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How off can baby clothing sizes be? - your experience

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My dd is going to be 8 months and she still wears some of the 3-6 months clothes. She's a small babe, so that's ok.

However, two pyjamas and one outfit that fit her perfectly are labeled 0-3 months, while some of the PJ 6-9months fit fine too...
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I am in retail and I can tell you that there is no industry standard for childrens clothing sizes. Same with womens which is why I can't get my a$$ in one stores size 14 but can easily wear a 10 or 12 elsewhere. Your best bet is to judge the sizing of childrens clothing by the height and then the weight ranges. Months mean virtually nothing. My son was over 10 lbs and was born wearing size 3-6 month....
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I wear some pants that are size 4, while my size 9 Tommy jeans must retire, because I will NEVER EVER be able to fit again!????

Sdd is 2,5 and we're buying size 4T sometimes...

It's just hard to tell sometimes, because you can't go to a fitting room and try it on on a babe..

From what my friends-with-babes told me, "Old Navy" runs pretty small. I only bought one pants for dd there, they were 3-6 months, but looked short at about 4 months. They're so nice though, that she's wearing them as capri pants now.
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at the same age, my very thin DD was wearing 3-12 month clothes! It was a broad range. Different manufactuers fit is wildly different. I think it was the book Baby Bargains by the Fields had a chart that showed some of the differences.
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My pumpkin is just 8 months this week, weight approx 18-19 lbs, and I'm swimming in clothes for him, both new and hand-me-downs. The size range I just packed for our trip goes from 6 mos to 18 mos! No, wait, his T shirt is a 2T ( ok, so it's a little big, but it's tie dye, soooo cute!)

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Yep, same here, although I have noticed that the new stuff (as opposed to things I saved and hand-me-downs) fits more true to size. I think that may be partly due to the clothing industry becoming a little more accurate, maybe, and partly due to shrinkage. I think the older clothes are smaller from being washed and dried so much. I'm sending some of dd's outgrown clothes to my sil to save for her babies and I marked out the 3-6 months on one of the tags and wrote in "Newborn", or otherwise her child will have outgrown it before she puts it on him or her!

Definitely go by the height and weight range. That seems to be pretty much right on, in the newer clothing at least, for my little one.
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I can't believe how off they can be.

We have a bunch of brand new 0-3 clothes that my parents bought us as gifts, and they're all so gigantic, he literally swims in them and cannot wear them yet. (he's 2.5 weeks, weighed 8lb 6oz at birth)

On the other hand, we have a huge stash of hand me down clothes a friend gave us, and all the 0-3 stuff fits him PERFECTLY. It's odd.
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My 4 month old dd, who fits mostly 6-9 months carters brand stuff perfectly, does not fit a 6-12 month baby gap onesie with snaps. Her torso is too long, However, 6-12 month pants are swimming on her. Very weird. My ds wore 6-12 month Gap jeans until he was 18 months old but 3T overalls due to long torso. It depends on the store and body shape I think.
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My 4 month old DS still fits into 1 3-6 month outfit, but is mostly wearing 6-9 or 9-12, with a few 12 months outfits thrown in. I can't figure out sizing at all.

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Whoever posted that there is no industry standard for kid sizes in clothing is so right! They can be so different from one brand to the next.
What I found to be helpful is taking something that fits your child well and laying it over your arm - palm up, put the crotch of the onesie or union suit at the crease of your elbow and see where the neck hits - wrist? halfway up palm? base of fingers? top of fingers? You get the idea. Then at the store, try stuff on your arm! Well, not ON your arm but over it. Remember to factor in shrinkage if you need to.
It works for me.
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When dd was born she fit into nothing but premie sizes for 2 months or so. Now she's almost a year and wears 18-3T depending on style and brand.
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DS is 14 mos old, 20 lbs and has one pair of jammies that is a 3-6 mos that he can still wear. Mostly, the 12-18 mos is what he's in now. DD was always 1-2 sizes above her age, but she's tall for her age. She's 3, 30 lbs and wears 3T or 4T.
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I totally agree, clothing runs so differently from brand to brand. I find that the Gap, Old Navy and Hanna Andersson runs bigger and Carters and Osh Kosh run smaller.
Lily is 8 months old and 25 lbs and wears an 18-24 or a 2T (Baby Gap, I work there so just about all her stuff is from there), Lauren is 3 and wears a 7 and Alyssa's 9 and wears a 12.
I read somewhere that the newer rule of thumb for guessing on baby clothing sizes for the average baby is to double their age and that's their clothing size. Though that doesn't really apply well since how many babies are really "average sized"??
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Yeah, I found that that rule of thumb worked really well for dd1, she wore newborn stuff until 6 weeks, then into 6-9 months when she was 3 months old, then into 12 month sizes at 6 months and so on, but for dd2, who will be 3 months in about a week, she is just now outgrowing her newborn stuff and getting into the 3-6 month range, so I dunno? :
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it's funny how the same outfit can fit so differently on different children! we have had excellant luck, size wise, with baby gap and old navy. the fit is closer to dd1 age than anything else. for us carters brand runs huge! at 22 mo. dd1 still wears 9-12 mo in carters, but is in 12-18 mo in old navy and baby gap. dd1 is short and thin. she wore 3-6 mo until she was over a year old. her dress for her 1st bday was from gymboree and was 3-6 mo. another of our favorite dresses last summer was from talbots baby and it was a size 6 mo. she has a skort from tommy hilfiger that she still wears that is 6-12 mo, along with a pair of capris from gymboree that are 6-12 mo.

we only go by the weight measurement now!!!!!
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Yeah-- We got DD a few things from the Children's Place outlet on clearance, sized 6-9 months, when she was about 5 months- They were a good deal but so tiny she only got to wear them a few time.

Carter's is about right on for her- She's 9 months and wears 9-12 months Carter's and pretty much 12 months for everything else- She has a long torso so snapping them up is usually the limiting factor.
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Hmmmm, what about those crotch extenders? Maybe if you picked a few of those, your dd would be able to get more wear out of stuff. My babies are the same with the snaps, they outgrow them in length before they really even fit well thru the shoulders for some things.
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yep old navy is small. my 9 mo old wears a 2-4 t in pants and
dresses there, and an 18-24 mo/2t in shirts. she was 9lbs at birth, and was 13 lbs by 2 mo. she now weighs about 25 lbs and is taaaallllll, and wears an average size 18-24 mo in everything! my mama comments all the time about how its always been this way, that baby clothes are "aged" smaller than usual size.
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I don't think it is that old navy runs small but just that thier stuff is low rise and made to fit skin tight. we usually have to go up 2 or 3 sizes with old navy stuff and also childrens place runs extremely small.

The best we have found is gab. stuff actually cut for a baby and sized pretty accurately.
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My 9 month old is wearing 3-6 month stuff and a few 0-3, nothing bigger than that.
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