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Sick of nausea

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If it isn't heartburn it's nausea. Almost the only thing that doesn't make me feel like crap is fast food burgers and fries. How is that possible? Eating has become a crapshhot on whether I'll be dry heaving or in horrid pain. AAAARGGGGGGGH!!!!!

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I'm sorry you are having such a rough time of it - I can't imagine having been sick for the whole time. I guess at this stage, you can grant yourself a higher-than-usual intake of burgers and fries, especially if it's going to give you digestive peace!
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Sorry, it hasn't been the entire time. I had a return to morning sickness about a month ago.
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I am the same way as you!!!! I had Morning sickness throughout...just a little bit less in the middle...great fun!!!

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feel better mama!
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ugh...morning sickness has returned here too. i actually horked last saturday. only the second time i've puked all pregnancy...and then dh had to go and cook some turkey burgers tonight (just now) and the smell is enough to knock me over...double ugh...

why oh why does it have to come back???
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I've had a return of some of the same morning sickness symptoms too. It isn't as bad as it was the first trimester though. It is mostly the indigestion/burping that has come back but now it is accompanied with evil heartburn. I feel a tiny bit nauseous once in a while but not too much. The worst symptom that has returnd is that AWFUL metal mouth taste! I just don't get that symptom and it is one of the most annoying. I brush and brush and brush and it just keeps coming back.
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I've have the super sensitive sense of smell return. There are some things that if I get a whiff of I have to leave the room. It is most frustrating when my husband has made dinner and I have to run from the room and explain that I can't eat it.
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I feel the same way! Eating has become a chore and I can't sleep at night because I either have heartburn or I feel like puking. ugggghhhh!
We're almost there though!
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I am so sorry! I know aaaaaaaaaaaall about morning sickness! BLECH! I usually get it really bad for several months straight at the beginning of pregnancy. Thankfully, I at least get a break from it in the 3rd trimester. The other day, however, I was a bit nauseous again and just had NO patience for it - - what-so-ever!

I feel ya' on the heartburn thing, too! Have you tried drinking baking soda in water? It really works!
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i lived on fast food for the last 2 weeks of my last pregnancy. it was the only thing that kept the nausea at bay.

this time it's hummus. go figure. whatever works, right?
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I am glad I am not the only one. Mine just started again this past week. It is not horrible or constant, but I just don't feel like eating most of the time and not much sounds good.
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