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Clomid day 3-7 or 5-9???

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What is the difference? is the day 3-7 plan make your cycle shorter?
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It should, because it would theoretically alter when you ovulate. My dr's office schedules it 3-7 or 5-9 based on what day cd1 fell on, since they are generally not open on weekends. They try to correlate ovulation with a day they are open if there are procedures that need to be done close to that date.
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I'm wondering about this also (I posted a Pros and Cons - spotty CD1 thread in TTC).

Last cycle, I was on clomid 50s CD 5-9. Went in for CD 14 u/s to check follie growth. Doc said "nothing going on on either side". I was crushed. I do remember at least one follie being 10 mm, and while I know that doesn't mean it was necessarily going to turn out to be a "good", dominant follie, it made me feel like if I'd had a bit more time, things might have been different.

Since last cycle I had three days of spotting before AF came full force (therefore RE counts CD1 as full force AF), I'm pretty sure I'll have the same thing this cycle (finished last of Provera today). I've decided that I'm going to count AF's first appearance, whether spotty or not, as MY CD1. I will start the clomid on CD 3, despite RE saying to do the Clomid 100s on CD 5-9. I will make my follie growth u/s appt for HIS version of CD14 (14 days after AF shows full force). This way I'm giving my follies some more time to grow, and jump starting the clomid in my system.

I'm not saying this is necessarily right for ANYONE else to do, as I've never really been given a concrete reason why REs differ between clomid on CD3-7 or CD 5-9. I'm sure some of it has to do with hyperstimulation or cyst worries. I feel comfortable doing this myself because if the 50s had NO effect according to RE, I am doubting that the 100s will be SO effective that they will cause me to hyperstim or get cysts.

If anyone can give me the medical reasons behind the CD5 vs CD3 rationale, or any other relevant information, I would greatly appreciate it.

ALSO!! Lol, I do not typically ovulate on my own, or at least I don't ovulate on my own before VERY late in my cycle. I can see how, if someone does typically O on their own, taking CD3-7 would move that O date a bit earlier. This could definitely affect your efforts, so its probably best to talk to your doc about the whys and hows.
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i read some where on the internet that cycles 3-7 make better quality but less and 5-9 makes more but not as good quality. but i dont know for a fact if that is right.
i took 5-9 for 5 months then on my last month i decided just to try 3-7 and that was the month that i got pregnant. but i end up miscarring.
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I've also read one study (somewhere on the web) that say taking it on days 1-5 produced an increase in reported pregnancies....

I don't know. I've taken it twice on days 5-9 and ended up pregnant once (but it was ectopic) and once I took it on days 6-10 because it was a last minute thing where I decided I wanted it, and that was the month I ended up pregnant and it stuck (so far).
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The earlier in your cycle that you take it (days 1-5 or 3-7) the more follies you make but the less mature they may be. Days 5-9 will produce fewer follies (maybe only 1) but they will be nice and strong like 20 or 22mm most of the time. I took 100mg days 1-5 my first round and got pregnant first try. I then miscarried and asked my doc if it was because I took it so early in my cycle. He said probably not the reason, but recommend that I switch to days 3-7. I'm on round 3 of 3-7 and we're not pregnant again yet. So here's to hoping for all of us.
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Also, the length of your cycle varies on Clomid anyway because a lot of the time, it causes ovulation to happen later. So unless you give yourself a trigger shot, your cycle could be longer than normal just because it takes more time for the egg to release.
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