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napping/sleep habbits--what is to much sleep?

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ok, so i have asked this before, and maybe like dh says-i am a hypocondriac ( not sure of spelling) but i would kie to know if this is common.
ds goes to sleep at 9;30 pm, he is a restless sleeper, and wakes every 2 hours
at 9am he is waking but still cranky, nursing but can't quite get back to sleep,we get up at 9;30 am,
he is still tired, yawning and rubbing his eyes and cranky, we do a little bit of stuff, nurse ect...
ds goes down for a nap at 10;30/11;00am, he wakes 40 min. to an hour later, he plays, acts tied goes for a nap at 2 pm, wakes an hour later he can take a nap at 4pm if i sling him, and that lasts an hour, then he goes to sleep at 9 again...is he sleeping to much?
he had an iron check at his 9month wellness, but he was sick at the time, so the results came back that he has low iron, but i read that if a babe is sick it will lower the iron levels and that is not a good time check...sorry this is so llong i am just a worrier...
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I'm not sure -- I have some sleep questions myself, but not with too much sleeping! I have read in several places that about 14 hours is normal for a baby who is under 6 months, and between that and a year wasn't much less. Some of the lists were more specific about the # of hours, but they were all around 14 hours give or take an hour or two. With your little one waking up often overnight, this sounds like a great schedule.

I don't know how old your baby is, but Ian's 1st 4 weeks he slept almost constantly! I was worried, but I think it was maybe a little bit of the pain meds they gave me for the c-section, & mostly just what many babies do -- it has to be exhausting to have all this new stuff around them to look at.

If that is your situation, then take advantage -- it's a great time to recover & get your strength back.

Okay, I just caught that you went to a 9month well check, so you're out of the new baby sleepiness stage. I wouldn't worry, unless your little one has another too low Iron test! Enjoy the time, I'm sure it won't last forever! hehe
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sounds like my baby!

Your ds sounds just like my ds...he does the 2 hour thing through the night-we'll sometimes get a 3 hour stretch, but definitely takes naps almost every 2-3 hours throughout the day. He's almost 9 months old & has had this routine for a while now. I'm beginning to think it's just normal for him. He hasn't had his iron levels checked, but from what I can tell, he has no signs that iron is the issue.

Is he cranky after every nap? If my ds is cranky when he wakes up, I usually lay beside him and nurse him. About 90% of the time, he'll go back to sleep for 30min to an hour and then wake up very refreshed-smiling and ready to play. If he gets up from his nap smiling, then I know he's had enough rest. (These are my gages)

I also use an exercise ball to bounce him back to sleep if he looks like he's not really ready to be awake. Sometimes this works better than nursing--sometimes I nurse and bounce (Yes, we're just so coordinated )

But all in all, it appears that your ds is sending you the right messages to get the sleep he needs. Just keep listening!
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I think you are just fine...your son sleeps more often, but for shorter periods of time. My dd stays up long, but her naps last up to 3-4 hours (enough time for myself to regain sanity) and she usually takes only one, sooometimes two (if I'm lucky).
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oh boy..thankyou for the responses!! i was thinking it could be all kinds of things!! yes, sometomes he wakes up smiling, or sometimes cranky, but the only way to get him back to sleep is the bouncing ball, adn if he wakes up "to much" by the time i get to the ball, then cranky baby is awake..i really appreciate the responses..thankyou
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