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running with baby

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I have lots of questions today... this is my third new thread.
I'm slowly getting back into running. I used to run all the time... did lots of the local 5K races etc, etc. It's been kinda hard with, well.... with pee leaking at every step at first and now trying to work it in with dd's schedule and the weather and whatever else...
I was awesome yesterday though and ran with the jogging stroller AND the dog.
Anyone else out there a runner? How many times a week do you manage to get out? Do you take your baby? Does baby like to go? How do other mamas keep in shape?
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My ds loves it, loves it, loves it. We get out at least 2x a week now that the temp is over 55 most days. He especially likes it when the dog comes along.

In addition to running, I walk/hike with Ryne on my back. At home there is always Tae Bo, Yoga and bellydancing. Dh and I are discussing the pros and cons of a ski machine or a rowing machine. Once Ryne is older I'll probably do more biking, rollerblading and sculling (crew for one person).
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Ooohhh! I can't believe there is another rower on here! I was on the crew team in college. What a wonderful sport. Too bad I can't afford a scull! You aren't in Michigan are you Indigo73?
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I WAS a runner. I need to get back into it. I'm curious, are either of you nursing? If so, does running hurt? I'm still so full and engorged, my boobs hurt just standing. I can't even imagine running with them. I just feel so much better when I'm running.
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Wombat - I am no longer nursing. But wore a GOOD bra when I was. Defintely not something to skimp on.

Artgirl - nope, I am on Long Island Sound in CT. Don't own a scull - rent one from a neighboring town. They have a great boating program. It's part of the Parks & Rec.
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Wombat, I'm still nursing and it hasn't bothered me. I am past the engorged stage though. I wear one, if not two running bras while I run and I haven't even noticed my boobs at all. I do sometimes think that running lessens my supply a little but that may be just me worrying.
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2 things

I have been curious as well about when to start running! I at least get out and walk everyday but have yet to start running again. My dd is 2 months and I am not sure if there is a "too soon age." Like if I should wait until her neck muscles are stronger? She does love being outside though!

I love rowing as well. Started several years ago but now cannot find the time to get back into it!
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yes, you should wait until at least 6 mos. to run. Unless you have one of the special bassinet baby joggers. You are right on about the neck muscles. Your baby should be able to hold her head up well before you try running with her.

And holy smokes I cannot believe there is ANOTHER rower amongst us! Around here no one every knows the sport exists!
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Yet another rower here. I was briefly on the rowing team in college - in Kansas, if you can believe it - I know everyone is well aware of all the water available for crew competitions in the Midwest : .

Sunlight: my ds is nearly 2 months, also, and I was wondering (I hope it's not too intrusive) what kind of shape you're in now. I'm assuming you were running before your pregnancy - how far into it did you continue running? The reason I'm asking is b/c I am still big and my belly is really flabby. I gained 75 lbs w/ds, though, so I'm not exactly shocked - just ready to get rid of it. Also, I had to have ds by c-section, so I'm attributing some of my belly flab to that (whether that's really the case or not, it's getting me through the day )

Anyway, I am getting ready to start running again, too, while dh is spending time w/ds, so I was glad to see this thread.
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we have a family run almost every day. I too gained mucho weight, I too had a csection and I too at 7 mos. still have mucho flab in the belly.

Dh comes home between 4 and 5 and we go out for about an hour, hour and half run/walk. Usually dd sleeps in the stroller, if she's not sleeping she is almost asleep and we count it anyway cause she's such a poor napper. We're up to 4 miles if I go, 7-10 miles if it is just dd and dh.

NOTE: I was never a runner pre baby and have only taken it up as a way to feel more in shape. So I began with hour walks at about 4 months (when the snow melted) and s...l...o...wly worked up to where I am at. I will say the first three weeks of running consisted of a whole lot of belly jello. It is better now, at least it doesn't hurt when it jiggles.
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I ran pre-baby and my goal was to do a local 5 mile race at the end of april this year (my dd is 5 months born on new years) -- I could have run it had i not come down with a plugged duct and mastitis the weekend before - but i digress

my dd was a premie so i was careful not to jiggle her around too much too early; however, i did start taking power walks with her at about 3 months (on nice days as i live in WI) -- i was just careful when i came to a big sidewalk bump. i have a jogging stroller that her infant carrier will fit in so she doesn't jostle around (but it makes the entire thing heavier to push - great workout) - it's the Graco Air 6 Jogger

anyway, i started jogging with her in it on smooth bike trails at about 4 months old because she was secure in the carrier and has really good head control. i now run with her on sidewalks about 3 times per week. she really likes it

i tried to run more this winter (don't mind the cold) but found it too uncomfortable with full breasts. i'm not so full now so it is more comfortable. i tried wearing one of my pre-preg running bras to hold the bbs in. this did hold them in but it can lead to plugged ducts so not advised. my SIL is a completely addicted runner and she said she got plugged with mastitis multiple times with both of her kids due to too tight running bras

happy running!
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