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Bella Bottoms

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I love these dipes!!

I tried a couple of the hemp and hemp/velour fitteds from ebay and don't thing I will ever use another diaper. These are a one-size fitted diaper, listed for 8-40 pounds. My chunky son grew out of Kissaluvs size 1 by 4 months, so I was looking for something that would last a while. With my DS weighing in at 25 pounds, he is still wearing these with the rise folded down and at the smallest setting without crossing over. He has PLENTY of room to grow! These diapers are sooooo absorbent. When coupled with her pocket diaper and hemp stuffer, this is a LEAK-PROOF bedtime dipe! Her covers/pockets are not PUL, but they are the most waterproof I have ever used.

On top of all of that, these are reasonably priced ($10-12 for HEMP). If you are looking for a good invenstment for long time use, try these!
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These are great dipes! The ones I have are hemp outers with bamboo inners and I have the ones that are bamboo inside and out! These are the softest dipes ever! Very absorbant and will fit the LONGEST time!
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I have four of these that I purchased when I was pg and ds can still wear them at 12 moths. They are cute and fit and wear well. Mine are one size and are terry inner sorta flannel outers with snaps to adjust size.
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