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I have confidence she'll pull through this Amber. She's a fighter, your little one. Your family is in my thoughts...
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Prayers to you and your family!
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like pp have said she is such a fighter, SHE WILL PULL THROUGH THIS
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Love and light to Sierra, your determined little soul!

You are in our hearts!
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My thoughts and prayers are with your little sweet girl. She has proved to be a fighter and she will pull through this as well. Hang in there mama and stay strong
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Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. A little update on her. She is no longer sedated and doing ok. She is stable but not doing much of her own breathing. She did open her eyes when i walked in tonight so she knows mommy is watching her.
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Glad she is doing better. It must be good for her to know that you are there - poor little sweetie
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Glad she is able to be awake, knowing that you are there with her will surely make all the difference. Hang in there I know that she is going to be ok
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Amber I continue to pray for that beautiful girl of yours. She is so precious!
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Praying for your baby.
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I am happy she was able to wake up and see you, I'm sure that will make a difference for her. I am sending you hugs and positive thoughts!!
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Any update on her? Still praying for little Sierra
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Lots of prayers for your and your little girl. It sounds like she is a real fighter.
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Sierra is now battling a blood infection which has caused her kidneys to fail. She gained 9oz in less than 48 hours and is really puffy. We changed her medications around today so hopefully we will see results. She did get started back on feeds. She gets 10mL every 3 hours and so far hasnt had any signs of reflux. So it looks like that change is helping her. She is still heavily sedated because she doesnt tolerate the oscillator very much. We are trying to make her as comfortable as possible so we can bring her out of sedation. Keep the prayers coming because we still have a long road ahead of us. Tomorrow marks 11 weeks in the NICU
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Prayers as always coming your way.
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