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DD in sling and asked 'Is it real?"

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So many times I have been out with my 4mth old daughter in her sling only to be asked if she is real!! The worst part is that they say "Is it real?" Duh! yeah, I really carry around a doll with me everywhere I go!

some people!

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Now I've had people ask "Is there a baby in there?", which is somewhat understandable if they've never seen a sling in action, but "Is it real?" !!!!! Well, keep on keeping on, Momma, at least you are getting noticed and doing a little consciousness raising! "Is it real?" ! For Pete's sake!!
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Yes, at least I am raising awareness...

Nice to meet another single mum by choice.
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i always used to get asked "what's in there" and "can she breathe" and "doesn't she fall out"

jacka$$es. like i would carry my child around in something that she routinely just fell out of into the road and while she was in there cut off her air supply. :
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Right back at ya, songshirah!
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people used to ask me that all the time.

yes, i carry a doll around in a sling. yes, indeed. thanks for asking.
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People always asked if she could breathe, but never if she was real. Yes, I am a 26 year old woman carrying my favorite dolly around... and you want to talk about it?
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: I've never gotten that, but I went out a couple weeks ago & 3 people asked me if he could breathe! And the 1st person to ask? My DH!!! Of course I responded sweetly to him, "yes, dear, I am currently sufficating our first-born, now what do you think of this shirt?" :LOL Duh!!
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Sort of off-topic. At local highschools, there is a family living course (not sure of exact name) that requires all students (male or female) to take home a "baby" for a weekend. It is computerized, looks real, cries and records response times. They have to sling it or use a baby carrier and car seat. The doll looks and sounds real till you get close. Maybe people think you're taking a class? lol

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