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When did your babe outgrow infant carseat - Page 2

Poll Results: How old was babe when he/she outgrew your infant carseat?

  • 11% (12)
    less than 3 months old
  • 27% (29)
    around 4 months old
  • 12% (13)
    around 5 months old
  • 22% (23)
    around 6 months old
  • 4% (5)
    around 7 months old
  • 18% (19)
    8 months old or older
  • 2% (3)
    didn't use infant carseat
104 Total Votes  
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DD is 9 months old and is still at the lowest setting for straps in her infant carseat. the weight is 27lbs and the height is 29 inches for this one. dd is about 13 lbs and 24 inches now at 9 months so I think she will be in her infant seat forever at this rate.
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I debated getting the infant seat too, because it seemed so expensive for the short time we'd use it. But I have to agree with everyone else - it is worth it. We were given one but even if I'd had to buy it myself I still think I would've felt it was worth it. We put Cole in a convertible at 4 months - I think he could've gone longer in the infant seat but he started complaining every time we put him in it so we switched. He looked TINY. He was still below the weight limit but right at the height limit. I think that's why he complained - his feet were jammed up against the back of the seat.

I have the Alpha Omega and I have the same problem with the straps twisting. Also, we have it in a Toyota Corolla and it won't go in the middle of the back seat - we had to install it on one of the sides because it was too loose in the middle. Plus it's too big - it really wasn't made for smaller cars. A word to the wise: if you are using LATCH and you install the carseat in the middle of the back seat, make *sure* it doesn't wiggle from side to side or front to back more than an inch. For some obscure reason, most car manufacturers have the LATCH tether anchors placed so that you can only install the car seat on the sides, despite the fact that the safest place for the seat is in the middle.
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My first 2 used tier until about 9 or 10 months. dd#3 is a tub and at 6 months is only ounces away from outgrowing it. (dang it we can't afford another one right now)

even if we knew that we would onlyuse for the first couple of months we would still get one. we only had a convertable for 31 and it was awful. she flopped around, sat way too upright, it was hard to get her in and out. We went out and bout an infant seat after a couple of weeks. they are totally worth the money.
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I chose less than three months, but really it was right around 3 months (not one of the options). He was 25 inches at his 2 month checkup, and had reached 26, the max for our carseat, at around 3 months, so we bought the convertible carseat. I bought our infant carseat used ($15), so it wasn't so bad that he outgrew it so quickly. It all depends on your baby -- boys will probably outgrow them faster. Our baby was 21 1/2 inches at birth, so it was inevitable. Good luck
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DD outgrew her seat at 4 months due to her height. I was a bit surprised, because I thought I'd use the infant seat longer, but hey, it is what it is!

I really enjoyed the infant seat for when we were at church during the winter months. It was great to get her in the seat and throw the cover over her, and she'd be all nice and warm going into the cold car. (We always ran late, so no time to warm up the car!) Plus, she had difficultly with taking a nap, so when we were at our wits end, we would take her for a car ride and she'd be out in no time. It was great to just bring her inside without waking her up.

I'm really pleased with it now since I'm pregnant. I already have the infant seat for the new baby, just have to buy a convertible when the time comes.
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My dd was in her infant seat until about 5 or 6 months then outgrew it length wise...her head was still more than 1 inch from the top but she was 28 in and her seat was rated up to 26 inches. her weight was fine...around 17 lbs and our seat went up to 22 lbs. most carrier/carseats go up to 20 or 22 lbs....and some newer ones up to 35 lbs...but very few women can tote a carrier with a baby past 15lbs....definantly not 35 lbs. I am very pleased that we had an infant seat first...we now have a Britax Marathon convertable seat (i love it) and the straps are still in the bottom slot...dd is 28 1/2 in now and I can't imagine a baby of 18 or 20 inches in this seat; because straps should be below shoulder level when seat is in rear facing position....I can't imagine a newborn being properly positioned and secured in any convertible seat
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My baby outgrew the convertible seat at around 3-1/2 months. He reached the weight and length limits at the same time.

Even though we didn't use it long, I'm glad we had it. I didn't really ever leave him sleeping in it, but I did like to hook it to the shopping cart when I went grocery shopping. In fact, I miss that now. He hates the sling, so until he can sit up in the front basket in shopping carts, it's really hard to shop with him. Plus, I liked the way the infant carrier was kept inside between trips. It doesn't get too cold or too hot sitting out in the car.
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DD is one today and still in her baby carseat. I expect she will fit in it for another 3 months or so. I am due in October so we will have her out of it by then. We will be getting a new van in September so we will probably make the switch then but I will miss the baby carseat because it is so nice to bring her into the house when she fell asleep in the car without having to wake her.
Those days will be long gone in a regular carseat.


P.S. DD had reflux and the only place she was able to sleep for months was the carseat - I don't know what we would have done without it.
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Aidan outgrew his in length around 4 months which was hard because he's such a beanpole that when we put him into the convertible seat it seemed to just swallow him up.
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We used a "travel system" stroller set up with the carrier and it was very convenient for the first 4-5 months. I only got peace when DS would sleep (he was colicky) so I dared not remove him out of the carrier for fear he would wake up and start crying again. When he outgrew that we bought the Britax Roundabout....now have the Britax Marathon and just bought a Britax Husky. I LOVE Britax carseats....IMO worth every way too expensive dollar.
The key is to buy a set up that suits YOUR budget and taste.
Just make sure you know the height and weight restrictions of the car seat you buy and adhere to them.
Good luck!
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Originally posted by kerikadi

P.S. DD had reflux and the only place she was able to sleep for months was the carseat - I don't know what we would have done without it.
Janelle also had reflux and despite zantac and reglan she had to sleep sitting up, she spent every night and nap in that infant seat for over 6 months.
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We didn't buy an infant seat. We went with the convertible right from the get go. However, my inlaws picked up a couple of bucket type seats for us while we traveled. The hospitals in Louisiana give them to their newborns. I don't think you can buy them. It had a 20 pound weight limit, like most other infant seats. Ben out grew it a week or 2 after we got back from our trip. I was worried it wouldn't last. If you do buy an infant seat, go for one with a higher weight limit.

Our convertible is an Evenflo Titan with overhead shield. I don't recommend an overhead shield for a newborn. He was too tiny to fit well. A five point harness is safest, and I think it would be more comfortable for a little one. The shield also takes up a lot of space in the car.

Congrats on your new baby!

edited to add:
Just a note. My carseat was not the kind that comes out and has a handle. I used those kinds with my nephew and my friends baby. I'm 5 feet tall, and I was forever tripping over those darn things. I hated them! They were so heavy and awkward. I also believe that babies need to held as much as possible, and I wouldn't want to leave my little one in a hard plastic seat any more than necessary.
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