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: I am sooooo sorry this is happening, I hope everything works out!!!
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thinking of you and your baby...
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all my prayers are with you and sierra right now.
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Poor little baby! I'm so sorry to hear that she's going through this. My thoughts are with Sierra and your family.
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Many prayers for Sierra and you mama.... :
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Prayers, and hope.
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the two of you are certainly in my thoughts and prayers.
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many thoughts and prayers!
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Praying for her and for you and your family I am so sorry you are going through this.
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Oh I hope she is doing much better very soon. Sierra and family are in my thoughts. Please take care of yourself Mama.
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Thinking and praying for Sierra and your family.
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I read Sierra's blog everyday and think about her all the time - I really hope she pulls through this. she's a tough little girl who has a lot of fight in her & I believe she can do it.
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praying she gets thru this~
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Thank you everyone for all the thoughts and prayers. We got her somewhat stable this morning but she is on higher settings on the oscillator than she has when she was born . I wont be around much as I am staying at the nicu. DH and I are taking shifts at the nicu so we can get some rest and stay healthy for sierra.
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I am so sorry she isnt doing good. Reflux sucks. I hope she improves soon. We are praying for you!
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thank you for the update! take care of yourself and you will most definitely be in our thoughts and prayers!
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Oh Amber, I didn't get online yesterday, so I am just now seeing this. :

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Sending prayers and peace.
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I am so sorry to hear this. Your family is in my thoughts.
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Oh, I'm so sorry this is happening! Thinking of you- hope things take a turn for the better. Poor little girl!
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