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just another poll re:co-sleeping

Poll Results: Who's in bed?

  • 61% (11)
    co-sleep in bed w/ both
  • 16% (3)
    co-sleep in bed w/one (please specify)
  • 0% (0)
    co-sleep in bed w/sibling(s) only
  • 22% (4)
    co-sleep in bed w/ all of the above (please specify)
18 Total Votes  
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I was surprised(not sure why) at the results on how many co-sleep in bed!And it got me curious about dp's whereabouts.Dad hung in there for a year this time,but now sleeps in ds's room on the bottom bunk.Maybe if our bed was a king or something he'd return,but soon there will be 2 babies and me in bed,so it's not likely.
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We have the crib attached to our bed, which makes our queen bed seem much bigger. Every night though, dh and dd take most of the space and i end up with my head in the crib...
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The bedroom is one huge futon. That's where the tribe sleeps.

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sam is in his 'little bed' (we finally got some use out of that cosleeper!), but as he is next to me, and i have made it level w/ my bed with foam, i think that still counts, don't you? i had to do something- trying to get them both in the queensize had me leaving my poor nb in the bouncy seat on the floor next to me, till i figured this out! it's not 'cosleeping', if mama doesn't sleep, is it? now we are all cozy-happy! ahhhh, space!

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Have you heard that song...there were 5 in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over...? That is our bed!! We have dh(most of the time), me and all three kids in a king size bed. My hubby and I are "large" people too. He usually sleeps at our feet! :LOL

I think we need to add a bed to our room, but it's a tight squeeze with just the king in there. Hmmm...the futons on the floor thing sounds good!!
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DH spends most nights on the couch b/c DS wakes him up since babes are light sleepers. Not to mention that DH goes to bed later than us. We've talked about it and have decided that we'll get a twin & just set both the full & the twin on the floor once DS is a bit older so we can all sleep together. DH will be on the twin while DS & I are on the full. It'll be perfect for adding other babes...eventually.
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DH, Baby and I sleep in the king sized bed. We have a co-sleeper attached, that the baby sometimes spends part of the night in : . 10 yr old DS sleeps in his own room, but did sleep with me till he was 5 (before I met DH)
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Gosh, we aren't official co-sleepers (we used to be) but we play hot-potato bed at our house. When my new dd first was home, she slept in *my* bed which is the king size bed in the master BR. DH sleeps in his own room, and has ever since I was pregnant with ds 4 years ago LOL. I used to work nights and we never were able to comfortably sleep together after that (we got very used to bed hogging all alone). Anyway, he sleeps in his own bed, and ds when he wakes goes to DH. (ds and I coslept for 2 years) Sometimes, DH leaves his room (with ds in it) and goes to ds room for peace once ds is sleeping (see the switch). Sometimes I will bring my dd who is now in her crib into my room and then leave to DH room to sleep because dd is kicking me - then I am in DH room with ds, DH is in ds room alone, dd is in my room (confusing ??? LOL)
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