I can totally picture it! Thanks for sharing.
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sweet! dont' you love their little blooming personalities?

my girl is pretty silly too. she is always making us laugh.
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