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Any mammas with newly 1 yr. olds?

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My dd will be one in about a week and i was wondering if any of you have a baby around the same age? I am curious about your kiddo's height and weight. DD is 29in. tall, 23.5 lbs. The charts say she is in the 90%!! She is already wearing 2T!!!!
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my dd wil be 1 tommorow!
I cant believe my baby isnt a baby anymore

Anyway back to the subject at hand, I havent checked her on the charts for awhile but she has been high in the percentiles. She wears 12-18 months clothes whereas my first dd wore clothes that age and there size matched.

Ok I just measured her and she is about 28 1/2 inches tall. 21 pounds is her weight, she has been stuck at that weight for months now thats she is so active walking and all.

dd was 2 weeks late.
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Wow, dd was 2 weeks late also! She has not started walking yet but close and with all the new activity, even lost almost a pound.

BTW, Happy birthday wishes to your little girl!!
(She will ALWAYS be your baby-but i do know the feeling of dd "growing up" already)
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okay, we measured her.
She is 28lbs and 31.5 inches.
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hi there,

dd is just over 1 and is about 31 inches tall. She weighs in at about 28 lbs. she is really tall, but so are we. Her dad clocks in at over 6'6. She is also walking up a storm. She's the best exercise in the world right now!!
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My DD turned 1 on May 7 and is 21.5 lbs. and 31.5 inches tall. She's not walking yet -- but cruising and crawling like a madwoman. She's super active but also very cautious and if I ask her to walk to Mama she'll only do it if I'm not more than 2 steps away. Otherwise she'd still rather get down on her knees
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My ds just turned 1 on May 8th! He's a little guy about 28 in. and 19 lbs. What do you all feed your kids?! Let me know so I can give some to Joey!

He's been walking for about a month now. But has REALLY taken off in the last week. He's also OBSESSED with balls! That's the word that comes out of his mouth all the time AND it was his first word. He can say quite a few words like kitty, China (our cat ), sissy, dog, ball and maybe one or two more. Aren't they soooo amazing. I too can't believe he's not a wee little baby anymore . I miss it already.
Take care, Katie
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My ds turned one on April 26. He is 32" tall and 29 pounds (his dad and I are both tall.) Just in the past week or so he has become a proficient little walker. But he is still mostly bald and he still doesn't say anything, so I feel confident in saying...HE IS STILL MY BABY!! (and always will be, LOL!)
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My daughter will turn one in two days. Haven't been to the dr in quite a while, so I have no accurate way of measuring. I think she is 32 or 33 inches and 23 pounds. When she did go to the dr, she was always above the 95th percentile. But it seems like every kid is, for some reason. Maybe those charts are out of date and "big" is really average?
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DD turns 1 next friday (June 6) and she is a little peanut! She's 27.5 in tall and about 16 pounds! She is healthy as can be but petite! She was 7/13 at birth and has consistently gained but it has been show. She is totally active but not yet walking on her own. Lots of crawling and cruising!
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Katie, she's on 100% momma milk. We've been offering solids for almost 6 months and she still refuses
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Hi all,
My dd turned 1 on May 4. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. My little on is trying to run and is climbing on everything! She sure keeps me busier than her brother (3) ever did...LOL. She is quite peite also... last week she was 29.5 in. and 19 lbs. She's always been in the 10th-20th percentile.
Enjoy your babes...they grow so fast!
Mommy to Paige-Marie (1) and Jacob (almost 3)
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my DD will be one at the end of the month. She was 17 days late!! She's about the same size as yours, wearing 2Ts also, weighs 25 lbs and is 29" also.

What a fast year it's been, huh?
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Originally posted by katie-p-
My ds just turned 1 on May 8th! He's a little guy about 28 in. and 19 lbs. What do you all feed your kids?! Let me know so I can give some to Joey!
This sounds like my son! He just turned 1 on May 9th, and is almost 29 inches and 19 lbs. The ped says he's in the 4th percentile for weight! I too can't believe how quickly the year went by!
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Max turned 1 on May 26. I can't remember how tall he is, but I do know he weighs 21 pounds. I think he's pretty average in height, whatever that is!

Anyway, he has really taken off walking this past week. He no longer crawls. He has a few words... O-iss (for our dog Otis) and DIS (for this). I also think he's trying to say "outside" and a few others.

He is still my baby. He's officially a baby in my mind until he's 18 months. Don't know where I get that, but it's my own personal guideline!!

Time is going by quickly (well, I like that expression that the days are long, but the years go by quickly)!!!!
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my ds just turned1. He is 28 in and 19 lbs. Doc says he's 25 percentile. He's not walking or talking so i still feel like he's very much a baby. Although recently he has given up baby food entirely. He only wants to feed himself solids!
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