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Soap making?

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I would really love some advice, links, or suggestions on beginning to make soap. I don't want the kind you just melt-I would like to really make those great homemade soaps. Has anyone ever done this?

What supplies do I really need versus which are just luxuries as I get better? Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks!
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Oh man, I have quite a bit of advice - but don't really know where to start.

My first soap making experience was following the instructions on Cranberrylane Soaps website.


Fairly detailed instructions.

My favorite soap mix was olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and hemp oil with vitamin E and aloe.

I also love to make body butters, so yummy.

tot needs me. will write more later.
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try www.millersoap.com it has all the info you need, it is a huge help. Onve you get the soap bug, prepare to be overwhelmed by bars and bars of the stuff. Its great!!
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